How To Build Customer Trust And Loyalty?

how to build customer trust and loyalty? Trust is an integral and measurable part of the business. According to Stephen M.R. Covey’s The Speed of Trust, high-trust companies outperformed low-trust organizations in total return to shareholders by 286 percent.

Remember that customers buy a product or service because they trust the company providing it, and find value in what they pay for. Without trust, relationships suffer, your company’s production declines, and customers go someplace else. Fortunately, your customer’s trust can be gained. Here are several ways how.

Each company has a number of sellers, and the customer will not buy anything from the company unless he feels confident in the company and the seller together at the same time, and this is why Dr. Ehab tells you four cases that are not fifth, as follows:

The customer trusts both the seller and the company, the result: he will definitely buy

The customer trusts the seller and does not trust the company, the result: the purchase is uncertain

The customer trusts the company and does not trust the seller, the result: the purchase is uncertain

He does not trust the seller or the company, the result: he will definitely not buy

So the first cause must be achieved for the customer to purchase safely, but how do you trust the company and the seller together?

How To Build Customer Trust And Loyalty?

When you watch a football match, what attracts you most attention is the best player, who offers a better offer and also an impressive show on the field, and from one match to another you will find yourself more confident in the impact of this player on the field and the importance and quality, but you will miss him In some matches, you will recommend the importance of pitching in other matches.
This is what is called in the business “customer confidence”, so if we consider the business market as a stadium and you and your competitors are players, then the fan who enjoys the game is the customer and here the question appears, how do you gain your customer confidence in this way?

Establish your competence and credibility

Competence is one of the key elements of trust. To earn trust, you need to show your target market that your company is capable of getting things done. If potential customers don’t think you’re competent, they wouldn’t dare do business with your company.

But how would potential customers know that you can deliver on your promises if they haven’t even tried what you’re offering in the first place? Yes, people will judge you by what you do (versus what you say), but you still need to show that you know what you’re doing. You can do this by first establishing your credibility. Here are a few ways:

Create a useful, professional-looking, easy-to-navigate website for your company. Make sure that the site highlights your organization’s expertise, customer testimonials, and the products and/or services that you offer.

Develop a web presence through blogging and social media. Use them as a platform to talk about your discipline, and your company’s products/services. Ultimately, this will demonstrate your expertise in the field.

Deliver on your promises. This is the best way to show that you really are capable of getting things done.
Provide excellent service

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To earn your customer’s trust, you need to provide outstanding service as well. Using adjectives like “excellent” or “outstanding” to describe customer service is a bit ambiguous, however. Here are some specific things you can do to please customers with your service.

Identify your customers’ expectations on what constitutes “excellent” customer service. While you can think of what your customers would probably want, it would be better if you take the time to find out by asking them. You then make the corresponding adjustments based on the feedback you receive.

Always treat customers with respect, courtesy, and sincerity.

Get in touch with past customers to follow up and see if they are satisfied with their purchase.

Don’t blame or make excuses if a problem arises after making a sale. Instead, address the problem promptly.

See to it that you take customer service into account in all facets of your business, not just your customer-facing staff. Every employee represents your business at all times, so each should know how to treat customers right.

Treat your employees well; they interact with your customers regularly. If your employees are unhappy, customers would see it firsthand and it’s not going to be a pleasant experience.
Be consistent and reliable

How To Build Customer Trust And Loyalty?

Your business also needs to be consistent and reliable. These two terms may initially seem interchangeable but they’re actually quite different. Reliable means doing what you promised to do when you said you would. So if you promised the customer compelling content for its web site’s landing page in three hours, you should provide it in the allotted time frame.

Consistency, on the other hand, is an attribute where the quality of your performance doesn’t vary significantly. You may have provided one customer with great content in three hours, but is this something that you can do for most, if not all customers who ask you to produce content?

By always delivering what you said you would at the appointed time, your customers would be able to count on you to deliver on your promises.

