How Do I Become A Self Made Millionaire With No Money?

Most ways to make money online require special skills and/or substantial investment. Here’s one that’s easy and you can get rich with no money . You can make money fast!Of course, everyone knows thatmake money online is usually through advertising and using tools like Adsense – Google’s advertising service.

In this post, we will review 9 creative ways to make 700_3500$ a month.

  • Electronic journals
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Electronic Stores
  • Subscription sites
  • Mediation sites
  • Digital sites
  • Graphic Design
  • Gigs on Fiverr
  • Write and publish a Kindle eBook

Electronic journals
Electronic journals – especially the technical ones – are the most used to make money online. The idea here is very simple: Provide unique and desirable content (continuously) and attract the largest number of visitors, followers, subscribers and advertising space for interested and interested companies.

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Despite the effectiveness of this approach, there are other ways – not selling advertising space – that can be used by these sites for more profit. For example, such sites can:

Sells objective reviews of companies and products
Promotes products that can be paid by commission.
Provides additional services related to their specialization.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate sites are sites that offer reviews and comparisons of companies and other products and earn by commission profit.

For example, sites and blogs that offer reviews and comparisons of global hosting companies that provide Affiliate distribution software allow subscribers to earn a certain commission for those who subscribe to their hosting plans.

These companies (such as Blue Host and Host Gator) provide their distributors with several tools such as ready-made ads of different sizes, colors and text links that allow tracking of subscriptions, accurate statistics about visitors and subscribers, and periodic payments via PayPal and other methods.

Electronic Stores
Of course, selling goods across the net is one of the most profitable ways. The main problem here is the availability of your goods, secure shipping methods and provide the appropriate payment methods for your customers. It is possible to achieve $ 700 per day.

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If you have a good product and you have the capital to save and ship, creating a professional e-store site is easy and relatively inexpensive if you use the right one.

Also, if you choose the right commodity market and spend some money on advertising campaigns, you can get a decent return for your investment.

Subscription sites
Subscription sites are those that provide customers with a good or service for a monthly or annual subscription.

There are many technology companies that use this model for profit through the Internet, especially technical companies that provide software or software solutions or technology and are updated and added to them periodically and continuously and provide technical support required.

Mediation sites
These brokerage sites are the sites that constitute a mediator between the seller and the buyer on the net, which earns by taking a certain percentage of each sale.

One of the most successful examples of mediation sites is Fiverr, which takes a dollar of every five dollars traded through the site.

There are also other similar sites that exploit the desire of the buyer to buy something from different companies online and the lack of the necessary means for him (such as credit cards) you buy the service or the product on behalf of the buyer after the money to them by traditional methods (such as bank transfer) A commission.

Digital sites
Recently emerged multiple initiatives to sell information and technology goods. Some people sell, for example, training courses and courses in specialized areas such as architectural design and others offering electronic goods to designers and developers.

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There are also companies selling Android and iPhone applications. Most of these sites are the result of an individual effort.

Graphic Design
every company needs a graphic designer. If you have an eye for design and experience in Adobe Creative Suite/Adobe Creative Cloud – including InDesign, Illustrator, or Photoshop, then there is a profitable market out there for you.

The nice part about being a freelance graphic designer is that you can take on as much or as little as you want and create!

is the marketplace where anyone can sell and buy services online. Services include designing, programming, writing, blogging, video creation, backlinks, and many other things.
Some of the high demand gigs on Fiverr includes:

Article writing
SEO services
Art and graphics design
Website copy-writing
Audio and voice-overs
Video editing
DIY tutorials
Product review writing
And more!

Do you have ideas To Get Rich With No Money To Start? Do not waste it on us and share it in the comments box below.

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