How To Become Rich With No Money?Simple Ideas

I would like to inform you that you have clicked on the title of this article to learn how to become rich. The answer to this question needs to be prepared to change some of your intellectual attitudes regarding the subject of wealth. Please keep reading this article to the end and promise you that the long introduction will benefit you greatly in your journey towards your dream. Let’s start with the following email:

Become Rich With No Money

Something strange…

The days have passed quickly, and we are on the threshold of a new year. You have been kind and good behavior all year, for that, your parents are very proud of you, and I am also very happy with you.

I have good news that you will be the first to know, do you believe my dear that the dwarves succeeded this year in the implementation of a new project of its kind, the father was able to make dolls that look exactly like children, they cry, laugh and love any person who masturbates, They tried to prepare them before Christmas, Zenoha and stomped over the shelves in a neat way so that I could easily put them in my bag that I always carry on my back.

my dear…

You will not believe what happened! In the evening I went to introduce the cups of chocolate to the dwarfs, hot chocolate drink as you know is their favorite drink, and as I walk in front of the shelves happened something wonderful, once the dolls saw me in front of them all began to cheer and love towards me in anticipation of getting the cups of chocolate, This caused chaos, causing some cups to fall on the ground.

But the dwarves got it right and they calmed the dolls and persuaded them to go back to the shelves. After hard attempts, they were convinced and returned to their shelves safely. Finally, after the whole house was warm, the pygmies sat in front of the fireplace, drinking with each other.

Finally, my dear … I hope you maintain the good behavior that characterized this year and I promise that I will visit you on Christmas Eve but you will not see me as usual because I know you come late at night and you as a whole savor sleep early, so I will not dare wake you up I do not like I’m worried, but do not be sad. I’ll leave you with nice games and many other surprises. Until that day.

Become Rich With No Money

Dear reader,

Do not be surprised that the above talk is not directed at you, the above was one of the speeches on the website of “Santamil“.

What is Santamil? What is the story of the speeches on its website?

In 2001, an American named Bayern Reyes was looking for a business idea to improve his income, but he had a big dilemma. I would say that it was not just one dilemma but several dilemmas;

The first dilemma: that Reyes did not have a capital to start the project and the second: that he does not know any commercial craft or skill, and the third: that no one knows help him in the establishment of the project, what to do ?

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Reese sat thinking alone, tried to put his hand on his possibilities, and after a deep thought and long trouble found that he has only two things:

Become Rich With No Money

  • The first thing is mind.
  • The second thing is insistence.

Reyes relied on these two forces, and in fact, they did not sell it until the end of the year until Bayern Reyes founded his company, which he called “Santamil”.

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What is the activity of this company?

This company is based on the very simple idea of sending letters to children on Christmas Day. The parent enters the company website and selects one of the ready-made letters and then pays ten dollars for one letter. The company then prepares the letter and its editions on fine paper. Linen, and then send it to his child by mail before Christmas a few days.

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This letter is sent to the child as a letter from Santa Claus, the fictional Christmas character. To further validate the company, the company will append the letter with a signature and stamp bearing the name Santa Claus, as well as the delightful graphics and shapes that adorn the envelope containing the letter, From here, we know the secret of naming Santamil on the company. The first is Santa, the acronym for Santa Claus, and the second, “Mail,” which means the message of Santaclos.

me Rich With No Money

You might think dear reader that the idea on which this company was based is a trivial idea from a stupid person, but you will change your mind immediately when you know that this trivial idea has generated more than four million dollars for the sale of more than 700,000 speeches to this day. A great achievement if we knew that the company was founded with a capital equivalent to the price of a modest WordPress blog.

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Do you want to become rich as the owner of Santamil?
In order to be a millionaire, you must think, the idea of wealth, and the human mind is a formidable force if used properly. Cassantamil covered a literary, moral and religious part that is needed by a large segment of American society. Such a discourse has the magic effect of raising children and shortening 100 million megabytes And the punches suffered by our children in the evening, this Santamil speech achieves the following:

The child feels his value and earns his trust, and there is no one who has the value of Santa Claus alone in a message.
Encourages the child to practice good behavior. The speech always encourages the child to obey his parents and his good behavior throughout the year.

Reinforces the queen of imagination and creativity in the child Each letter of the speeches contains a story of the Pygmies stories and the incredible work they do.

Become Rich With No Money

Enter happiness and joy on the hearts of children and this point is enough
After reading the objectives of this speech, my dear reader asks you a very simple question. Is Reyes the Founder of Santa Mill worthy of being a millionaire? Did he offer something of value? Did he offer anything new? What is the commodity he sells? Do you sell letters? Or sell happiness?

In order to succeed either on the Internet or outside it must provide something of value, something new never before, never imagine nor convince you that you will make a fortune from the Internet by applying the rules of Hmionyh and Alhilwa, Net project like any business, Thinking, planning, initiative, and determination because the Internet market as a whole markets by seller, buyer, competition and commodity.

Where is your idea? Where is your project?

When we hear the word “commercial”, it comes to mind immediately that he has to build a factory of iron and steel factories, a multi-storey specialty hospital, or even a commercial mall that needs thousands of dollars to build it, we do not realize that there are many businesses based on very simple ideas and their return is higher In many big projects, a company like Santamil, which we are talking about now, started with a simple idea and with very modest capital, but this idea deserves millions, like the ideas that gave rise to Facebook or Twitter.

Become Rich With No Money

Millions deserve it because it is unique and the reason for its uniqueness is that someone From our Adamite faction he sat alone thinking, yes D to think points starting from it, he wants:

  •  Mind
  • Determination
  • Establishing a profitable business.
  • Does not require large capital.
  • Easy and fast accomplishment.
  • Offers a new service for people.

Note that all these points correspond to all our circumstances. We want to create projects that do not cost much. We want projects that we do quickly. We want projects that have moral value, but how do we achieve this?

Simply answer that this can be achieved when we find a good idea, an idea we can call discovery or invention, dear reader, a blatant voice in the wild says you searched for this idea without boredom, searched everywhere, who knows, My breast is a book, or a word echoed on the mouths of people, or a memory passed by that of you who drown in memories.

It may happen and you think for months and find no idea, you may tire without apparent result, but do not worry, most geniuses, scientists and businessmen have spent a lot of time getting a unique idea, and after they are tired and despair and stop thinking, they inspire them in a way they do not know.

“Pygmies are now implementing a new project for next year”
what are you doing now?!!!

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