How Do Facebook Pages Make Money?

Users have started looking for how to make money on Facebook since it almost appeared in 2004. But in fact, the concept of making money Facebook has for many years been a tacit concept, that is, there were no direct ways to make money Facebook, and the idea of making money Facebook stemmed mainly from the possibilities and opportunities Which can be achieved through it. That was the case until 2014 and Audience Network emerged, and from then on everything has changed.

In fact, there are many ways to profit from Facebook directly, as well as many other indirect ways that rely mainly on the power of Facebook marketing.

In this article, you will learn all possible ways to make profits from Facebook either directly or indirectly.

How do you make money on social media?

1- Make money Facebook via video
Now Facebook video publishers can subscribe to Ad Breaks and monetize their videos by placing ads on them.

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make money from Facebook videos is very similar to the profit from YouTube. It works as follows: Each Facebook page owner uploads videos and shares them with followers. He can sign up for a program called Facebook, called Ad Breaks, through which ads are placed on videos, The owner of the videos won from these ads.

In fact, it is quite simple. There are conditions imposed by Facebook, and you must apply it as a page owner to start earning profits from the videos you publish on your page.

This is a list of terms for monetizing Facebook videos:

  • ]Videos must be posted from a Facebook page and not from a personal account.
  • This page must have at least 10,000 followers.
  • The profit from Facebook videos must be available in your country and language where your videos are posted.

In the last 60 days, you must have had 30,000 views for at least 1 minute, and the videos that got these views must have been at least 3 minutes long.

You must be eligible for profit
Eligibility criteria here, are a set of terms and criteria for the content of the videos themselves.

2. make money from Facebook via applications
In April 2014, Facebook expanded its subscription to its advertising company, Audience Network, through which each smartphone app owner can profit from its application.

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If you have an app for Android or IOS smartphones, you can sign up for Facebook’s Audience Network, and then place ads on this app to earn revenue from those ads.

If you have an app and want to profit from it via Facebook, you can start by clicking on the link below.

3- make money Facebook via instant games
If you use Facebook, you probably already played an instant game, and you’re also likely to notice that there are ads that appear as you play these games.

In case you have skills in designing and programming games, and you have a good knowledge of HTML programming language 5, then you are eligible to profit from Facebook via instant games.

You can start designing and developing a simple game and add it to the Facebook instant games list, and then Facebook puts ads on it and starts making money from them.

4. Profit from Facebook via instant articles
The problem of Internet slowdown is a problem that many Internet users around the world are experiencing.

As a Facebook initiative to help solve this problem, it has created a new technology to open articles called instant articles or instant articles. Through this technology, Facebook users can open articles that are shared from websites Instantly, once you click on the article link on Facebook it opens directly to the user. These articles are marked with a lightning tag as shown below.

The great thing is that Facebook allows webmasters to use this technology completely free, through a set of simple settings that are applied to the website. In fact, this is not only what Facebook offers, but it also allows webmasters to make profits through their instant articles.

Note: make money from Facebook through videos, apps, instant articles, and instant games is through the Facebook Audience Network, through which you can create and apply ad units, track your earnings reports, and ultimately earn your profits.
In short, Audience Network is a Facebook subsidiary very much like Google Adsense.

5. Profit from Facebook through Facebook Marketplace
Now all Facebook users can display their products for sale to other users, through the great service provided by Facebook Facebook Marketplace.

This service enables everyone to add their own products to appear in front of other users according to geographical distribution.

The product owner and the buyer communicate via Facebook Messenger, and everything is agreed upon and the sales process is achieved and profits are made to the owner of the product.

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As mentioned above, the ways of making profits from Facebook indirectly stem from Facebook’s marketing power.

It is the first and most important social networking site in the world with about 2 billion monthly users. Of course, there are a lot of profit methods from Facebook that can be implemented free of charge, but in fact, the power of Facebook marketing is clearly manifested through the funded advertising.

1. earn money from Facebook page likes
If you have a Facebook page with a large number of members, you can make it an advertising medium for others by opening a paid ads receipt.

Everyone wants to create an ad that can guide you and agree with the details and prices of advertising on your page. In this case, you can use your own page to advertise that you are accepting third-party ads.

This can also be done through groups, where you can create a niche group in a particular area, and then rent advertising publications for a fee.

2 – Profit from Facebook through marketing commission.
In commission marketing,g you can use Facebook marketing power to benefit others, and in return,n you get a commission from the company or website you are marketing for. There are offers, services, and products in almost all the interests you imagine.

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Whatever the subject you are talking about or about your page or group, there is always a service, a commodity, or a presentation that is relevant to its content. The wonderful thing is that you can create a page specifically if you find a good product that allows commission marketing, and of course you can use the funded ads to get the highest possible level of profit.

3. make money from Facebook by getting visitors to your blog or website
If you have writing skills
and are really interested in the subject matter of your Facebook page, and you have good information, you can create a blog or website and write articles like the ones you provide on your page, but in a more structured, professional and comprehensive way. In this case, instead of directly sharing your ideas with your page members, you will send them to your site or blog. Of course, there are lots of ways to profit from websites, which you can use to generate revenue.

4. Profit from Facebook by marketing your business
If you have a special project and want to achieve more sales and then more profits, there is no marketing way available to you better than marketing on Facebook.

You can create a special page for your restaurant, for example, where you can view the list of foods you offer. How To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing On Facebook

You can also view the most important features of your restaurant, such as the level of cleanliness, the quality of materials used, the quality of service, etc. Of course, here you can use funded ads and target the geographical area covered by your project.

5. Profit from Facebook by marketing for yourself as an independent
If you are a freelance entrepreneur and want to get more customers, and then more profits, Facebook is your perfect way to market yourself to freelancer.

In fact, free work has recently become one of the most wonderful choices for many. It is a way to achieve freedom in managing time and life as every young man wants.

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One of the key factors for Frei Lancer’s success is being famous in the field he specializes in, and of course, social networking sites are topped by Facebook and an excellent way for every freelancer to market his skills.

6. Profit from Facebook by managing pages.
In case you have experience in managing Facebook pages by creating attractive publications, networking with followers … etc, this option to profit from Facebook is a great choice for you.

There is no business owner right now who can ignore the idea of creating a Facebook page to represent his business, which of course created a huge demand for Facebook page managers.

By creating a Facebook page to express your marketing skills you can attract a lot of customers and make more profits (of course you can manage more than one page at the same time). Here you can use your personal marketing account for yourself as a Facebook page management specialist.

I tried in this article to cover the idea of profit from Facebook from many aspects and dealt with the outline of the most important ways to profit from Facebook, whether direct or indirect.

But in fact, there are many, many other subways, especially on the indirect side, which are formed according to the marketing goal you want to achieve through Facebook.

I hope this article inspires many young people, to take advantage of this enormous power called Facebook.

I am very happy to receive your comments through the comments below, also let me ask you to share this article on social networking sites and contribute to change one’s life for the better.

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