Dgital Marketing What Is And How To Succeed

In the digital marketing world, every day we have a lot of terminologies that we have created for ourselves. An article after an article on updates to Google logarithms, a new article on “How do you get more hits on Facebook”, a listing of the latest technological platform, In your work, the list goes on and with more headlines.

For us – those people who live and breathe in digital marketing, SEO and social media – this kind of blogging has become a real irritation to us to draw attention from another marketing blog, trying to reserve a place in this saturated world of blogging about E-Marketing.

For writers who have built their reputation and authority in the field and the subjects they have chosen, they have transformed their positions into things that are read and indispensable, equal in value with a semester of study at a university, which all students must attend regularly.

This success is what attracted the rest of the people to this kind of content, I mean of course the owners of companies who are looking for new ways to bring in new customers. While we know as professional marketers what to pay attention to, read and what should be ignored. And of course, the vast majority of business owners are looking for marketing advice, which leads to more damage.

I’ve done a lot of interviews with business owners who barely have a properly designed website, and may also have some business cards printed before I hear them asking, “What do you know about Penguin update? We want to make sure we do not get punished “or something like” What approach do you use in Pinterest marketing?

This kind of conversation can really cause me a nervous breakdown right now! Well, I’m joking of course, but if you are not a person who has enough information about marketing, you need to take a step back to study marketing rules, then ask yourself the following questions.

But a moment, please … Put your tablet aside, or close the window that is open on your device now, and stop reading many blogs for a change. Bring a white paper and pen, and let’s start working. We are going to learn what marketing really is by answering these three simple questions:

3 questions you should ask yourself before you make money Of your product

First: How do you help people?

Let’s say that you have just invented the best invention of something – I do not know what it is – and the world has never seen it before. But why should I buy it? How will this invention make my life easier? Does this invention solve my problem? Is it possible to make things work faster? What exactly does he do, and why should I have it?

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To say that you did not invent anything. Not all of us inventors. To convey even that you do not have a product or service. You will only market to a product of a person or company for a commission for example. Your goal is only to convince people to join. What do you do?

It’s really amazing to see some people think that once they’ve created a Facebook page, or put a banner or promotion link for a product, people will rush to buy automatically. Before you make any marketing efforts you need to understand how you can talk about the features of your service/product so that you can write a sales letter and content that explains those features to your target audience.

Some people think that once they have created a Facebook page or put a banner, people will rush to buy.
Ask yourself .. How does my product or service help people’s lives? Answer this question first.

Second: Who will buy your product?

  • Who will buy your product?
  • Where are they?
  • Where will you market this product?

Do not make your answer like “Facebook and Twitter” otherwise I’ll go back to Anheary Nervous again! Well, let’s talk a bit seriously. Getting a ranking in Google and bringing Traffic (visitors) from Social Media does not help if the people you reach do not care or understand what you’re trying to convince them about.

Let me give you an example. Let’s say you’ve just created a site or blog and published exclusive, useful articles. And you are so excited that hundreds of visitors expected, but no one enters the site. I started looking for a solution and read and found an ad from someone who sends you 10,000 visitors! Excellent .. you want visitors. This is your audience .. beautiful.

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You buy the service and send you this person actually 10,000 visitors .. Visitors are raining on you from everywhere. So happened and if on your site 200 people at the same moment!

But nothing happened. They all left without contacting you or subscribing to the newsletter box at the Seaside Bar! what did you gain? nothing! But hey .. 10,000 visitors .. Reasonable? Yes, reasonable. When you send them from the sites of songs and video serials, of course possible. You are in the world and your visitors are in a completely different world!

Third: What is your story?
Once you really understand the best way to talk about your product or service (focus on the features that help people) and who you will talk to these features, and where you are, you can tell people a story. This is really the whole point of marketing. It’s the discovery of who wants to listen to your story, where it is, and then tell it that story. It’s very simple. Believe me.

  • Why did your company start?
  • How did the product become like this?
  • How did your product/service change the lives of your customers?

Having the ability to tell people a story will finally let you discover all the tactics that the Internet presents to you to publish that story and bring it to your customers. Without your story, you will not be able to write an article that spreads viral and then floats on the surface of the first Google page with targeted keywords.

What do you think? Is this how it works? Have you ever asked yourself these questions?

The Internet has changed marketing and advertising in great ways, but that does not mean that the basics cannot be applied. The reality now is that these fundamentals play a bigger role than they used to play in the past, as digital channels continue to crowd more and more and are increasingly competitive day by day. Those who have the right marketing message, and know who wants to listen to it, will be the ones on the marketing channels who will be successful and may keep it for a long time.

So the next time you hear about a new update to Google, or a new innovation in Social Media, ask yourself if these changes can be applied to your strategy and whether you need to allocate any time or effort. You may find that you have much more important things to do … like spending time on your most profitable marketing channel .

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