How To Make Money And Save Money While You Traveling?Get Paid To Travel

Many people travel around the world in tourist trips to learn about the cultures of other peoples and get the pleasure and to gain life experiences and to develop their ability to communicate with others and make money from travel, it is worth mentioning that a large number of people believe that people who travel frequently are working in prestigious jobs or Many people who travel a lot are not wealthy, do not have a lot of money and maybe ordinary employees, but they consider travel a priority for them and some prefer to marry for example or to save.

How To Make Money And Save Money While You Traveling?Get Paid To Travel

Because travel costs a lot of money, a large number of travel lovers have to wait a lot between each trip and another to be able to collect money they can use to travel, who traveled to UK for example and wants to travel to Canada, it has to postpone a trip for several months And maybe a full year so that he can raise the money that he can travel to Canada, but let me say if you think commercially and economically, you can make money during a trip so that you can travel to any place faster, if you are a travel lover and want to make money while traveling I will present a set of ideas and suggestions It will help you make money while you travel. but first, you must cut your expenses.

How to Cut Your Expenses and Have Money for Travel?

  • You should look for a way to save your money before and during your travels. For example, you can book your own flight through specialized sites such as Skyscraper, TrafalStart, and others instead of bouncing through a travel agency at a higher price.
  • Book a room or a bed in the hostel instead of staying in a large hotel so you will save a lot and you can also book online from a site like Buchenge or Hotel. Com.
  • For a travel visa, you can extract it online if it is an electronic visa or you can rely on a tourism company but do not pay money for the first company, but ask in more than one company and choose the company that gives you the best price.

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  • Also after you travel you must rely on public transport and if you want to get the entertainment you can learn about the best free means.
  • Of course, I do not mean to look down on your trip, but to invite you to the economy so that you can save the money you can spend later in order to be able to travel to another country in a quick time.

How To Turn My Travel Into Money?

1- Buying for your friends:
If the price of goods in the country you intend to visit is much lower than the prices of the same goods in your country, in this case, you can talk to your friends and acquaintances and even your friends through social media and offer them the idea of buying the goods they want to get in exchange for the commission of them.

If you are comfortable with your idea, you can confirm the agreement with him and get the money from him.

make money travel

If there is a trust among you, you can buy the goods from your landlord and give him back when you return, and you must buy goods that can be considered for personal use so that you do not pay any customs.

Goods of different sizes Even beer does not affect the weight you are allowed and carrying it has to pay the money to buy an extra weight on the plane.

2 – Buy popular goods:
If the option of agreeing with people to buy goods is not available for lack of time or because there are no friends willing to buy or for any other reason you can go down to popular markets and buy some of the goods that you think can be sold easily in your country and can make a profit on the way to sell when you return, And you can, of course, rely on the Internet in sales, where it is the fastest and most affordable way at the moment.

3 – take advantage of offers:
I found a big discount on the iPhone for a limited time and when I did a simple calculation I found that if I bought this phone and sell it in my country when I go back I will make several thousand, but unfortunately, I did not buy the device for lack of money.

make money travel

If you are traveling and have money Browse the magazines of presentations from major malls and hypermarkets and visit the big shops and shopping malls you may find attractive offers do not refuse and you can make a business deal in the money through which to use later to travel to another country to live another adventure.

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4 – work during your travels:
If you do not have a lot of money and you do not have the ability to buy goods to make small business deals that you can earn money to use later to travel to another country, you can work for several hours if the law of the country allows it. The work is not harmful and will not diminish your interest.

You know more about people and their returns and you will also make money, but if you feel that work will spoil the program you planned and will spoil your pleasure you will not work.

travel the world and get paid by Google.

Google uses users to add information, photos, and ratings, as well as answers to other questions, through its famous maps program, to be fully utilized.

The subscription is free in the local guide program. You only need to have a Google account, then you will automatically join the points program that leads you to gifts from the search giant.

make money travel

What you need on Google Maps.

Once you join the program, Google will ask you for information and data, depending on where you have already visited both inside and outside your country. The information sections are:

  • Reviews of places within two lines of one place.
  • Rating places.
  • Add photos.
  •  Add videos.
  • Answer some questions about places you’ve visited
  • Add new places on the map
  • Modify previous places on the map

You will be given different points for each action you do from the list above.

As you increase your score in Google Maps, you will be eligible to move from level to level, and then according to your number of points, you can win the following with Google:

make money travel
  • Discounts on movies, games, and applications on the Google Play Store.
  • Invitation to try new Google products before others.
  • Get (Badge) associated with your image on all Google services, depending on the number of your points.
  • Invitation to attend some Google conferences around the world.
  • Join now and share your experiences, photos, and experiences to enrich Google Maps.
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