Tips To Make Money at Age 13 Making money when you are thirteen is difficult but not impossible. There are many ways to get extra money through odd jobs, with help from the neighborhood and even through authorized work for your age group, depending on your jurisdiction.

10 Easy Tips To Make Money at Age 13

How Can I Earn Money At The Age Of 13

1. Sell unwanted items.
You can also sell items on Amazon or eBay. These can be things that you or your parents have, but that you do not need (like books you’ve already read).
You can also make much money by selling vintage items online through these websites.
You can often find large vintage items at garage sales or thrift stores like goodwill. Ask your mom or dad if they have free time on a Saturday to help find vintage finds near you.
2. Make surveys
You can earn money or gift cards by doing surveys on websites like Other sites like Pinecone Research, SurveySpot and Toluna will also pay to conduct surveys.
In some cases, you get points for surveys. Once you have reached many points, you can exchange them for money.
Join more than one survey site (five or more). Then you will receive emails from the survey websites if you are selected to conduct an investigation so that you should check your emails daily.
Whether a site chooses you to conduct a survey depends on whether you need a person of your age, gender, or race to receive feedback.
If you join more than one website, the likelihood that you will be asked to conduct a survey increases.
Before you join a survey site, make sure it’s legitimate. Read the privacy policy on the website to make sure your information is not sold to companies.
Some survey sites offer you free products instead of money. Other sites can sign up for a raffle instead of giving you money.
If you only want money, you have to register for the sites that pay back the money to the investigators.
how can i earn money at the age of 13
3. Sell your skills
You can earn money by selling an online service (for example, creating a logo in Photoshop, sending a letter to someone, or recording a video). Think about what you want to do and create a “concert” for you on this site!
4. Be smart
If you have a talent for crafting, you can create an Etsy shop and sell your work online. You can make jewelry, cards, bags, etc.
One thing to keep in mind is the amount of money your materials cost, as well as the time it will take to complete your art project. Be sure to make a profit!
5. Have a garage sale
If selling online is not for you, you can sell unwanted items from your own garden! You will need to prepare for garage sales some time in advance.
Ask your parents if they have any items that can contribute to your garage sale, and make sure you get their permission to sell the yard.
Tips To Make Money at Age 13
Make sure to announce your garage sale. You can display signs in and around your neighborhood (be sure to show signs on the main roads that lead to your neighborhood).
You can also advertise your flea market on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) or post information on Craigslist.
You can also invite friends or neighbors to join your garage. A larger selection of items will attract a larger amount.
Do not forget to ask neighbors to contribute to their sale. You can offer them a percentage of the money you earn by selling the items they contribute to.
6. Do some odd jobs
Ask your parents if they are paying for simple tasks including washing dishes, vacuuming or dusting.
You can even set a weekly “rate” for these tasks. Think of the household that your parents hate and suggest they do it weekly for a price they think is right.
If you already have weekly or daily tasks, ask your parents to do more than usual. Explain you want to save money. These tasks can be performed monthly, not weekly, Mow lawns, rake leaves or wash cars.
Go beyond normal tasks and suggest more projects that take time, which only lasts once, but can take a few days.
Ask your parents if they will pay you to arrange the garage or loft, clean the gutters or baseboards, or plant a flower bed.
You can also ask your parents to increase the allowance if you complete an additional task or project weekly, biweekly, or monthly. For example, ask you to mow the lawn every weekend or every other weekend to increase the allocation.
7. Do some work for your neighbors
Ask your neighbors if they have small tasks to do (cutting, raking leaves, washing cars, wiping house dust, walking dog, etc.).
You can go door to door or distribute fliers in your neighborhood that contain a list of jobs you can do.
Be careful with people you do not know yet. It’s best to get closer to the neighbors that you and your parents already know.
If you decide to go door-to-door, ask one of your parents to come with you to make you feel safe. If, for any reason, you feel uncomfortable working for a neighbor, talk to your parents immediately.
8. Create a paper route
In many places, people under the age of 14 can be hired to deliver newspapers. You can call or visit your local press office to ask if they hire people to deliver newspapers.
If your press office is not employed, check regularly. This shows you take the job seriously. You can also ask if you want to keep the applications in the folder for future openings.
9. Work for your family business
While most federal states require you to be 14 years old to have a part-time job, one exception is to work for your family business.
If your parents have a business, ask them if they would be willing to engage you in small jobs.
Working a few hours a day or a weekend for your family business gives you a good work experience when you are old enough to have another job.
10. Start a mobile car wash
If you have an older brother or elder sister who can drive, you can ask them to do business with you or bring you into the neighborhood for part of their earnings.
If you want to keep all your winnings or do not have access to a vehicle, you can use an O-Bus to transport your supplies to your neighborhood.
You can go further by offering customers a retail service. Instead of just washing the cars, you also offer them to waxen or suck the inside. This service requires a few extra things, like a vacuum and wax, but you will earn much more if you offer such “upgrade” services

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