Making money online as a teen it is not magic nor secret these days. You just have to know a few techniques. Suppose you have writing skills. Why can not you win with the power of your mind? You can create reviews and articles for specific websites.

For example, you can try to make money online with HubPages. There are several ways to earn money online from this platform.

You can use the advertising programs on this website without any investment. You can find many advertisers who want to advertise.

You can submit your own website or blog for this purpose. You must create original content that is the first requirement for all hubs. Just look at the simple strategies that can bring money to your door.



Just write a few keywords about your centers. Let’s say it differently. They have created a center for dog food. Now you need to write keywords that should refer to the things of the dog. The last step is to have partnered on your topic. That way, you can increase sales volume through the hubs.


It is also a very famous place to buy and sell online. These types of websites trade millions of dollars every year. It works like Amazon. Just write a few keywords to explain your specific center. Then you can see the results of the Hub pages.


You can earn on hubs in two ways, through impressions and clicks on ads in hubs. People come to see the ads and they pay you. Then you know now that the traffic is needed too.

How Can A Blog Help You As Ateen To Make Money?

The first step in starting the blog is to write about your experiences and your learning. It is important to write about topics that are interesting and interesting to the readers. First, it is recommended to write a blog that understands the keywords.

A keyword is a word that is usually typed into a search engine to find the information. Finding suitable keywords and using them is essential for good page rank. With a good page ranking, the content of your page stays visible on the first page of the search to make money as a teen

A good search engine ranking helps generate traffic that is crucial for blogs. Now that you’ve written good content with the keywords, it’s time to monetize the blog. Monetization requires registration with the ad network.

There are a few types of ad networks, such as contextual marketing, text marketing, and affiliate marketing. Contextual marketing and text marketing networks pay the money to run relevant ads. The Affiliate Marketing Network is a commission network that pays off when you sell your products or service

 Sell gadgets to your friends
* NOTE * This is different from the sale of kits. See step 4 for kits.


If you are reading this, it is likely that you are a member of Instructables. That means it’s one of the easiest ways to make money … by selling awesome gadgets to your friends. You can use your skills as a designer to create cool, low-cost items and make a profit by selling what you do. There are some gadgets that are easy to handle

The iPod charger

Think about it. Almost everyone today has a device that charges via a USB port. This can be a cell phone, an MP3 player or even something completely different. In short, people have many gadgets that consume a lot of juice. You have to charge your to make money when your 15

infographic how to make money as a teen

You can make yours for a very low price to sell to people. The best part is that you can make big profits by showing them how much you would pay for a commercial shipper. Commercial chargers cost between $ 10 and $ 50 and some are not even portable, they are just adapters.

To make a 9V charger, you only need a few parts and most of them easily escape the old electronics. You can find USB ports, LEDs, and resistors from old electronics that you do not even have to pay.

How Yo Earn Money As A Teen

Custom cables

It’s another simple thing that does not cost you too much if it costs you something. Now that you’ve sold a charger to your friends, the cable should be easy to sell.

Why should you just charge your iPod when you can buy one of your custom cables and charge your phone?

Making these cables is easy. You only need the two cables you want to connect. There are three ways to do this.

1. Get your friend’s cables. You can not charge so much because you supply the materials, but you have nothing to buy.

2. Buy the cables and splice them together. You can go to your local Best Buy, then to the Verizon Store and get an iPod cable and then a phone cord. Then splice and sell for twice the price.

3. Buy a specially pre-assembled cable.

You can get a specially pre-assembled cable from my shop. I do not care if you go out and sell for more to your friends.

The only problem is that you need to know how to build the cables when choosing options 1 or 2.

It is really easy. If you look at the picture (Sorry, I had to find it on the internet, I could not cut it right now), you will see that a USB cable is made of 4 cables and most of the charging cables are 

To access these cables, you must halve the cables and remove some of the outer insulation. Then you see the threads as in the picture.

Just connect red (+ 5V) with red and black (earth) with black. Then place an insulating tape around it to seal and replace it, or use a shrink tube.

By doing such things, you can easily make a lot of money.

