EASY Tips To Make Money Online on Facebook  Another 23 way to earn money on Facebook is to advertise the products you’re a member of. Please note that if you share an affiliate link on Facebook, it is an appropriate day (and a requirement of the FCC) that the link is an affiliate link.

Advertise your blog post or affiliate product video review on your Facebook wall and promote this post through the traditional Facebook ad interface to direct the ad to most people likely to buy the product.

Get in touch with people who might be interested in buying this product. They find these people in relevant groups and interact on popular Facebook pages within the industry.

For this to work, you really need to get excited about the product, be prepared to write personalized messages to people why they should try, and show that you are a member (but even if you are promoverías) people with whom You’ve interacted with groups or pages, and let them know that you’ve sent them a message so they will not get lost in their other file.

Look for opportunities in relevant Facebook groups to promote the affiliate product. Begin joining the groups where the target customers of the product are active. Look for questions that open the door to share your comment or video.

When you promote a WordPress theme, you’re looking for a group where people wonder what’s the best topic for your blog or business, and then suggest that passion supports (and also reveals) the topic that it is a subsidiary).

Find a job
If you do not do what you want in your current job then you might be in the market for a new one. Here are some ways to use Facebook to increase your chances of getting a job.

Make your personal Facebook profile as professional as possible. Regardless of the legality of employers looking for potential candidates on Facebook, they always do. You do not want anyone to see your last wild weekend in Vegas photos or status updates where you complained about your previous or current job.

If you know a company that hires, and you can find people from this company in public Facebook groups using the search chart (the groups that include John Smith), join and start with these groups To interact with people. , Familiarity could help you during the interview process as it shows your experience with potential interviewers.

Find a common interest with your future boss or interview. Many personal Facebook profiles have public information; See what you can find before you go to your job interview and check it out so you can throw it into a conversation. The connection will help you to become more memorable.

Turn your profile and/or page into a portfolio. Add pictures that represent your best work in a particular album. If necessary, add a link to describe the image.

Facebook applications and integrations
If you want to earn money directly on Facebook, you should turn your Facebook page into a vending machine. Here are some apps that you can use to sell from your Facebook page or just bring your Facebook fans to your online store.

Beetailer It helps you to import your existing online store on Facebook.
View and Sell Sell your products or services on Facebook with an easy-to-configure social store.

Social storefront. It allows companies to post their products or services on their Facebook page.

ShopTab. One of the main applications of the Facebook shop.
Ecwid. Previously Payvment, a centralized managed storefront that works on Facebook, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace and other platforms.
Integrations with Facebook. Apps and integrations of the Facebook Store for Shopify users.

StoreYa. Application of the Facebook Store and integration for Magento users.
Another way to boost sales is to offer offers, coupons, and discounts. Here are some apps that will make it easy for your exclusive fans to buy them.

Shared Quote Create and launch a viral agreement on your Facebook page where you can set the number of records required to unlock a group discount.

Exclusive visitors release the download of “exclusive fans” by sharing a post on the wall.
Fan Coupon Turn visitors into fans of your Facebook page by rewarding them with an exclusive coupon or invitation to a special event.

Coupons and Coupons Create exclusive coupons for fans with personalized coupon codes that are unique to each user.

Offers require payment via Paypal to access an offer.
Group Offers Create coupons that are only available after a certain number of people request the coupon.

Apply for Facebook coupons Reward your fans and generate revenue with exclusive Facebook offers.

For businesses that only search for potential customers, Facebook visitors can get more information from some apps without having to trust them to find their news button.

InlineVision contact form. Give fans an easy way to contact you via our Facebook contact form and get straight to your inbox.

The contact form of Pagemodo. A contact form is a quick and easy way for visitors and fans to communicate with you.

Complete the information on your tab and receive a notification by e-mail.
North Contact North Contact is a free social CRM extension for North Social applications. Perfect for creating user forms, managing lists, outgoing emails, and automatic replies.

Recommended tools
If you want to make money online, you need to manage your time efficiently.

With the following tools, you can spend less time publishing updates and spend more time on revenue-generating tasks.

Stamp You can create a custom calendar to post updates to your profile or Facebook page. Add publications to your buffer and they will automatically be assigned to the next open time slot.

Postal Planner, You can schedule publications on your pages and groups. It also gives you ideas on what to write if you do not know what to write.

HootSuite. You can schedule posts in your profile and on your page. In addition, you can control your content in a dashboard.

Another thing you could use is an analysis tool that collects your Facebook information with your other data. Here are some good things to try.

SumAll. It allows you to see your Facebook statistics as well as business data from various sources in a single chart, to see how increasing Facebook activity impacts your business.

Cyfe. Do you prefer the plates? With Cyfe, you can create dashboards with business data from multiple sources.

Social Report If you wish, we’ll send your Facebook perspective and activity to your inbox.

IQ competitor. For those who constantly need to monitor their competitors, Rival IQ allows you to see the description of the Facebook page and the activities of your competitor. It also informs you when important changes are made to the page.

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