How To Make Money Stay Home Mom?

How To Make Money Stay Home Mom? You may have heard the common quote “you need money to make money” sometime in your journey to make a living throughout your life. While that may be true in some circumstances, there are definitely many opportunities out there that allow you to earn some solid income without spending a dime.

Do you dream of working from home or creating your own remote company? Preach the gospel! Work from home has never been more famous and profitable in its history.

Work remotely is to work anywhere in the world without being restricted to a specific workplace or specific colleagues, where you work in a place of your choice, and from the place where you feel happy and productive, let alone that it represents more than 40% of the workforce ranks in America. In addition, 43% of American workers spend time working for a list of developing companies in the field of teleworking.

How To Make Money Stay Home Mom?

We offer this guide to working remotely, to find your dream job from home and create your own business. This resource will be renewed and we will update it regularly, and feel free to bookmark it so that you can access it from time to time; we hope you find everything you are looking for here!

What is remote work?

“Remote work” is the completion of work tasks outside the office, it is sometimes called “remote work”, and many people call it “work from home”.

There are many types of telecommuting: some people are allowed to work outside the headquarters for only one or two days each week; others work remotely whenever they want. In fact, we noticed that there are five axes of remote work that we show as follows:

1- Working from inside the headquarters (reverse the remote work): The team works in one or several offices, and it is a traditional model of work (but it remains essential).

2- Working from the headquarters or the office with the option to work from home: These companies have a physical office or perhaps more than one office, but it gives members of its team the option to work from home for one day per week or more.

3- A team that works remotely but within one time range: In this form, team members are not expected to go to the workplace (if any) because they work from their homes (no physical office required).

4- A remote team working its members from different countries and in different time zones: It is a more advanced step for remote work because there are individuals with different time zones, and the characteristic of this model is that it is asynchronous, which makes the issue of cooperation in it more vital because the team members have working hours Few overlaps with one another, which makes this model need a system to make communication and collaboration more effective.

5- A working group distributed in different countries with some travel many individuals: This form of remote work is the most developed. The team members work from completely different countries, in addition to that, some of them travel and move regularly from one time zone to another.

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The best places and companies that offer jobs from home and allow remote work

Many employees work remotely for several reasons, including flexibility, confidence, increased productivity, a desire for independence, and a love of isolation, and if this arouses your interest, there are a lot of open jobs to work with remote companies waiting for you! Basically, there are two ways to work remotely:

To be an entrepreneur, to work on your own account independently, or as a temporary employee.
Work for a company that provides remote work options.

how to make money while being a stay at home mom

How To Make Money Stay Home Mom?

Do you want to start now and work from home for your own account?

Time to go! Many people start their business remotely in a simple way, working on small side projects, and at the same time creating a base of clients or projects; but their job is usually who is side by side with their full or part time job, even if their side work becomes larger (Makes more profit) then they turn fully to him as their livelihood.

There are many areas in which you can achieve success if you work for yourself – independently – and on top of these areas we found the following:



Social media.



These fields have forums that embrace huge numbers of independent workers, who communicate with one another, learn more, and strengthen each other. Here are some of them (preferred):

For programming, try Stack Overflow

For e-marketing, try Growth Hackers

For social media, try Social Media Mastermind

For consulting, follow LinkedIn

For design, try Driple

And that is not all, there are many platforms that allow you to bid on projects, submit bids, and get independent work. Here are the best of these platforms where you can find this type of job, discover and try it if it interests you:

Your power

99 Designs

What Can I Do To Get Money Fast

If you want to join a company to work remotely … Do you want to go and join a full-time company from home? Well, there are many places that will open its arms for you to work remotely – especially in the field of technology and startups – where it has a wide and varied list of vacancies that suit your skills.

Here are 25 companies that we think are among the best companies in remote work. We hope you find what suits you.

Digital Ocean
Khan Academy
Living Social
Sales Force

In order to easily and conveniently search for the aforementioned company job pages, we offer you other resources and steps that will help you to snap up job jobs remotely.

We work remotely, maintained by Basecamp, is a platform for remote work jobs. The website contains opportunities and tips for working remotely.

There is also a site that includes a table of data for companies that remotely employ individuals.

Angel List to search for jobs and filter them with the “remote” tag or badge, or the Hiring tools like Homerun job site.

ways to make money as a stay at home mom

How To Make Money Stay Home Mom?

However, it is often difficult to separate the scams that are available from the opportunities that are the real deal. With that being said, I am about to present a list to you which you can use to begin and use as a supplement to your efforts in making money online.


Still, one of the top opportunities for teens to make money online are paid online surveys. While it may be difficult to earn a living with these surveys, it is definitely possible to make $10+ an hour with companies such as CashCrate and Squishy Cash. Also, in my previous posts, I have taught you all you need to know in regards to using referrals to make even more money on paid online survey sites. You do not need to spend anything when filling out these surveys so everything you make is pure profit.

At websites like Google Blogger you do not need any money to create a blog, the domain and hosting are completely free. By using Blogger or WordPress, you can make beautiful blogs or websites and use advertising platforms like Google Adsense to display ads on your website to make money off of.

I have found that if you are passionate about something, like sports or video games then you can make a killer blogging. Just write unique, informational posts using good keywords and google will love you.

Spend around 80% of your time getting backlinks and using SEO and 20% of your time writing exceptional posts. If you stick with it you will find yourself making upwards of $500 a month, and usually more if you have a good niche, a fantastic way to make money without money.


Check out my previous post on ClickBank and how you can maximize your profits. Although affiliate marketing can be difficult at times if you have a good niche and an even better system you can practically quit your day job. There are stories of people making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year so making a few hundred a months is definitely plausible.

Reviewing Services and Products

Usually, when you go to buy something online, you find yourself looking up product reviews to ensure that you are spending your money wisely. Don’t be surprised, but you can actually make money reviewing many common products online. These reviews require no degree in writing, just be honest and straightforward when reviewing products or services for consumers. Here are 2 websites to get you started. Signup required, how much you make is dependent upon how much traffic and views you get to your content. The higher your rank is, the more you will be making. No signup required, will earn $2.00 per review/$0.10 per vote each time a reader votes on your review.


Many websites nowadays pay for your articles or blog posts. Yahoo Voices will “pay for performance” based on page views on just about any content you can think about. Passionate about the latest technology? Make an informative/unique post on the latest Macbook and you could be well on your way to earning some solid cash by writing articles. Yahoo Voices will pay you $3-$20 per article so there is definitely some room to make some money as long as your post contains solid formatting and spelling/grammar.

There you have it. If you use the above methods you can easily make a hefty profit online without using any of your hard-earned money. Just stick with it and give it an honest effort and you will find yourself making money after the first day.

Doing a craft.

If you have a talent for a specific craft, you can create an Etsy store and sell your business online. You can make jewelry, cards, etc. Keep in mind what matters is the cost of the materials you work with as well as the time you spend completing your project. Make sure that you are making a profit.

Good luck!

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