How To Earn Money On Youtube Best Tips For Beginners

For the last five years video has been a real success on the internet. Now you can find a video
in almost every application that we use on the web. Video sharing sites like YouTube, Daily Motion, Metacafe, etc, had contributed in huge ways to this phenomenon.

If we go to YouTube and we search for videos about a major brand or product we can find large amounts of information related to our search subject, posted by regular people or by a large corporation. In other words, big money companies are using this video sharing sites to promote their services and products.

Right now there is a lot of information on the web of how to promote and make money using video as a resource.

The most common tip could be that you simply add the URL of your website or affiliate product to the description of your video to drive traffic to your page.

But promoting your product or service with video could be more challenging if you want some results. Don’t worry using the word changeling doesn’t mean that is hard or difficult.

If you are a newbie using video to promote your product or service here you can find 3 tips or headlines that you can follow, to begin with, your campaign


You can upload any kind of video, with great quality, great design or a simple self-made one. But REMEMBER, is the content of the video the one that determinates your success.

People don’t want to waste his time with bored or unrelated video subjects. Begin uploading videos with funny content.

If you have a hard time finding a funny content from your business or product here a tip: If you are promoting insurance, simple look in any major search engine for “insurance jokes”, you will find some good ones.

Make a video with you telling those jokes, or make a power point presentation with the jokes and use windows movie maker or any related software to combine the slide as video archive. Upload the video and use tags like funny, jokes, insurance. Then put your URL in the description.

2. Add content.

Try uploading high-quality HD videos, but stay away from very long videos.

(This can vary depending on the type of video you want to upload on the block.) Also, try uploading videos regularly and keeping them in line with channel activity. Even if your content is not good at first, practice will make you better.

Try to make every video better than the previous video. Mostly you will learn this over time. Improving your content by using a good camera or trying to use montage software compensates this.

Also, try to improve your photography skills. Use a tripod and if you have a friend ask for help in better lighting. All this helps to produce better video and thus helps you get more views. Updating your channel regularly helps you create a constantly following audience.

You can get more subscribers if you add content regularly, and keep this as regular as possible.

Make sure to tag your videos with keywords that describe your videos, which will help get people to your video by searching YouTube.

3. audience.

Building an audience is thekey to increasing profits. You need to see people ads for profit. There’s no secret to getting more subscribers, just making your channel offer better videos.

Continue uploading videos and trying to reach people interested in the channel domain.

Earn Money On Youtube

By sharing videos on Twitter and Facebook and posting them in social networking sites.

Engage viewers by responding to comments and making videos that are directly relevant to viewers’ comments and questions. Communicating with viewers will bring more subscribers to your channel.

4. Marketing your videos elsewhere.

Do not put your videos on YouTube only! Consider creating a blog or website or posting on other video platforms like YouTube.

By sharing the link or embedding the video on websites, you are improving your chances of earning more.

5) TAGS.

When you are uploading a video be sure to complete all the information that the site requires. A very important box to be filling is the TAG’s one. Most of the video sharing sites allow you to write up to 10 tags for each video.

Here is a tip: again if you are promoting for example insurance, type the word insurance in the search box of the video sharing site. Look for the video that has more visitors of all.

Go to that video and copy the tags that are being used by the publisher. Then copy that tags to your video and save the information. If you don’t want to do this, just write all the tags that you can think in the box. Remember, more tags could be more ways that users found your videos.


With the success of YouTube, several sites like Metacafe and Dailymotion had acquired some name. Don’t get me wrong, in my opinion; YouTube is the best video sharing site on the web.

But other sites could help you to complement your campaign, you most think in getting a lot of viewers of your videos. Search for video sharing sites on the web and sing up for an account.

Upload your videos to all the sites you can. (NOTE: some sites are very selective in what videos are going to publish; they don’t like the publicity of any kind. Be sure of not promoting directly your product or service in the video).

Can You make money From Youtube Without Google Adsense?

YouTube users can make money fromYouTube without Adsense. You can make money from selling products, commission marketing, and advertising for something at the beginning of the video.

Tips to Improve Profit from Youtube

  • Use keywords as they help increase video views.
  • Upload videos to YouTube regularly. Create videos with good content and quality.
  • Create accounts on social media sites and share your videos with them! Be sure to add Tags when uploading a new video.
  • Create videos about what’s common on the web. Games and comedy are among the most watched on youtube.


  • Some people may leave negative comments to frustrate you. Do not give them a chance to do so.
  • If any of your videos contain copyrighted content (such as music you did not create, parts of movies, etc.), this reduces your chances of subscribing to the YouTube Partner Program.
  • Copyrighted content causes your videos to stop.

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