How can I make money online as a student from Google?

make money online as a student from Google How can I make money with Google, a question that carries a range of aspirations and aspirations for students and adolescents, working with a giant company like Google is easy and not difficult as it develops your abilities and makes you follow each new, something makes working with Google through partnership in the program

Adsense needs a scientific level  business responds to the requirements of Google to obtain approval from Google Adsense You must have a site or blog or channel on YouTube to achieve a large income

How can I make money online as a student from Google?

Google Adsense is one of the most powerful advertising companies based on making profits through the Internet and exceeds the number of users Adsense two million people, a subsidiary of the world’s first site Google, and allows the company

For webmasters to place Adsense ads on their sites or on videos in return for earning profits for each viewing process.

How to work in Google Adsense

Google Adsense’s profit is the best choice for webmasters, bloggers or YouTube channels who want to take profit by posting ads on their sites. It’s the best in its field. Google AdSense is a bit different from direct advertising. Google AdSense is a bit different from direct advertising Where Google plays through Google Adsense and Google Adwords as the intermediary between advertisers and advertising publishers.

The site owner signs up for Google Adsense through his Gmail account, identifies the URL of the site he wants to post ads on, and then strengthens Google will study the site and decide whether it will allow the site to use Adsense or not, there are criteria that depend on Google to make a decision of these criteria that the content to be displayed is good and exclusive in the sense that the content is not copied from another site, and that the content corresponds to intellectual property rights In addition to other standards, but it is noted that there is a tightening of the Arab sites because most sites do not meet the conditions of Adsense.

How to Profit from Google Adsense without Owning a Website

After Google’s approval on the site

After the approval of the site to be announced by the owner of the site to enter his account in the Adsense and determine some of the initial settings (a type of ad, dimensions)

Google AdSense then generates a script, which the site owner places in the place where the advertisement is to be posted on its site. Advertisements are posted on the site according to the site’s field of work and specialization.

When visitors click on the ad, the site owner receives a percentage of the profit that the advertiser has previously determined.

Google Adsense Profits

The profits vary from site to site and the most important thing is the number of visitors. The number of visitors must be large in order to earn excellent profits from Google Adsense

And the place where the visitor plays a large role and also according to the owner of the announcement large companies pay more.

Google Adsense calculates the number of ad clicks and ad impressions without clicks, and the minimum payment is $ 100 or € 70.

We will explain the profit ratio in the following example:

A person signed up for Adsense and posted an ad on his site. The click price on his site was $ 0.20 and you had 3,000 visitors a day.

120 of the 3000 visitors will click on the ad, which is the normal click-through rate for traffic

Your daily profit is $ 24, not counting the cost of impressions, meaning $ 720 per month.

There are ads that get a quarter of a dollar and more click prices are not controlled by the owner of the site and is controlled by the advertiser and Google Adsense and the nationality of your visitors and the language of your site.

So if you have a site that meets the Google Adsense Terms, we recommend that you search now for how to register and read the terms carefully so that your account will not be blocked and will then start to make a big profit.

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