How can you make money by writing ebooks online in a day or two? I’m sure this summary of the e-book release will give you a general idea of what it takes to become a successful e-book author. In addition, there are many free and paid electronic writing courses that give you the first advantage without leaving the money.

Publishing an ebook on a topic of interest to a target market can be a source of passive income for you if you know how to search for and write ideas from eBooks. It’s a simple, straightforward system that tracks and earns money online, no matter what you call it.

The good news about eBook publishing is that you can start and finish yourself without going through the limitations of traditional book publishers.

Let’s look at a typical example of how much money you can probably make when writing ebooks on the Internet. Suppose you wrote and compiled an ebook to sell it for $ 27 per download. If your ebook marketing plan is well done, you will be sure to easily sell 2-3 copies per day.

In financial terms, this will result in a passive income of about $ 54 to $ 81 per day from the sale of your eBooks. In a month, you’ll earn between $ 1,620 and $ 2,430 for the sole purpose of writing an e-book. And your net profit from this secret to make money is as high as 90-100% of this gross income!

Let’s go one step further and assume that you are a very ambitious, versatile, and great author. You should be able to fill an e-book on a specific topic every quarter of the year.

This will come to four (4) eBooks in a year, which will be added to their e-books by publishing the business portfolio. Carefully, within a year you can earn between $ 77,760 and $ 116,640 a year by selling e-books over the Internet.

In summary, this is just one of the best ways to make money online, except affiliate marketing, website switching, CPA marketing, domain names, contextual advertising such as Google AdSense.

Writing articles, selling PLR products and so on. Heaven really is your limit if you can make E-Book Creation Business an integral part of your online passive income streams.

The question is, “How will you write ebooks for money?” The answer is in the steps I have described below for you.

1. Choose a niche market with desperate buyers and with whom you have affinities.

2. Search and choose an e-book idea or topic that is of great interest to your audience.

3. Create an e-book plan that includes all conceivable topics that you think are of interest to your readers.

4. Write an e-book on the topic you have chosen using the plan as a guide.

5. Edit and edit your eBook to mark the I and tick the Ts.

6. Compose, compile, and back up the digital product for the sales and download page.

7. Write the sales letter and highlight the benefits of the e-book for your potential buyers. Concentrate on what’s in the e-book for them in the sales letter.

8. Register a domain name (the exact match domain is preferred) and complete a reliable web hosting service to sell your digital product.

9. Now that you have a domain name and a web hosting server, you can create a website and/or blog, create an ebook cover, and optimize the website for SEO on the site.

10. If you can, immediately integrate the autoresponder system to start creating a mailing list while receiving free sample chapters from your eBook.

11. Add a Buy Now button to one of the preferred electronic payment systems or gateways available on the Internet. There are many that I can not say, but it is best that you choose the most popular electronic payment system, which has a moderate transaction fee that will be processed for you.

12. Promote, promote, market and sell your e-book in different ways. E-book marketing tips are a continuing education that you must learn and master with passion.

It will make or break your career or writing efforts in a non-small way. If you want to go far and stay motivated, you will master the art and science of e-book marketing that you could have.

Earn hundreds of dollars every month to sell eBooks at a minimal cost
It’s possible to earn hundreds of dollars every month to sell eBooks at a minimal cost.An eBook is an electronic format of a normal book.EBooks are available in a variety of electronic file formats (eg PDF files) and can be obtained in formats suitable for almost any electronic device


Find out what people want to know and give them this information. You can create a complete dynasty of books when writing for the purpose of providing information.

The internet is the fastest way to find out what people want to know. For example, you can access every question and answer website on the web and find out what people want to know.


The title of this article refers to one of these questions. In my research, 88,400 people want to know this information.

In my podcast, I had the opportunity to interview John Kremer, a well-known author and information provider. I asked him why he decided to write his bestseller 1001 Ways to market his book and create because he found out there was an audience interested in getting information about how books work and market. He wrote a book, responded to the need for marketing information and made a career.

Tip two

It becomes much easier to learn how to make money by writing and selling eBooks on the Internet when one begins to apply keyword strategies. Keywords help you identify what users are looking for and use them to make searching easier. Content ideas for your ebooks can be easily filled in this way. The best way to use keywords is to avoid using highly competitive keywords. I recommend a copy of the SEO Bible Books to learn more about keyword strategies.

Tip three

Marketing your eBook aims to achieve the greatest possible presence. Many people think that it is difficult to learn internet marketing skills, but it is not really when you start to develop knowledge on a daily basis. Take a few minutes each day, learn a marketing concept, and then apply it.

I will help you by suggesting 5 things to learn and apply within 5 days. It will probably take less than 15 minutes per day, but it can greatly increase your ability to sell books.

A: Find out what affiliate marketing is and sign up for an account. One of the most important sources is Click Bank. Two: Visit and select at least three Google tools to market your book.

Three: Find a book on Amazon that is very popular, read this book and leave a comment with information about your e-book. Four:

Sign up for at least two article directories, see how users use the information, and then start doing the same. You can post information about your book in the bottom line of the article label.

People use articles because they are widely used, which means more people are learning about you and your e-book. Five articles about pay per click and see if it would be an effective way to promote your book.

Tip four

Consider unusual places to sell your book. The following places are not the first to come to mind, but people are actively using them to sell eBooks: Selling Community US Free

The last way to learn how to make money by writing and selling eBooks on the Internet is to join the forums. One of the most useful forums to participate in is the Kindle Forum.

I interviewed Vicki Lieski, freelance author of my podcasts, and said that one of the main influences to sell more than 113,000 ebooks was in the Kindle community, meeting people in the forum and taking advantage of the opportunities they offered. The most important opportunity was to participate in interview requests. There are forums and social networking communities on the internet, get involved.

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