How To Publish A Book Without Investment Without A Publisher

If you want to provide useful tips to others or if you have what you say to others, publishing an e-book with these ideas, and selling them online without any investment or A Publisher, is a low-cost effective way of self-publishing. Read the steps below to learn how to publish your book successfully.

  • Send some copies to your friends. After writing the book, share it with your friends, relatives, and
  • neighbors. Ask them the following questions:
  • What do you think of the book?
  • What is your favorite part?
  • What are the negatives that you did not like?
  • How can I improve it?

Think about your target audience. Try to know the target audience of your book based on the title and description.

  • Is your audience based on young or old?
  • Do most of them have their own homes or rent houses?
  • How much is the average annual income of that segment?
  • What are their preferences for saving and spending?

You do not need an expert to answer those questions. Evaluate the answers yourself to help you with the book marketing process later. We will market the book online.

infographic  unique and effective low cost book marketing ideas

Publishing the book

  • Create a Facebook page for your book or your name. Include the page link inside the book, the Facebook page, and your Twitter account. You want to create another free or paid book that you present to them and thus create a mass base of people who want your creativity and care about it.
  • Publish the book on the forums by searching on Google for forums interested in the same field of your book and create a membership on these forums and create a topic and add the book.
  • Connect the bloggers in the same field as your book and make sure that they will be interested in displaying and reading your book and also publishing it to their followers.
  • Post parts of the book on the forums and Facebook with the reference that they are quoted from your e-book.
  • Create a website or blog of your own and reference it in the book and link the blog to the book and thus ensure that those who like your book will follow up your site and follow up what you publish, and thus become an author and publisher electron
  • Promote your book. Once we share the book with any of the online publishing platforms, you should advertise it for others to know. There are several services you can use to increase your readership. In this case, look at it as a good investment for your money if you think the book will be a remarkable success. In any case, you would prefer to market the book yourself.
  • Use social networks for marketing. Write about your book on social networks with links to the means by which readers can buy a book and see its contents. Publish these scripts to all social networks like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
  • It depends on your self. Readers like to have a way to communicate with the book. Publish an online session to discuss the book, answer readers’ questions, send free copies to bloggers, ask them to write reviews or ask them to interview you to discuss the book.
  • Use self-publishing software. If you would like to publish your book on the Internet more widely without being restricted to one site only, you can use some programs designed for this purpose. These programs differ in cost and advantages, but all of these programs are in line with the goal of enabling you to publish your book without being bound by a specific publishing platform or sales method. Anti-piracy means for these programs are less effective than those used by other e-publishing platforms.
  • Caliber is a fast, powerful and easy to use new software. This program converts HTML files only to EPUB format easily and freely, yet you can make donations to developers of this program. Most writing programs save HTML files easily.
  • Adobe Acrobat Pro is the most popular software for making PDF files that you can read on any computer. The program also allows you to protect your file with a password. But once that word is disclosed, the owner can open the book at any time. But you must purchase this software to be able to use it.
  • is the free alternative to the Microsoft package. With the Write Wizard program for this package, you can write and save files in PDF format as in Adobe Acrobat. This service is less sophisticated for adding a cover, for example, but you can save your files in PDF format and also protect them.
How To Publish A Book Without Investment Without A Publisher

There are several other options to help you self-publish, some for free and one for money. If you do not find what suits you in the previous options, check the Internet for options and choose what suits you.


Payhip will allow you to sell your books on a separate page. The site will host your book and make payment to Paypal. It takes a very small commission and is only 5% deducted from the total profit before each withdrawal. About your Paypal transfer taxes imposed by Paypal.


Lulu has a wide network of e-book publishers, and publishing your book will enable you to reach a wider audience. The site gives you several options, including allowing your book to be published in partner sites like iBookstore, Barnes and Noble NOOK. You want to sell your book with ease.
The site also provides newbies in the field with a free guide to creating e-books.

If you know what e-books are, you have probably heard of the Kindle bookshop. Think of eReader, both the store and the Amazon reader, which means that publishing your book here will reach millions of readers. If you say that Kindle is the most convenient place to publish your book on it, there are many advantages you will be given when publishing your book exclusively on Kindle, but you will first need to read the Kindle Publishing Guide.


Publishing on Smashwords means your book will reach Apple iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Sony Books Store, Kobo, The Diesel eBook Store, Baker & Taylor’s Blio, Axis360 and many more. Once you register on this site you will get a free ISBN, Write to 9 different versions, if you choose Smashwords, you should read their personal publication guide here (page in English).

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [60% -85%]

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With Kobo, you will reach millions of readers from more than 170 countries around the world. The site is designed primarily for freelance authors. You only have to give them your book in a word file format and they will convert it into a full electronic book in the various formats available.

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [70% -80%]


PubIt! A store powered by Barnes & Noble lets you view your eBook for sale with ease. When you publish here, the site will give you the option of converting the book to a format that suits their NOOK readers, which is good because you will be able to reach a larger segment of buyers, but you will have to give up About the percentage of your profits for the site.

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [40% -65%]


Booktango is a free book cover design site that is then published and marketed to you by their bookshop partners including Barnes & Noble, Apple iBookstore, Kobo, Sony, Amazon, Google, and Scribd.

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [100%]


The basic publishing package on the BookBaby site costs $ 99, the average $ 149, and the franchised package costs $ 249. The more you pay, the more support you get, the more you can coordinate your book and design it for a more professional output, regardless of the cost. When you register, the site allows you to publish your book in its partner stores including Apple iBookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony Reader Store, Kobo, and more.

Registration [99 $ -249 $] – Your share of profits [100%]


MyBook is a service for creating and publishing e-books on the Internet. If you have several books you want to publish, you can get your own store with your name through this site.

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [90%]


Blurb has a tool that allows you to create a direct e-book on the Internet. You can edit and design your eBook with a simulated iPad display area. After you have finished designing your book, you can publish it in Blurb and Apple’s iBookstore.

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [80%]


E-Junkie offers an alternative offer to sell books more simply in PDF format. The site has a great security system that preserves your rights as an author, where PDF files are stamped with the name, email, and trade ID number on the top right of each page of your book. This will limit the spread of your book to users.

Registration on-site [$ 5 / month] – Your percentage of profits [100%]


Scribd will help you manage and promote your business by following the sales movement. However, if you want to sell your book on Scribd, you will need to register a reseller account. Unfortunately, the service is only available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [80%]

13.eBookMall (service currently closed)

If your book is ready for publication, you can place it in the eBookMall menu. It is nice that the site accepts e-books in PDF and ePub, but keep in mind that publishing your book on this site and the link we will provide you will not give your books DRM.

Registration [Free] – Your share of profits [50%]


eBookIt! The site will publish your book in the e-book stores of its partners, which include Amazon, Apple, Barnes & Noble, Google, Sony, Ingram, and Kobo, however. The services of the site are not free and you will need to pay a registration fee. The publishing service also requires additional fees that require you to drop a percentage of the sales revenue for the site.

Registration on-site [starting at $ 149] – Your share of profits [50% -80%]


Whatever you write, poetry, books, short stories, a small brochure does not exceed the page, the Tradebit site allows you to sell all of these things on eBay or the home page of the site, see the explanation of uploading your book on this site [here].

Registration [$ 4.95] – Your share of profits [70% -85%]


ClickBank allows you to market your digital products to e-books within the store. Once you register and pay $ 49.95, you will be able to display your e-book on more than 100,000 people who will market it for you in exchange for a commission.

Registration [$ 49.95] – Your share of profits [50% -90%]

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