Honesty and transparency are vital

It’s an unfortunate fact that many companies lie to their customers. Some embellish numbers to make them more impressive; others fudge facts to avoid disappointing stakeholders. But if you’re truly sincere in wanting to earn the trust of your customers, you have to be honest and transparent when it comes to matters that concern them.

Honest meaning you inform customers about the truth that you believe they need to know, and transparent by letting customers find out for themselves the truth that they have to know. It’s important to practice both because people won’t necessarily learn the truth that affects them if you’re just being either honest or transparent.

For instance, you may be forthright in providing customers all the necessary information about a product or service, but some might still misunderstand the details you provide and make the wrong decision. To avoid this, you can be honest and volunteer a more suitable product or service, even if it’s cheaper than what they were originally considering.

Being honest may not result in a bigger sale on one occasion, but it wins the trust of a customer who becomes a regular patron from then on.

Ideas to please customers

Of course, you will encounter the institution that offers a great product, but for some reason, you are not satisfied with the method of treatment or vice versa. The institution offers a product that is not of high quality and therefore you are not satisfied with it, but the method of treatment is great, in this case certainly when you find the alternative that satisfies you completely you will go directly to it.

Although customer satisfaction is not an easy thing, it is also not an impossible thing since you can satisfy your customer with these simple ideas. Your client also maintains his confidence in you and maintains your relationship with him.

1- Stay away from hitting and enjoy the sympathy

That is, try to give alternative solutions to the customer if he objects to something, or if he proposes something impractical, put yourself in the position of the customer and sympathize with him so that you can understand the point of view and his need, in this way you will satisfy your customer and even win in your class.

2- I advise the customer and do not allow him to lose

Are you wondering how? How do I make the customer lose? How do I give him advice and accept it?

In many situations, the customer is puzzled, and he will not be able to decide the best product for him, among a number of the many products that you offer him, here imagine that you are the one who needs the product and imagines yourself in the same circumstances as the customer and because you are aware of the products and the advantages of each of them You will be able to advise him as appropriate, and you will warn him against what is not appropriate for him, even if this is what he chooses.

If the advice is given honestly and on the customer’s understanding and feeling, he will accept the advice easily.

3- Train the sales team

It may be your commercial organization or your commercial store that does not have a sales team in the traditional stylized traditional form, but it certainly is for you, even one worker who specializes in sales operations, this worker knows how to deal with the customer, how to deal with customer problems and how to gain customer satisfaction and trust, in some Sometimes this gap between the method of dealing with the owner of the commercial enterprise and between the employees in it causes the loss of many customers and thus causing losses that are not minimal to the enterprise.

How To Build Customer Trust And Loyalty?

4- Use an accounting program that records clients

Use an accounting program that supports the ability to record customer data, so that you can send marketing messages or marketing campaigns by e-mail to them and alert them of the latest discounts – products – offers.

How to keep customers?

Customers are the basic unit for building any business in a successful way, as they are your way to achieve the profits you wish and gain a good reputation and withstand any problems that your business might face one day. Also, your customer is the capital that you must maintain, and it is your investment that you have paid in huge amounts of money to earn as your customer. After you attract the customer, his satisfaction, and gain his confidence, the stage of maintaining and transforming it into a market for you to come.

In previous lines, we talked about this stage, “the stage of preserving the client in a nutshell”, but here we are, and given the importance of this point, we will discuss it in detail.

1- Meet your customers’ needs

In order for your customer to return to you again, you have to meet his needs, so your client may choose to return to you to visualize one of the following reasons

Your store offers them a favorable deal.

Your business provides a service or product that they cannot obtain elsewhere.

You treat your customers well.

When you know the need for a customer and the reason for his return to you, you can add to your organization what the customer needs and you can develop what makes his return to you again.

2- Promotion of the product

Your product may be the best among your competitors, and your organization may be the customer’s favorite, and your customers’ opinion may be that you are the best, but they cannot reach you easily, they cannot get to know your latest products and recent offers, so make sure to market your product, and make sure to Always deliver offers, features, and products to your existing customers.

