11 step to become rich online for free

Become rich online for free. The world of wealth is a dream that has always been sought by all people. Much has been wasted on how to achieve this dream. Access to the world of wealth is not an easy one. It requires many years, especially if that dream seeks to reach the individual before the age of 30.


But with all the progress that has been made in the world, there have been people who have made that rich quickly, even though their age does not exceed 30 years, and strangely that a large group of adolescents has received a wealth of millions of dollars

So what’s the secret to becoming rich online for free?

And how did they pursue their dream of entering the world of wealth?

If you are dreaming of having millions in banks, we are now offering you through our website, which is always trying to provide everything that is new and useful to help you achieve the dream of wealth.

Through this article, we have gathered a summary of the experiences of the world’s rich who have not yet reached their thirtieth year and how to rely on themselves.

This may guide everyone who wants to achieve wealth at the earliest age and how to achieve it, but it must be borne in mind that these steps and advice may not be the only ones that will put your name on the list of the world’s rich but it will certainly put you on the first path to achieve the dream of entering The world of wealth.

These steps are what a large group of wealthy people has said, who have so easily left a mark on the world of success and wealth

 Steps to enter the world of wealth:11 step to become rich online for free

  • manufacturing more than one source of income
  • Focus on improving your monthly income
  • Save money for investment and not to save
  • Discount
  • Change the financial mentality
  • Sublimation
  • Invest in self
  • Having a goal and imagining how to achieve it
  • Eliminate the fixed salary
  • Choose who shares your opinion
  • Seeking to win millions and not one million

The first step – manufacturing more than one source of income

One of the most important ways to get more money and increase the monthly income per capita. One researcher conducted a study that took years and was a group of wealthy people who did their own wealth. The study found that the existence of three sources of income per capita is a magic number to achieve wealth in a short period.

This is reflected in a sample of the rich who studied. All of them stressed that when the sources of income per person are monthly, it is possible to improve the financial situation and thus make it easier to provide a monthly amount of money.

This amount can be used for other sources of income, The establishment of a small enterprise or the participation of a person in his business, such as buying or renting a property.

The researcher stressed that if the exploitation of the extra money per month can be placed in a bank and in all cases will double its value over time and as a result of the ability to work a successful project and launch into the world of the rich.

Step Two – Focus on improving your monthly income

Although the conditions of the world economically make it difficult for anyone to provide enough money each month and rely only to become a world of millionaires, but one of the wealthy in the United States, “Grant Cardone” that person was in his twenties a young man completely bankrupt, As stated he decided to increase his income in a gradual and repetitive manner.

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His monthly income was three thousand dollars to twenty thousand dollars a month in just nine years. He said that making money is easy but difficult to implement, but he chose to do it easily. He decided to work for another job with a small monthly income besides his basic income.


He had forgotten this new income and set it aside for investment. He moved on to another source of income and had three sources of income per month and soon he was able to establish a small project that later became one of the most important projects in the United States.

It is known that the monthly income of any businessman is one hundred and seventy thousand dollars and this is the minimum that any businessman gets, sometimes the monthly income may reach millions of dollars.

Step Three – Save money for investment and not to save

The world’s rich people insist that a very important rule must be put in place when saving money. That saving is to invest, not to have additional money to be spent for an emergency or for a crazy idea that loses all that is gained.

Anyone who has a monthly income is known to increase over time so the person must increase the saved money with the increase in his monthly salary, and perhaps one of the most difficult stages experienced by those who want to become a millionaire is the decision that will take to take part of the money provided by the entry To a project for long-term investment and profit.

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Because it is known that the long-term profit is the highest rates of wealth, and experts give us money advice they consider the golden advice in the process of saving is that the money is provided automatically so that the individual does not see that money with his eyes to learn how to live without this money does not depend It is in anything whatsoever.

Step 4 – Discount

To enter into a world of wealth, decisions must be decisive. One 22-year-old rich man explained that those who want to become rich must realize that every human being has a specific mental effort every day to make a decisive decision. His mental effort to make crucial decisions only and avoid stress himself in making daily decisions that have no benefit.


