Make Money Fast Selling At Festivals The festivals take place all over the world. A festival is an event that is reserved for a certain time of the year to celebrate an event or simply to raise money. Many festivals allow people to create stalls to earn money. Sometimes it’s hard to find money to buy items at festivals, but you can succeed if you have the right items and do your homework.

How to Find Money Making Items to Sell at Festivals

1 Create an Inventory

If you are a craftsman or an artist, you will find a product that you like. You do not have to do yours, but it helps in the sale if you are the artist. Whether you make your own jewelry, work at work or simply make an attractive product. Make sure it’s something you like because you need a lot of products.

If you plan to have enough products to fill a 10×10 exhibition tent, do not go to a festival with just a few articles and plan to take orders. Festivals are a place to go and are mainly based on impulse purchases. If your buyer has to wait, he may not continue the purchase.


The best way to find the right party is to go to the festivals. When you get there, look at the most popular news. Study the people at the festival and make sure they are your customers. I sell pearl jewelry and cannot sell my products at the flea market. I sell pearl jewelry in the colors of the school.

If your product is a low-end product and you plan to make money based on sales volume, you can be successful in most festivals that are seeing high numbers.

If you sell a high-priced item, you need a festival with a jury. This means that there is a committee that reviews your product to make sure that it is suitable for the festival.

If you go to the festival first, look for stalls with a similar product and talk to the sellers. Ask them how they are doing if they have done this show before, and how they did it in previous years. Do your homework.

3. Contact the festival and send the documentation

Most festivals have a website that makes their job much easier. Go to the page and click on the website of the provider. The festival will list all requirements, deadlines, and documents. Some festivals sell insurance, most do not. If you sell the insurance, buy it. If you are not sure that you have coverage.

What happens if your tent explodes in the shop window next to you and damages thousands of dollars in products? Be covered. Submit the documentation and check the status of your offer by phone or email. Some just need control, others have to go through a committee. Make sure you are between the time of approval and Your Screen

How to Find Money Making Items to Sell at Festivals

4 The first thing you need is a good deal.

I recommend the tent EZ Up 10 X10. This business costs about $ 150 and can be rented by one person. Make sure you create or buy weights for the store. He can find wind and must be attached to the ground. Do not rely on piles and ropes for tents. It can be configured in concrete.

My husband laid concrete blocks in the legs of my shop. I cover them with rugs to soften the corners. Do not be afraid to buy a non-white tent. A red tent will give your product a pink tint when the sunlight shines on it.

Decide if your screen should hang from a grid or at the top of the table. Your screen should be attractive and people should be able to touch the product. Do not put anything under the glass. If it’s a product you use, you have mirrors so people can see what they look like. Once you have a customer to test your product, you will usually make the sale.

Please, business cards, people like to collect their cards. You can get 250 free business cards at that are professional and attractive. Set up your screen in advance in your own garden and invite people to send you objective comments on the screen. Another pair of eyes sees things that you can ignore.

5 Cash or Credit When you sell an item

under $ 20, you simply take cash and checks. People carry that by themselves. If your item costs more than $ 20, you may consider taking credit cards. They are a complicated business because there are many unethical credit card processing companies.

Go online and search or a credit card processor and try to find a local provider. Then check with the local Better Business Bureau and check your reputation. If they offer you a “free” treatment machine, they are not free.

The machine can be free, but the software, installation and many unknown costs are not. If you decide to use a machine, do it without a cable. They work like a mobile phone.

Once you hand over the card, simply print out your receipt, sign it, print out your receipt and your money will be deposited in your account the very next day, very easy. I paid $ 15 a month for the wi-fi fees and $ 30 a month for my service. He also pays a small percentage of every sale to the credit card company.

There are also companies that do not use a machine, you enter the numbers later in the night, but many people are not happy to write their credit card numbers. Take enough dollar bills (Volume 200) and exchange it at the cashier.

6 Sale at the Festival Creates

a welcoming and visual screen several feet away. Do not make eye contact with your customers before they look at you. People do not want you to look at them while shopping. Give them the freedom to navigate without their opinions in the beginning. When you look at or touch the product, talk to it.

7 of Libra Keep an accurate record of all festival

issues. Include miles and gas in your vehicle and the foods you consume during the day.

Get all the costs of your sales and divide by the number of hours you spend in preparation and in real-time at the festival. If you think an hourly wage lower than you do not go back to this festival next year. If in your opinion, the magic number is worth your time or more, then you had a successful festival.

what to sell at festivals

Money Making Items to Sell at Festivals

people forget all about their low-carb diets!!

Hot dogs


Corn dogs

Loaded nachos

Funnel cakes

Grilled cheese

Brisket sandwiches

Cotton candy

French fries

Chicken tenders

Chicken wings


 Caramel Apples









Caramel apples

Corn dogs

Cotton candy

Money Making Items to Sell at Festivals

Funnel cake

Fried cheese on a stick

Fresh squeezed lemonade

 Belgian waffle on a stick

Steak on a stick

Cheese on a stick

Donuts on a stick

Shrimp on a stick

Fried pineapple on a stick

Cheesecake on a stick

Belgian Waffle on a stick

Deep-Fried Oreo Cookies

Corn Dogs

Frozen Coffee on a stick

Cotton Candy

Funnel Cake

Fried Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich

Deep-Fried Norwegian Banana Split

Open-Faced Grilled Spam Sandwich

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