How To Build Customer Trust And Loyalty?

3- Maintaining the quality of the product

Maintaining the high level of the product and its quality is not easy, especially when the brand begins to appear and crowds and a large number of customers appear. The quality of the product here is not only meant by the product itself, but also by the selling stage, the method of sale, the location, and the values ​​on which the commercial project was established, as maintaining the high quality of all these elements guarantees the continuity of your success and the confidence of your customers in you and Keep them as your regular customers.

4- Collect customer reactions

Gathering your customers ’reactions helps you to continue on the right path, where you can avoid problems before they escalate or even occur, and you can through them, as mentioned above, to be able to develop from your product in a realistic manner based on customer opinion and suggestions for your product.

5- Watch your reputation on the internet

Many types of business fields started through the Internet (Group Facebook) or expanded through the Internet by creating pages on social networking sites or through the creation of electronic sites, this electronic presence has a strong impact on the sales and profits of the institution, it is a new window for access To customers, and an easier way to communicate with them and learn about their reactions, and take advantage of them to develop your brand and products, as the behavior of many customers now changes from just asking friends and the circle around it to the idea of ​​monitoring customer opinions on products and brands on the Internet before making The decision of Behind.

6- Adapt to the market

Be prepared to adapt to the market in which you compete, as the requirements of each market differ, so if your business project is a “clothing store” in a large city, then, of course, the requirements for keeping the customer will differ completely from the requirements for keeping the customer in a “clothing store” in a small city. As the requirements of customers differ in the standards and interests.

Also, if you offer a product to a small segment of customers, make sure you are in the place where these customers search for you to be able to attract the appropriate segment and reach it easily and by creating new ways to attract these customers and one of the most factors that help you keep customers is quality and The value of the product at a price.

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And if you target a broad base of audiences, and with a large number of competitors, your ability to market your product and your commitment to quality and customer service will be the most important factors in maintaining the customer.

7- Maintain constant working hours

Set fixed and regular hours of work, and at the dates that suit your customers, do not make the task of remembering your work hours difficult for the customer, and do not choose strange work times that do not suit the customer, if you choose to open your store early and close at the time the employees leave, then, of course, you are You lost a large segment of your customers.

8- Be flexible in the way you interact with the customer

In some situations, you face the problem of adhering to the laws of your commercial store, or providing facilities with some customers, for example, if a customer wants for some reason to pay in the future, and the policy of your commercial store does not accept postpaid so that you do not lose this customer, you can provide some facilities and exceptions to him with an explanation that you can. To tell him, “Our store policy does not allow payment term to be accepted, but we offer you this as an exception today.”

9 – Maintain the proper appearance of the place

Maintaining the shape of the place, and the clean and organized shape of the place, this is one of the basics of attracting the customer, but also the interest in attractive, different and comfortable decoration is also one of the most important ways to attract the customer, and preparing the place for him to be able to make the purchase decision with satisfaction.

10 – Establish a real relationship with the customer

Keep the names of clients, deal with them kindly, and be sure to form real and long-term relationships with clients, also know what the customer prefers and help in choosing the appropriate one for him, but note that these services are not provided in a way that limits the customer’s freedom of choice.

11- Notify clients of offers

One of the ways of electronic marketing is to keep the e-mail and phone numbers of your customers, after keeping the numbers and emails of the customers, send the latest offers, discounts, and products to them, as we have already mentioned, making your communication with the customer easier and faster, and ensures you a continuous relationship with him, to gain as a permanent customer is yours.

Now, for your company to achieve the best result through sellers, these negative images must be changed by customers, and sellers must adhere to these steps:

Choose the cheapest product for the customer according to his capabilities and budget

Inform the customer of the defect of the product before purchase, if any, which increases its confidence in you

The seller is not defective in the whole company in order to gain the customer’s confidence only for himself

Training the seller to tell the truth and honesty from the beginning with the customer

Attention to the first words the seller directs to the customer, as the first 4 words may make him leave

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