Such as choice of food or clothing, etc. are not important at all, because the stress of the mind in those decisions makes there is a lack of attention and dispersion, so to get rich, decisive decisions must be made.

Step 5 – Change the financial mentality

The path of wealth begins when the individual thinks correctly. Therefore, anyone who thinks of achieving this path must change his financial mindset in the skill of obtaining money, since on the difference of people there is within each individual the financial idea that can enable him to change his life for the better and achieve Get rich quickly, so everyone has to change his financial mentality and turn from extravagance to savings.

Step 6 – Sublimation

This is one of the most important steps, especially for young people who want to enter the world of wealth and they are still young. Most of the youth spend a lot of money from their monthly income to buy things that are not valuable and do not have an urgent need. These young people should realize that what they are saving today Will be the cornerstone of becoming rich tomorrow.

If we look at the financial situation of young people in general, we find them at the beginning of the month live luxury and opulence and from the middle of the month they borrow, but the way of wealth is quite the opposite, if we look at the wealthy who built themselves, they are keen on their money, Their cars, and their homes.


And this period in their lives continue to make sure that the stability of wealth and stability of their projects and the money from them, here change their lives to the full luxury in all aspects of life, so many young people to focus on ways to get money and save and not think about how to spend.

Step 7 – Invest in self

Perhaps this step of the most important and most useful steps was given to us by the millionaire “Tucker Hughes” when he stressed that the investment of the most successful investment and most useful, and through a very strange reason is reading.

“I read everything every day for half an hour. When I drive to my work, I listen to useful programs on the radio,” Hughes says. “Every young man has to look for someone who makes him superior. He has to know some things about all things, so he knows what he tends to do. in it.

Finally, any young person should develop his or her ability to talk about any subject, be it politics, economics or sport. You have to try to learn everything. Indeed, many of the world’s rich agree with this view. The billionaire Warren Buffet gives six hours to read.

Step 8 – Having a goal and imagining how to achieve it

If you have a wish to enter the world of wealth, all you have to do is set a specific goal and then a plan to achieve it, by imagining how this goal can be achieved, wealth does not come from anything, who wants wealth must focus on knowledge, And making the effort to reach the goal.


Many rich people have agreed that the failure of some to not reach the rich world is that they did not really know what they wanted, because of the lack of proper planning and the search for the idea that would be the key to achieving the dream of wealth.

Step 9 – Eliminate the fixed salary

The abandonment of the fixed salary makes there is a state of financial inertia that makes the owners aspire only to provide them with their basic needs of housing, food, clothing, etc. so that everyone misses the opportunity to think the best through the work of wealth.

Wealthy people in the world of wealth are the ones who determine their own salary. It does not deny that rich people prefer a steady income but they are the ones who make it because private business is the highway to the world of wealth.

Step 10 – Choose who shares your opinion

One of the richest people in the United States says that the reason for this place is that he has always been surrounded by the same people who have the same ideas.

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He has benefited greatly from his presence among them because he has collected more than a creative idea that has changed his life forever. He has always existed among the geniuses, the intelligent and the creative.

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He said that all individuals gradually turn to those who are accompanying, especially if they share the same thought. For example, the wealthy have all their friends who are wealthy. There is no doubt that when one accompanies individuals who excel in success, it expands his horizons, changes his thinking style and even dreams. Make it in the foreground.

Step Eleven – Seeking to win millions and not one million

The millionaire “Grant Cardone” said there was a fatal error at the beginning of his life. He did not think about planning to get a billion dollars. He just thought about how to get $ 10 million. The bigger the dream, the better.

Grant Cardon said that people who are capable of realizing their dreams should dream of billions of dollars. The planet is full of money but poor in people with deep and profound ideas.

We have provided you with steps that will put you on the best path to entering the world of wealth. All you have to do is strive beyond ambition. Wealth is not limited to the lucky ones, but you can be the future rich. All you have to do is raise your hopes and the certainty that you are capable of achieving them.

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