Make Money Online with is one of the good sources that many uses to make hundreds of dollars a day. It’s a great place to sell mini-services for $ 5. But the problem for many novices is their lack of ideas and services to start their project on the site. In this post, you have 14 services ready and most of them are accessible to everyone.

14 services ready to make money online with fiverr

Here are 14 services ready to earn hundreds of dollars on Fiverr

Create intro for videos: provides more than 8 video introductions for free and simple. You will not need to learn programs like Aftereffects or anything else.

Just register on the site and go to free templates and choose the template.

You will then be asked to enter the words or images you want to appear in the foreground, and in the end, upload the video.

As a guide, before you create the service on Pfeiffer do a search on the site and you will find four to five introductions in one service, so try to be a more privileged service.

Editing using Adobe Photoshop:

This is one of the most demanding services on the Pfeiffer site. If you are proficient in Adobe Photoshop, I advise you not to hesitate to create this service, otherwise, learn how to work on this program and take advantage of this opportunity. Professional course on mastering Alfotoshob from zero to professionalism free (

Make Money Online with

Flyers distribution:

If you are staying near a university, a business center, or generally near a busy place, it is completely convenient for you and can serve hundreds of flyers. Do a search on the Pfeiffer site on the Flyers Distribution section and you will find many similar services to get a clearer idea about the subject.

 Banners Banners:

There are a lot of people who do not have enough time to create banners and therefore a good opportunity to create them on Pfeiffer.

As a beginner, you will not need to use any professional program. Just go to For free, do not hesitate.

Logo Logo:

Is a very required service on Pfeiffer, so if you do not use any professional program, gives you the ability to create logos for free. You just have to be unique and try to create a service that offers two or more banners to serve you.

Facebook Timeline is a great source of free and free service, and do not hesitate to discover this site as you will not need to make much effort.


For free and without much effort you can create this service through

Happy birthday Happy Birthday:

Yes, you can create a service just to say Happy Birthday, and you can do it, do a search on the Pfeiffer site using the keyword Happy birthday to have an idea about the topic.

Brand Advertising

You can also create this service, where you can make a person’s ad from a special place or in a creative way. Do a search on the Pfeiffer website using the two keywords “Hold Sign” and you will find a lot of creations. Do not hesitate to discover this service. Less good.

Voice Cover

If you have a nice voice and a microphone, you can earn hundreds of dollars through these services, discover them yourself by doing research on the Pfeiffer site, and you will find that they have a huge amount of sales.


Stylish appearance, distinctive background, and high sound quality are the most important basics you need to provide this service and win a lot of them. What you do is create a video in which you are a speaker and provide positive testimonials about a website, service, product or something else.

be clever :

You should know that you can earn hundreds of dollars through the Pfeiffer site without any effort, and just make copies and paste. Yes, using the rich website, where you can search for services that do not exceed $ 1 and then resell them to Pfeiffer for $ 5.

Social Media:

You can use this type of site to create a service and profit from it, for example, if you own a group or page on Facebook, you can sell the same .. The same thing for Twitter, Engram, and others, this service is very popular, do not hesitate to discover it yourself.

Backlinks – PHALANX:

A lot of webmasters are looking at Bucklanex to archive their site, so if you are available for some dollars you can resort to some sites to buy these services and resell them on Pfeiffer site such as:

I would like to point out that there are many who make huge profits from Pfeiffer’s site. Recently I met a teenager from Pakistan who is only 16 years old and earns thousands of dollars a month. So if you want to be among You do not need to be a professional at the beginning, just start from scratch and with time and research be sure that you will reach professionalism one day

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