Step 4: Sell kits (make an online store)

If none of the first three ideas have attracted you (or have done so and you only want to cover all of your basics), you can open an online store to sell kits. For example, you can check my store.

It really is one of the easiest ways. You can go to the section of the market you can find here and post a forum topic with what you sell on it.

“And what do I sell?” You said it. It’s easy. If you’ve given a good guide or if you have your own original gadget, you can sell kits to other people.

My business is a good general example of things to sell.

You can sell kits, gadgets, or a combination of things.

It’s very simple and really, there are only a few other things to add. I will put it in the form of a list to save you time.

The gadgets you sell must be yours.

(Brenn10 had problems with people who wanted to sell exactly the same equipment as he did).

Having a PayPal Account This makes it easier and safer for people to buy from you sooner.

When shipping electronic parts, use anti-static bags. (This is not essential, but you can recycle old things that you have received for free).

Step 5: Buying / Selling Video Games
Unfortunately, you have to start with money, at about $ 30.

You will also need a bike.

Let’s start now, wait until your city has a garage sale day in the city (or so people sell things they do not need).

Individual neighborhoods will also have this temporarily. Turn around and buy all the good cheap video games you can find.

When you’re done, keep the ones you love (you’ll probably buy one or two with the money you make here) and replace those you do not have in a local shop.

There are about $ 10 per game average lending and $ 8 cash advance, so as long as you have bought the games for less than $ 8, you will earn money for convenience without doing anything!

Step 6: Be creative! (Not electric)
As you’ve probably guessed, the best way to earn money is through forced labor, selling things. The last four steps have sold or made electronics, but those are not the only things you can sell.
If you can not solder or do not know much about electronics, there are many other things you can do and sell, for example …

A nesting box,
You can easily get the wood, a hammer and some nails, then cut the aviary and join them. Now comes the fun part.

Ask and tell people that you are selling custom nest boxes. If you find someone who is interested, ask which color/design model you want, then paint the birdhouse and sell it.

You will get more money because it is personalized. You could go over a color scheme and add a bird feeder or a bowl of water on one side!
Here are the instructions for a simple birdhouse

A great way to customize a birdhouse is to give it a custom finish by sticking fresh rocks to the surface. In places where there are no stones, apply glue and cover with sand. It looks very good

A pencil stick
It is a very simple and cheap project that you can do and then sell to anyone. The stick pencil is surprisingly made of a stick and an ordinary pen.

It’s basically cutting a hive, drilling a hole in the middle, opening the graphite pencil and laying the pencil on the stick to make a new pencil that you can sell to anyone who writes.

If you have made some of these pens and brought them to your school, you can easily sell them in one day.
Here are the instructions for Stick-Pencil

Finished things
If you have a Dremel or a painting, you can easily personalize your friend’s belongings, such as painting a set with a custom theme or engraving its name on it. This method could be very popular at the beginning of a quarter when people in the parking lot need names.

Step 7: And now it will be funny
If you feel adventurous, you can turn almost any small skill into income. It really depends on what interests you, so make a list of what you really like. Even if he has no money potential.

Did I get it? Okay, let’s move on.

Step 8: Mechanical skill

Then you have created your list. You like riding a bike, you do not mind working on it, lubricating the chains, grinding the wheels, tightening the spokes, changing the cables.

You can do a job with a brochure, a telephone number, and your bike. It is easy for the landscape of every traveler to be flooded. Do not be afraid. Just get a document or open Excel and program. Leave some free time

Keep your flyers away from home far enough to remain anonymous, but close enough for you to easily use your bike for a job.

Give each house one. Keep it hidden behind the door of the storm or, if you do not have a storm door, put it between the door and the door jamb. Bend it so that it is not huge.

Try to avoid the tape. Also, avoid putting it in your mailbox. Hidden between the mailbox and its cover (if your box is in the house next to the door), you can keep your document but avoid disturbing the mail.

Brochures should be something like “Bicycle Maintenance Bill.” Riding a poorly maintained bike can be both difficult and potentially dangerous, but who has time to worry? The child tuning bike is easy and affordable with Bill Maintenance Bikes

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