10 Things you have to do if you want to become rich

Things you have to do if you want to become rich How to become rich? I see a lot of people in my life who want to become rich but they only dream; but do you think you become rich will wake up tomorrow morning and become rich? This is very rare that was not impossible!!

Even if it happens, it is only a coincidence, whether winning a lottery, winning a competition, a car, a wealth legacy, or maybe marrying a rich girl or other ways of getting rich that makes you a millionaire.

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Do you live all your life in the hope that it will not happen? Think of those around you from millionaires, do you find someone who has become a millionaire in one of these ways? Even 1 percent of the million who get his wealth in these ways will be wasted.

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Note that the second generation (their children) from the family of the rich are wasting the wealth of their parents who have spent their lives in collecting, and succeed in maintaining it; only those who continue on the path of their parents, whether they are doing business or industry or investment and the work of children to develop.

10 Things you have to do if you want to become rich

Now you ask how to become a millionaire? Or how to become rich? Follow these steps that many have followed and made them rich.

First: Planning

How do you become a rich person? Often your answer is not; if you want to be rich you have to plan for the rich.

Everyone plans to become so wealthy that the people who play the lottery have his plan so they may not be good or even successful, but they have a plan to follow, which is to keep buying tickets in the hope of someday winning money.

The plan is the difference between those who wish to become owners of millionaires and those who begin to try to actually achieve it.

You should plan to be rich from now, what do you say now !! Yes now and at this very moment, if you do not start now when you start at age 30 or 40 or 50.

There is a rule I read the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, which I advise you to read

The problem with young people is that they do not understand the meaning of aging

Even if they feel they have planned their financial lives differently

You can listen to the summary of the Book of the Rich Father and the Poor Father

Planning for a financial life begins with saving; never deduct a portion of your monthly income consistently and place it in a bank account or transfer it to another business such as the dollar or in a place that you can not reach (money, friend … etc.).

You can deduct the percentage you want according to your situation and your monthly income, but the monthly savings should not be less than 10% of your monthly income. I advise you to deduct 30% that you are not married because the more you save the more money you have collected;

Second: Focus on investments that achieve cash flow

How to Become a Millionaire Things you have to do if you want to become rich

How to Become a Millionaire

Saving money to spend later on buying a car or new clothes or a vacation will not make you rich. To become rich, you must save money to invest in either project or buy shares or real estate to generate income or sell them in the future at a higher price.

For real estate prices are increasing, for example, real estate prices in the capital of Sudan Khartoum doubled by 500% in the past five years only; imagine only if you were invested five years ago in real estate? What revenue could you have collected and achieved? Lots of course.

There are plenty of opportunities in the future waiting for you and you have to catch them, but first, you have to prepare for the money and learn the basics of investment and projects and then start to invest after you have been well received with money and learning.

In order to start investing, you do not have to buy a real estate or start a project or invest a large amount just to make a small investment and with time you will gain experience in the field you want to work with.

For example, to invest in real estate you can buy a piece of land at an affordable price of $ 1,000 or the amount you can save in a promising area The prices will rise in the future) near you, and you only have to wait for a few years will automatically increase the price and earn money and property investment is safe and does not require work or effort from you.

Third: Selling and buying in a timely manner

There is a great saying in the world of investment that you earn money when you buy in our previous example. You have to get information first about the plot of land and the area where you want to buy, such as whether it will become popular in the future or not.

Because real estate prices do not rise at a high rate in all regions of the country, you should search and explore and ask and follow the area you would like to invest before you decide to buy.

Note: To take the useful information, you must survey the area you want to buy and ask the competent authorities and brokers about the possibility of increasing the price of the region in the future and know it yourself asking the people of the region or know that this area will access services such as (electricity, water, health facilities, schools) Factors help land prices rise faster than others.

Fourth: Stay away from religion

You do not have to buy goods that will be destroyed, such as buying consumer goods or buying a car, because you will not become rich if you owe to your personal expenses. Just buy the assets (stay away from the loans).

“The money industry does not ask for money to say that if you find a profitable deal and you have no money, either you will find the money or the money will be found on you,” said Robert Kiyosaki.

Do not rush to buy a car in installments because you suffer from the use of transportation or because it is convenient installments because you do not know what the future holds for you, maybe the company you work in or work is separated from you or you want to buy the car only to be dazzled by your friends !!

