How to Make Passive Income Online Simple Steps

Make Passive Income Online Simple Steps Have you always wanted to start your own online business that will bring you money while you sleep? Imagine being able to do what you want most and generating a full-time income month after month.

learn how to make passive income online by using a simple system

You’ll learn how to make passive income online by using a simple system that has been tested time and time again to work. You can use it if your goal is to have extra money to come or leave your daily work completely.

Before going online in the form of a passive income, you must understand that there is no magic pill. There are only tested models that work, but you have to act.

I recommend that you set aside a few hours every day as your “working hours” commitment to fully commit to building your passive income business online.

To learn how to make a passive income, we first have to look at a few things:

2 types of income:

The type of income that most people are used to is called recurring income, it simply means that you are exchanging time for money. It does not matter if you have a high income or a low income, if you do something and you get paid for it, you have to do more to get the payment where you need to get the investment time or the flow of money. the money will stop … it’s a recurring income. It is not possible to make a passive income.

The type of income you seek is called residual income or passive income, which means; You will always receive payments for something that you have created in the past.

Something you think will still bring you money, you can call it a lever. Now, in front of the Internet, leverage was something that was not easy for an average person to get. Leverage was something that authors and musicians e.a, copyrighted material. But thanks to the internet everyone can create leverage and create residual income for them.

Money and you:

Your relationship with money is very important, you need to be aware of every dollar spent. This does not mean that you need to be cheap or lazy, it just means that every time you buy something useless, you think you might have invested the same money in your future residual income.

So, to find out how to get passive income online, you need to know how to use the money to help you achieve that goal. In short, spend less! Invest more! What brings us to the next point …


Investing in your money is always something smart to do, this way you can grow your money without doing anything! Yes, of course, you have to make sure that you do not lose your money, but investigate something before investing.

It is easy to invest only small amounts in many different investment programs, so you will only get a small loss from time to time and you will enjoy the rest of the time! The investment in low-cost index funds has also shown excellent results for years. So how to make passive income for you? Invest! in you and in your future

Affiliate Marketing

It’s a great way to make passive income online! Affiliate marketing is certainly the most reliable and sustainable way to make passive income online. It is important to always choose a product that offers more value than it costs, so you want it to be a good deal.

If it’s something that can be bought anywhere and maybe because of a big price difference, people will not buy it. Well, do not worry, there are many great products and services that work perfectly.

The key point in any type of internet marketing is to reach your potential customers, this means a good paid advertising strategy that is difficult but possible, especially with a strong product. Otherwise, these are SEO techniques and other marketing strategies. If you do not know enough about these things but are eager to learn, I suggest you look at my signature.

How to make passive income online.

First step: Decide on your niche

First, you have to locate your place. A niche is an audience that is marketed. There are thousands of profitable niches out there. The best niches are those in which people have burning problems, such as debt, weight loss, making money, illnesses, etc.

I like to use the following websites to generate niche ideas:

  • Amazon bestseller
  • Clickbank market
  • items

Second step: Search for your keywords

Once you know which niche you want to market, the next step is to find your keywords. Your keywords are the bridge between you and your potential customer. This is what your prospect will find to find you. An excellent keyword research tool is the Google Keyword Tool. You want to search for keywords that include:

  • High monthly search volume
  • High CPC (cost per click)
  • Low competition

Third step: Register your domain and get accommodation

Now that you’ve found the main keyword and some related keywords, it’s time to set up your website. You need a domain and a place to host your domain. One thing I like about creating a passive income online business is that it can start very cheap. Accommodation costs about $ 10 a month and a domain name costs about $ 10 a year.

Step four: Install your blog

The next step in this guide on how to make passive income online in 2012 is to install WordPress, a free and popular blogging platform. WordPress allows you to manage your content and website without any HTML knowledge or programming.

Step five: Add your content

Once your WordPress blog is up and running, you should regularly post unique content to your blog. Its content must bring real value to the reader and solve his needs. Ideally, this should be content as you write, but there are also article writing services that you can outsource.

Step Six: Monetize your website

Now here is the fun part. In its content, you can link to affiliate products so that when someone buys something through your link, they receive a commission. Another way to monetize your site is to use Google AdSense, which shows ads on your site and pays a few cents to tens of euros every time you click on an ad.

Step seven: Win free traffic

To passive income

The last thing we should do is bring traffic to our blog. This article describes how to get passive income, so we need a source of free long-term traffic.

The best way to do this is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. To do this, you need to create links to your website from other websites and use your keyword as anchor text. The more links you have to quality websites, the higher the search engines become.

Once you are ranked high in the search engines, you will enjoy a steady flow of visitors to your site every day. These visitors click on your ads and affiliate links during the day, on the autopilot, which will enable you to earn residual income and have more free time!

Congratulations! Now he knows how to get passive income on the internet. The next step is to take action and enjoy more money and freedom in your life.

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