How to stop complaining and become proactive for success

Being proactive is the ability to take action and prepare for an event or circumstance usually before it happens

The inability to not take action towards your path to progress will lead you nowhere. Without being proactive you are potentially selling yourself short and put up a lot of opportunities that may have come your way. Every day there are countless opportunities for the ambitious person to take. It is simply a matter of not worrying about what will or might happen and the paranoia that we have ringing in our minds but instead choosing to just go for it and see what that path takes us.

For example, If you are studying for an exam while you are in school then you are being proactive in that sense because you are preparing yourself to familiarize yourself with potential questions that may be asked and understand what you may be faced with hence giving you an idea of what to expect. Instead, if you turn up on the day and expect to do well based on how you feel and did not study, you will not go very far as you had no idea on what questions would have been asked, and hoping for the best isn’t just going to cut it every time.

How to stop complaining

The best way to get rid of it is through training. Every time you get frustrated about something or are about to complain think to yourself “Does this really matter in the long run?”, “Are my complaints reasonable?”, “Will my complaining lead anywhere positive?”. When you get frustrated about what other people say or do, try to put yourself in their position. Could you have done the same thing? Does it make more sense from their perspective? Does it actually negatively impact you or others? Etc.

How to stop complaining

Being proactive will create opportunities

Let’s use the same scenario and play that into finding a job. If you are looking for employment or potential partners, projects, and people or groups to work with, then first you are going to have to approach others with your expression of interests in particular roles that may be available. In doing so, you are creating that opportunity for yourself by letting everyone out there know you want to play a part in what you are seeking and willing to work for it. Even if that opportunity you are seeking doesn’t come to you exactly how you plan it to, you may be offered a similar if not better proposition depending on the situation. But if you choose to not let anyone know about what you are after then nobody is going to know anything about you or what it is you even want. Basically, you are shutting yourself off from the world. Someone else is going to take that opportunity or that job position and it could have been anyone including you but being inactive is where it could lead you; to stagnate in progressing.

Positive thinking will fuel your proactive power

Positive thinking is a great addition to putting in effort and time for your passion but wishful thinking simply will not do it. To expect others to approach you every time or to think that there is always going to be someone that will come to offer you a place in their business or workforce is counterproductive because most of the time, people who are ambitious themselves are looking for people who are putting themselves out there. The act of being proactive and being on your toes shows others how keen you are to start on new projects and work with others hence sparking their interest to work with you as they can see how you are putting yourself out there. No one wants to work with lazy people. No one wants to be around those that wait for opportunities to come to them. If you want something you have to go get it and 9 times out of 10 whether you get it or not the first time you will eventually get it and that is more than the person who did nothing ever will accomplish.

How to stop complaining

Change comes from within, you have to choose to evolve

Change is within. Being aware that you have to be proactive in your pursuit of success generally creates a positive momentum of wanting to be more proactive in the future. Being proactive makes you realize that it’s not as bad or as hard as you think by putting yourself out there and preparing for the journey ahead. By doing so, the realization starts to come together in how amazing it is to get things done and get ahead of everyone just by turning up. It is a process that I feel we should all go through as it enhances you not only through your actions and to keep being proactive but it works on your character as you are more resilient and understanding that by getting anywhere significant you are simply just going to have to get out there.

Experience makes us grow as human beings

The more experiences we go through the more we learn and the more we grow as a person. Being proactive is one of them and eventually, this process hopefully becomes second nature as we start to realize what amazing things it is doing for us the next time these types of opportunities come up we just act on instinct, and as some may say “take the bull by the horns.’ This is your life so you have to take the front seat and ride it. Make sure you are in control and see clearly ahead and not expecting others to move out the way for you or to come and approach you.

How to stop complaining

Complaining brings being proactive down. You cannot complain and be proactive at the same time. Ask yourself why is there a need to complain if you want to get something done. Maybe something unexpected has happened and has made you steer off the path for a while or that you felt it is blocking your way to move forward. Think about that circumstance I just described for a second. Whatever happens in life is just going to happen because that is just the way life is and we cannot control everything else that is going on except ourselves.

Complaining takes away all of our energy to make a difference

We cannot control how someone else will react to a situation or how fast a car will drive, whether your friend will be late to a meeting or not or if the next train will come early but we can choose to not let those external circumstances affect us and know that how we react to the world is of our own choosing. How we react is the only thing we have control over and when you realize that you have that power, you relinquish everything else having a hold on you. If you spent as much time complaining about how bad something is, think about the time you wasted complaining and what better product ideas or activities could have been thought of or done. Complaining simply leaves you running in circles and you will not get anywhere far with it. The next time you want to complain, take a minute and see where you can use that energy in a productive sense.


Be careful of your thoughts because your thoughts become your words. Because what you say because your words become your actions. This is why we must refrain from complaining too much and putting all our energy towards negative emotions, events, and people. What could start off as a simple thought could fuel up into a few more statements eventually a discussion? Those thoughts may creep up on your during the day making you say something out of the spur of the moment. Eventually, it might be wallowing up inside you so much that it starts to bring itself up in the form of action and you do something that you will later regret because it happened out of emotion and that you felt it by complaining in the first place.

Complaining will negatively affect your health and emotional well being

Constant complaining isn’t healthy and you are generating a big amount of negative energy around you. This becomes your aura, your environment and eventually, everything that happens around you becomes a byproduct of your negative energy. You start to unconsciously manifest situations and people start coming into your life that is not as favorable. In order to avoid this, we must always remember to be conscious of what we are thinking and not to sit in an emotional rut for too long where we tend to dwell in our thoughts and forget that by being proactive we are already ahead of the gam

By being positive in your thoughts you will begin to start being positive all over from how you treat people to the things you say. Most of the time the outcomes of unfavorable situations will be better than you thought they would be because you kept a positive attitude towards everything.

Do what serves right by you.

Serve your happiness!

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  1. Reading and understanding this article is already a proactive that we are starting. Meaning can be the first step on learning on what is proactive.
    This essay is a vital lesson of being proactive. How to be and what to refrien for being. Clearly understood.
    Proactive is an essential tool to update our daily plan. Like today night thinking about what to do tomorrow, what to start in the morning and what to finish in the evening. Proactive is a continuous procress.
    Thank for the document.

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