How can I use twitter to promote my business?

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking services today. It has about 330 million monthly active users and 145 million daily active users on Twitter., who send about a staggering 500 million tweets per day. With all these people tweeting busily, there’s room for your company in the wildly popular microblogging service, no matter what line of business it’s in.

Twitter can help your firm in several ways: it lets you engage with your customers in real-time; see what your competitors are up to; find out more about industry trends that can help you with your business decisions, and grow your enterprise. Here’s what you need to know about using Twitter for your business.

How to use twitter for business

Learn how to use Twitter for business effectively to get more Twitter followers, promote your product or brand and make more sales.

How can i use twitter to promote my business?

Think about why you’re on Twitter
Companies usually go on Twitter to promote their brand and/or website. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this goal, but these businesses usually end up doing only that– promoting their brand and/or website. The problem with this focused approach is that online users, especially the ones on Twitter, give more importance to interacting with other people. Because of this difference, a company’s efforts to promote its brand and/or website isn’t maximized.

To make the most of Twitter, your company shouldn’t concentrate solely on self-promotion. You’re part of a larger community that you should connect with. Secondly (and just as important), Twitter is an excellent tool for you to receive feedback for your products and services, and engage your customers.

Interestingly, making your company’s Twitter presence about other people is one of the best ways to promote and develop your brand, and drive traffic to your website.

Keep track of your brand
Twitter is an excellent tool for monitoring what people are saying about your company and its products. You don’t even have to use any special social media application to do this–all you need to do is go to Twitter’s search tool and key in your company name, brand, product, or service, and then browse through the results.

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If you encounter someone who tweets something positive about your company, brand, product, or service, thank the person. If the message is retweet-worthy, ask the person if you can use their quote as a testimonial. But if the tweet is negative, apologize promptly, address the blunder, and then quickly inform the person that the problem is resolved.

If the person is pleased with the outcome and expresses it, then you’ve just scored points for your brand, company, product, or service.

Tip: Don’t limit your monitoring efforts to vanilla Twitter. Try a range of other useful web apps such as Hootsuite (lets you track several social networking profiles from one place), Twitter Analytics (measures how much Twitter traffic you generate), Twitonomy (gauges various Twitter stats), Twitaholic (tracks the most followed Twitter users), and Tweetstats (shows you free stats of your tweets).

How can i Use Twitter To Promote My Business?An infographic

Grow your number of followers
To broaden your reach on Twitter and connect with a larger community of people, you have to increase your number of Twitter followers. Without doing this, all your efforts to network and engage a non-existent audience would be useless. Here’s how you do it:

If you want more people to visit your company website, you should produce helpful, high-quality content that they’d want to share with others.

Not everyone will keep track of Twitter 24-7. Share your content when more of your followers are likely to see it.

Guide To Using Twitter For Business

How can i Use Twitter To Promote My Business?

Retweet content and comment on news relevant to your industry.

Place links of your Twitter profile on your email signature, website, Facebook page, and whatever another piece of online real estate that you have.

Add relevant #hashtags to your posts so that more people would find them. If people like what you shared, they’ll add you.

Display your Twitter handle offline whenever you can–in your calling cards when you make a sales presentation, etc.

Include your website’s keywords in your Twitter bio. This helps people find you more easily.

Follow other people who are on similar topics. When they notice that you share the same interests, they might be inclined to follow you.

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Get the right people to tweet
Don’t just ask anyone to handle your company’s Twitter account. Your new, fresh-out-of-uni intern may be more Twitter-savvy than the rest of you, but that doesn’t mean he or she should be the person in charge of your company’s tweets. Your intern can certainly help you set up the account, but you should find a mature, knowledgeable, and dedicated member (or members) of your team to handle what goes into each post.

How can i Use Twitter To Promote My Business?An infographic

Develop the voice of your brand
You should be conscious of the voice that your Twitter account uses. Why? It affects your branding efforts. More importantly, your company’s tone of voice conveys your brand’s personality and values. Your Twitter voice should be consistent with the tone of the content that you share, and at the same time, unique.

If you’re not entirely sure how your Twitter voice should sound, then you should take the time to develop it. You don’t have to start from scratch; you simply look at your company’s values and go from there. You may also look for inspiration from other brands and see which one you can identify with. For this to work, however, it’s necessary to involve other people in your company.

Guide To Using Twitter For Business

Build trust by interaction
Trust is a necessary objective in branding. Aside from reputation, trust also brings tangible rewards to your business in the form of revenue. But apart from today’s billion-dollar brands, trust doesn’t come easily for other companies; it needs to be developed. That means you can’t just promote your company’s content on Twitter and expect people to take it at face value; You first need to build trust by interacting with your audience.

Here’s proof: according to a study published in the academic journal Public Relations Review, using social networking services like Twitter to interact with the public is great for PR and developing trust. In fact, more interactive brands garnered higher scores on every trust-, commitment-, and satisfaction-related parameters in the study.

Include photos and videos
It doesn’t matter how interesting you think your material is; with all the information that’s constantly screaming in people’s Twitter feeds at any given time, you need to make your posts stand out. Do this by including photos and videos in your tweets. And let’s not kid ourselves: our culture today is primarily visual as billions of people now own a phone that can take pictures and video; this is practically a requirement.

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