How To Make Money As A Teen?13 Ways To Make Money in School

Did you wish to earn some money in school? Are you a child or teenager who does not get a daily allowance and need some money? You can become a small businessman in your school by following these guaranteed tips that can be applied in any school.

How To Make Money As A Teen

Steps To Make Money As A Teenager.

1-Sell products that your classmates may want or need from your schools, such as sweets, snacks, or pens

2-Make a plan to divide your profit, go to one of your teachers or the school principal to get permission to sell your products. Show the school principal to allocate ten percent of your profit to the school; so you can earn some money without getting into trouble.

3-Buy some products that students love. Things kids like at school include sweets, juices and lots of other things. Ask the school principal in advance if it is permissible to sell a particular product.

How To Make Money As A Teen

4-Never store goods. Put the goods in your backpack, pockets. Suppose everyone in your school wants the candy but can not find it in the school cafeteria, so all you need is to go to the candy store and buy a bag of candy.

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5-photography if You have a unique skill, you can use it, and try to make money, such as photography, collecting stamps, so that it is a good source of income.

6-Select prices higher than the prices where you purchased products from their original location if you can.
You may not be able to raise the price of products whose price is like candy, but you bring the products to your colleagues without having to go to the shops to buy them so you can add a small profit margin above their original price.

Beware that if you raise the price a lot will not buy one of you and everyone will go to buy from the shops. Suppose you buy the pen for $ 1 and a half, you can add a price of about 75 cents for you.

How To Make Money As A Teen

You can also buy sweets and drinks from the vending machine if you have a vending machine in your school and sell them to your colleagues and take the bag or the box empty and throw it in the trash for half a pound plus, so students pay you to throw the trash instead.

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7-Sell products quickly. You should sell your products and then use the money you earned to repeat the previous step. If you have extra money, you can take greater risks by going to the wholesale store to buy a full box of candy. You may find 25 to 30 bags of candy in a box.

8-Protect your money. As you will become famous in your school now as a small businessman, you may be targeted by thieves, bull, s and other school students. You can make one of the most powerful and reliable students in your school to become your “personal guard” as it protects your owner while you sell your products.

9-Be creative. As you become familiar with selling products now, you have to develop and become creative in what you sell, by making, for example, the strangest products your colleagues can buy. The marshmallow may be dipped in chocolate and sold or stuffed with small toys on top of the pencils to sell to young students. Think of something innovative. Innovative ideas are what the market needs these days.

How To Make Money As A Teen
10-Store rare products. Everyone will want to buy from you and no one but you if you have some products that no one else has. If you are selling hero posters or sports clubs, for example, sell good brands and do not sell counterfeit products. If you are selling sweets or sweets, drink sugars with exotic foods or buy sweets from a specialty candy store.

11-Try not to buy the products you sell, but make them with your hand; make some jewelry for girls, and you can 15-bake some sweets every evening to sell to your classmates the next day.

12-Record your financial accounts in a book. Be sure to buy a book to record the money you spend in buying products and money that you get a profit.

13-Deal with the logic of entrepreneurs. Do not accept a little and remember that your goal is to reap the money. If someone feels that your merchandise is worth more money and offers you to buy it more then accept it, but be careful not to cheat someone and use it to get a lot of money.

How To Make Money As A Teen

Useful ideas to make money in school as a teenager.

  • Keep the money you earn in a safe place.
  • Save part of the money.
  • Be humble and do not become greedy.
  • Do not try to sell to teachers and school administration staff.
  • Do not pay most of your profit to buy products you sell unless you have to.
  • Place your ads in places where students gather, like tanks.
  • Buy some crunchy bags from the school cafeteria and then sell them to your colleagues who do not take home sandwiches from class.
  • Ask your parents first.
  • You need to set up ads on your computer so you can print multiple copies at the same time to attach them to multiple places in the school.
  • Conduct a survey and distribute it to your classmates and collect them at the end of the break.
  • You can tell your colleagues to take notes for some money.
  • Ask permission from the school principal or teachers to sell the products at school.



  • Pay attention to yourself and do not give your friends your products for free because you will lose money instead of winning.
  • If you sell food, ask your customers if they are allergic to the ingredients of the foods they sell.
  • You may be in trouble because of selling products at school. Be sure to ask if it’s okay or not.
  • Many schools do not allow the sale of fast food inside the school.
  • Teachers do not like chewing gum.
  • Many schools – especially primary schools – do not allow the sale of food and drinks inside the school, so be sure to know the rules in advance.
  • Do not try to steal something in order to sell it. This is against morality, and you will be disciplined and severely punished.

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