Teenage part-time jobs are easy to earn if you follow those tips that very few teens know about. If you try these suggestions, they will help you get rid of all the other young people who are applying for the same job and you will be hired for this part-time job.

With fewer companies today and more teenagers than ever before, you need to do your best to stand out as the best person for the job: the most ambitious, the most skilled and the most reliable.

Everyone else does that: Most young people only complete one application and expect a reminder. This is not the way to find a job today.

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First step – preparation

Make a list of all companies you want to work with: use the Internet, the phone book, or your own knowledge of companies in your area.

Create a CV. Ask an adult to help you or search for patterns on the Internet. Even if you’ve never worked before, you can put it into what you did at school.

You should now prepare a cover letter. This cover letter does not have to be complicated. Address it to the Personnel Manager. Let’s say you are very interested in working for your company.

Explain in the letter that you have qualities that make you a valued employee. Tell them that you are ambitious, learn quickly that you are reliable (deadlines on time) and that you are polite. (These are qualities that are always in demand for adolescent workers, mention them only if they really describe you).

In each job you request, you will need to send your resume and cover letter with the company’s application. All others simply send the same request to the company: they want to attract attention.

Put on clean clothes, comb your hair, brush your teeth, keep jewelry to a minimum and without perfume or cologne. Now you are ready to visit the places you came to.

Second step: Visit the companies

Visit any company you are interested in and ask to speak with the HR manager. DO NOT go to the first employee you see and ask if you can hire a job or if you can complete an application. Everyone will do that.

These employees do not make any hiring decisions. You Want to Talk to the Director If they are not available, you will get their name and ask when they will be available.

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If you see a manager, hand him over and offer a firm handshake. Do not ask if you can apply or if you can apply. Everyone will do that. These questions make it too easy for them to say no and that’s it. Say, “Hello, my name is ____ and I want to complete an application.”

When they say that I thought it might be, they do not stop, prepare, and say it. “No problem, I know they have vacancies from time to time, and when the time is right, I’ll have the opportunity to conduct an interview because I feel like a great employee and really want to work here. I am reliable and we learn fast. “

Ask, “Can I complete an application today and finish my qualifications?” It is more than likely that they say yes. After completing the application, ask for a copybook to attach your resume and letter of application.

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Before you leave, ask, “When can I check with you if I have a vacancy for the interview?”

When managers have vacancies, they go to the stack of applications on their desktop. All applications look exactly like yours. You will be different from the rest because you have attached a cover letter and curriculum. You will be best able to get a call for an interview.


Step three – follow-up

Enter the name of each company and manager in a list. Make a note of what happened and when you should continue. Most other teenagers will not follow, be sure to follow, separate from everyone else.

Part-time jobs for teens are easy if these suggestions are followed. Repeat this process for every company on your list.

Teenagers have a lot to learn from adults. Teenager, you have your years to come. Usually, this is the moment when you are at the top of the party.

A teenager’s life is full of fun and adventure, trying new things like work.

Part-time jobs for teens are common. Teenagers have many needs and parents cannot give everything. For a shopping trip, a trip, an appointment, or for some reason, teenagers need money.

And just because you’re young does not mean that you can get whatever you want by asking, but your parents’ time. Even when you are young, you are also old enough to accept a job and make money.

In addition to childcare, running and selling lemonade, there are many part-time jobs for young people who become their source of income.

You can work in a grocery store as a cashier, packager or storekeeper in a restaurant as a waiter, carpenter or kitchen helper in a retail store as a retailer.

For office jobs, you can be considered an administrative assistant, computer programmer, data entry person, office assistant, word processor or even library assistant. You can also be a hotel receptionist, a tour guide, a babysitting or childcare assistant, a camp counselor or a leisure park attendant. You have many options.

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But you need to know which area you’re most interested in, or areas where you can make the most of your abilities.

Working in a part-time job not only serves as a source of income but can also help you learn how to kill at work, which is useful when the time comes to get a job done right.

You will gain experience, you will learn independence. Most jobs require you to connect with other people and improve your social and interpersonal skills.

A part-time job is also a way to effectively and efficiently manage your time, work in a team, and improve your communication skills to help you in your adult, social, and future lives.

However, as a student, juggling your studies and work can be a challenge. This can be overwhelming at first, but with perseverance and a positive attitude, you will adapt to the new responsibilities.

A little independence helps you to appreciate what your family offers you. It is a way of gaining a different perspective on life and maturing to a degree. But being a teenager and working on it does not mean that you can not have fun anymore.

While this includes a responsibility, part-time jobs for teens can be fun. It’s a great way to meet people and build your network that could be useful in the future. Remember that it is time to play and be serious.

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