Your friends will initially be impressed and congratulate you on the new car you own but none of them will care if you get stuck financially in repaying their installments or even become a source of their charisma and hit you with the mismanagement of funds.

Fifth: Choose your friends

Says stimulus expert Jim Rohan“You are the summary of the five people you spend most of your time with”

If you spend your time with negative people, you will eventually become a negative person like them. Try to avoid these people and keep them out of your life and if you do not believe this saying Think for minutes from the nearest people to you?

Of friends or family (passive) … will renew that your thinking like their thinking and even increase you from poetry Beta Your financial situation like their status, do you realize what the reason?

Yes, you imitate them without knowing.

I do not say you should give up your friends but if you want to become like them you are free to do so, you will become like them and repeat many of their words like saying (investment risk, you think yourself!), I will challenge you. They kill your ambition slowly without knowing or reacting to become like them.

How to Become Rich

How to Become Rich?

Make your friends who have the same ambition as your clients, brokers or elderly neighbors who have made a fortune. They have experience that will benefit you in your life and you will have a lot of time in the failed experiences if you listen to their advice.

Read books of financial culture; yes books do not make you rich quickly (day, week, month) but expand your horizons and illuminate your way (financial success), and teach you the assets of investment and wealth building.

Have you ever heard of passive income?

If you are far from the field of investment, most of your answer will not be unheard of by passive income means that you raise money while you are sleeping, meaning that you earn money without working; your project or your property or investment brings you a monthly income.

If you want to be rich, learn the rules of investment from the experts in the field you want to invest in. I do not think you want to treat them from your friends because they also have financial problems; they are not experts in projects, real estate or other means of investment.

Read articles and books on how to achieve wealth and assets of investment and continued to publish economic news instead of the channels of songs and series that you see throughout your previous life or what you see is what you get to what you are now; If you want to change your life you change your thinking style and lifestyle and start to follow methods Who have achieved success and walked on their mistakes.

Most of the traditional education through a college or university is a waste of time in my opinion; it takes you out to the job market looking for a job rather than teaching you how projects and investments work.

(Work-time) kills your dreams and makes you live as your peers live from neighbors, friends, and employees (coworkers), I’m not telling you to leave your job now, but make your job the beginning of the road to fulfilling your dreams of wealth by starting saving and learning ways Start projects and then invest in planning, gaining experience and walking the right path to reach wealth.

Seventh: diversify your investments

Do not rely on one income means to invest to create another source of income. The quote of Warren Buffett, the third richest man in the world, his judgment summarizes the long road of trials and mistakes that you can avoid.

You do not know what the future holds for you, so you have to prepare for more than one line. You get a failure or failure of your project or disaster was not ready for it as a collapse of the real estate market or stock market or other.

How to Become Rich?

Eighth: live below your potential

If you are an employee, do not spend your entire salary before you get debt or do it as soon as you get it, whether your income is little or too much because the problem is not in the little money you get, but in what you get, you spend it fully in buying the liabilities.

To convince you, note that the employees who have received a premium in their salaries find them still suffering from debt and poverty or become more debt, whether bank loans or credit cards obtained; so the problem is not the amount of money you get, but where you spend it in a momentary pleasures Luxury, car, clothes, etc.) or you save part of your income and then invest it and delay your pleasure until you become financially free.

Ninth: Increase your potential

Reduce your spending to increase your savings and use it to diversify your sources of income. The more money you invest, the fewer years you will get to financial freedom.

For example, if you start investing today, in 7 to 15 years, you will have a lot of wealth, and if you think it is too long to become rich, then these years will be over. Your financial position will be 7 to 15 years ago and you have not achieved any progress in your financial situation or worse. And you are physically suffering for the rest of your life.

Tenth: Do not put a ceiling on your income

If you are an employee currently working in a job and do not give what you deserve based on the production of your business, think about starting your own business; employees suffer most because they work for others, the owner becomes rich as a result of the effort of his staff and they do not become rich.

The difference is that the employer’s work grows and develops and therefore increases his income. Either the employee becomes accustomed to working in return for his salary to live and hopes for the end of the month without being owed.

These ten steps make it a curriculum for your lifestyle is the result of intensive studies about the habits of the rich and ways of thinking. It is true that it may take years, but it is best to become rich after years of being financially and professionally suffering throughout your life.

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