How To Make Money As A Teen Blogging?

It is nice to Make Money As A Teen write on some sites to help you gain reputation and fame. The best you can do in this regard is one of two things; writing on a particular site or more than a website, or to have a personal blog where you publish your articles. The fashion of the personal blog has become widespread these days in cyberspace.

Make Money As A Teen

Many of us can become bloggers, and want to have their own blog, but there are many obstacles in their faces, such as hosting and others. You will learn in this article 11 quick steps to help you launch your first blog and make it distinctive.

11Quick Step to Help you to launch your blog with a limited budget.

1. Choose a field
“What field do I work in?” This is the first question you should ask yourself because setting a field is the most important thing for your blog. Try to choose to write in areas you know and have a lot of information about, and a great experience so that you can make ideas flow constantly.

You can not make everything for all people and you should not try to do it, you will fail. The only thing that will cause your success is your ability to identify a part of the market that suffers from shortage and then occurs and market it. It is not difficult to answer this question as much as it seems.

2. Blog Name
The name, the identity, and everything are all about it. Your name is the address of your blog, and when it says: “The address is clear from its title,” make sure that the name of the blog will reflect an image – positive or negative – of the content of your blog.

How To Make Money As A Teen

Be sure to be a modern name, Lebqah, smooth reading and use, and easy to save; so keep it readers and do not lose their mind and therefore , make sure that the name and domain related to the blog, so do not choose any word you have and place it as a name if you are unsure of its relationship to the content field.

Example: The site you are now reading “Makmoneyyonline” already knows that it increases your knowledge About how to make money online?

3. outside look
After developing the theoretical and processing of the code, you should start doing the executive things from the outside and the other. If you do not have a lot of money and can not afford to pay a large monthly fee, I advise you to use Google’s Blogger platform, which is unique in Blogger.

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It is user-friendly – even for beginners – and you can add a lot of templates to it for free and easy to change. In its code, you can also buy a domain (domain) for no more than one dollar and install it on the blog and become ready, and do not need to host; bloggers hosted by large Google servers.

How To Make Money As A Teen

This has benefited me a lot, and most of my blogs are there, but each platform has features. WordPress has more features than bloggers but it has to pay, and you have to put hosting from private companies that will cost you a respectable monthly amount. In short, if you have a good budget use WordPress, otherwise use Blogger. For the logo, you should use an experienced designer to create a vibrant and colorful logo while achieving the desired purpose.

4. Start writing!
Now, after you’ve started your blog, start blogging, and as I mentioned you write in things that interest you.

How To Make Money As A Teen

The important thing in writing on blogs is the obligation. If the period between each article and article is not long (1-3 days), there is no need to commit yourself to this important thing, but if the period between each article is long (one week or more) ) Count your audience that you will commit to writing within this time frame will not exceed it, the commitment is important in this regard.

5. Add photos
Images are beautiful, and as the blog needs written content, it needs visual content. Be sure to put prominent images suitable for your blog articles, and the reader is full of paragraphs behind paragraphs and paragraphs and so on. Attaching the images in the article from time to time restores the reader’s eyes and motivates him to read more of your article.

6. Marketing and Publishing
After you publish a number of articles on your blog, you need visitors and readers to enter your site. Post your blog everywhere, on sites, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and others, on the blogging platforms where you’ve posted, on the sites you’ve registered, so you’re marketing your blog manually. If you have some money, you can do a few paid ad campaigns on Facebook and others, so that you have the most followers of the blog.

Seo is a shortcut to “Search engine optimization” which means search engine optimization. This is the science of optimizing the appearance of a website or blog in the results of various free search engines.

How To Make Money As A Teen

You may wonder, what does this thing benefit me? This is very important; when your blog appears as the first result in the search engines, visitors will increase its visitors and thus benefit you greatly. There are a lot of criteria you should adhere to make your blog compliant with these standards. You can read about them online or hire a specialist to help you.

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8. Physical advantage
Once your blog has been successful in publishing a lot of articles and attracting a good follow-up base, you can benefit from your blog material as it sees fit for you and your blog. If your blog publishes articles about products and e-shops, you can publish paid promotional articles to a customer. If you are good at writing in multiple areas, you can shop for yourself through articles and a blog.

Imagine a title that does not lead to the written meaning, or is not tempting to read. Logically, the chances of reading the text will be less than that. If the title is attractive and will send you a letter of reading, it will increase your chances of reading it.

How To Make Money As A Teen

David Ogliffe: shows that the average number of people who read the title of an ad is more than five times that of the rest of the ad, that is, you spend 80% of the price of this ad on the headline. Is not the title an important part of marketing?

And we can say that the title is the smell of content if the smell of appetite will tempt the reader, although the opposite will not pay attention to it of course. The title may be a pit or a trap that is designed for the reader to fall in or eat. Have you ever imagined an untitled story or article? How many readers will you see?


The purpose of the title may be to name the text, description, seduction, and attraction, or summarize the content.

11. Build your company’s reputation
Whether you’re an individual providing services or a company selling specific products, launching a special blog with high-quality writing and content posts puts you at the top of your potential client’s choice. Consumers generally tend to acquire products or services from well known reputable companies. This reputation can be built by enriching your blog with content at a level that reflects the quality of your product or service.

11. Providing marketing funds
Companies often resort to several media outlets to advertise their services and products such as advertising on the radio, newspapers, television … However, having an updated blog with high-quality content is one of the best options that provide the company with an important part of the money spent on marketing.

How To Make Money As A Teen

These are some of the reasons why you might want to launch your own blog. If you are convinced that you need to own a blog, you can start your own blog for free on or or you can purchase paid to host and a special domain to launch your paid blog.

If you are an opponent of promotional writing, you can add a banner or two banners on the main page of the blog to earn a monthly income.

It is absolutely essential that you have a plan, vision and something you aspire to. But do not make preparatory work consume you completely. This is a lesson of life as much as a lesson about blogging, but it certainly applies here.

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