MAKE MONEY ON FIVERR TOP TIPS AND GIGS FOR 2018.  There are many ways to make money, online or at home. For many, making money online means starting from scratch, offering a new website, social networking sites, and then a particular service or skill.

However, it is a complicated way because you start without a reputation and without customers, which can be very difficult. There is a simpler method: Fiverr.

Benefits of Choosing FiverrBenefits of Choosing Fiverr


After all, there is a real potential to make this job a full-time job if you build a good reputation and provide quality service.

Whether you continue your activity on the site and increase prices over time, or decide to expand beyond the site and use your name and reputation to test it yourself, there’s a good chance. When that happens, you can work at home, pay for an office, create your list of customers, and hire others who have the same skills as you.

There are four major benefits to using Fiverr as a source of extra income and a great way to gain experience when you are interested in a particular skill that will advance your career.

If you make a concert and find your reviews are not that good or the competition is a little better, I can tell you that you may need some improvement before you make the leap and your career changes an excellent tool.

Now that we’ve seen the benefits, let’s take a look at the best practices you should use


If you just want to earn some income from the side of your main job, this is a great way to do it because you can choose when to work. At any time you can stop your performance if your daily work makes you too tired to work, which means no one can access your performance and you can rest.

Likewise, you can use the “vacation” mode when you go and this will also eliminate your performance from the search results. When you’re ready to come back, just return from vacation mode and start accepting orders.

If you do not want your shows to be paused when you work too much, there will also be a “Limit Queue” section for each of your services.

This means that no one can place the order once you have a number of orders. With this, you can work the hours you want without being bombarded with work. In this context, you can stay in such a way that regular customers can place orders, regardless of what contributes to the development of industrial relations

Access to buyers

  • First, it eliminates the problem we talked about in the introduction because you do not have to actively search for buyers.
  • you can send bids for requests that buyers have created. However, most companies come from people looking for your kind of service.
  • If you offer a popular service and make good reviews, your concerts will appear near the top and give you direct access to the many buyers who use the site

Best practices for all Fiverr salespeople

Before you consider the various areas and services that you can and should consider, any good review by Fiverr offers some of the best practices that apply to all providers who register on the site.

No matter what service you want to offer, you should look out for these tips if you want to see success and money in Fiverr.


Gig details

Just like eBay, Etsy and any other website where you offer a product or service, you should optimize the information found in the concert. First, it begins with the title of the concert because you have to tell the story of what you offer without being too long or complicated.

At each concert, Fiverr starts the title with “I’ll do it” and then you have to say what you offer. For example, you could say “Create a great logo for your new business.” It’s not just short, potential buyers know exactly what they get for their money.

As soon as you have aroused interest, click on your server where the description of your concert comes into play. In essence, this will be the main objective of your concert, in which you describe what you offer, what you do not offer, and also talk a bit about the reader.

Using the above example, you could explain what you use to make the logos, when you specify them in color, how long it takes to get back, what information you need to order, and what extras are available. Below you can explain your experience and why you should select it in a few short sentences.

concert category

If you want to see customers for your service, you must select a category for your concert. This is important because some buyers are not looking for a service through the search bar.

Instead, click on the different categories available at the top of the page. Although there is an option for “Other,” this category should only be selected if there is no other category suitable for your service, otherwise, you will have difficulty noticing it.


You should also use an image that is relevant to your service as it will help you to look professional and intelligent. For the example of the logo, you can use one of your earlier creations or even a clear picture of someone working on a computer and creating a logo.

Make sure it relates to your service and that it is clear. Over time, you can add more images and even add a video that could give you a competitive advantage. While some people create a short introduction that supports the information in the concert description, others are provided with an animated video presentation for their performance.

With all the steps we’ve seen so far, they all help make them appear in the search results. When someone types in the search bar “logo creation”, all of these factors are linked to a simple reference to decide where to compare them to others who offer a similar service.

Be professional

Once you have set up your concert and are satisfied with its appearance, one of the best practices you can use is professionalism. Whenever you receive a message or order from someone, you should always stay professional.

Remember that shoppers come to the site and look for someone who specializes in their field of expertise and can foster that perception with the way they respond to it. When someone asks a question, be as informative and polite as possible instead of just one word.

Be adaptable

When discussing an online project, there may be a lack of communication or there are two different views on what the final product should be between the seller and the buyer.

Therefore, it must be open to changes if the buyer requests editions. In the end, it will provide a service to do something that the buyer can not do alone, and if you want satisfied customers, you may need to make some comments and make changes to your original work.

If you are rude and cannot get advice/feedback, you will get bad reviews and the chances of getting more orders will be reduced.

Go up and on

No matter what service you offer, you should always be careful to go beyond the requirements. Once you deliver something that the buyer did not expect, you have made excessive delivery and are more likely to get a positive opinion and create a lasting relationship with the buyer. Instead of focusing on what you can get from an order, first hire the customer and make sure that he is satisfied, then the rest will be in place.

Watch the time

At first, you may not know how long it will take for each order to complete. It may take a while for you to get used to your time. However, you should always try to suggest more time than you will actually take. At any time you should consider your service from the buyer’s point of view. In that sense, I would probably prefer to get delivered early.

Therefore, you must cite long and deliver as early as possible. When this happens, the buyer will be happy and you will have achieved your goal. If he promises fast delivery and late delivery, he does not live up to expectations. When it comes to delivery times, people prefer to wait a little longer than expected and not on time.

Treat everyone in the same way

With your service, you have buyers who pay $ 5 for one order and others who come back with a $ 20 order each week.

While you are clearly more beneficial to you, there should never be a difference in your customer service. Even if someone once spends $ 5, he still takes the time of the day to find a service, clicks on his concert, asks for his service and then (hopefully) reviews his work.

At Fiverr, the reviews are not weighted, which means that two revisions on the same day are the same for one year regardless of the amount the buyer pays.

Besides, you never know what the Fiverr people are up to because sometimes companies are looking for authors, graphic artists and professional speakers. Suddenly, a trial order of $ 5 could become a regular job, and you could have a good extra income by making a list of regular buyers.

Get the right prices

As mentioned previously, the price can be critical to your success at Fiverr because you must charge a fee that best suits your service as you try to compete with anyone offering the offer.

If you are on a blanket where you can no longer work, try distributing your service in the main concert and then on your page. Now your income potential will increase because many people will be interested in the extras. Once you have established a reputation, you can have the opportunity to increase your prices while offering a quality service.

hard work

Finally, we have one last tip to earn money in Fiverr, and it’s hard work and the best to try. While you work hard and do your best every day, you will never regret it.

Sometimes there are buyers who are not happy no matter how much effort they spend, but as long as they know that they have done everything they can, they know that nothing else could be done.

With every job you have to give everything because if you do not, someone else will do it and you could lose a valuable business.

The most profitable concerts in 2018

The most profitable concerts in 2018

So far, we have provided you with excellent information in this Fiverr review to make your service at Fiverr a success.

But what good is it if you have no idea what service you can offer? It should be noted that something you love will always be the best of some ideas for popular concerts that will allow you to supplement your income and succeed in Fiverr next year and beyond.

If you succeed, this could be something you do every day, so you should choose a service that is nice and that you can compete at a high level. If you are not creative and have no experience creating logos, it may not be the place to start. Let us look at some ideas.

  • Video Testimonies
  • As long as you have a high-quality camera that you can use for filming, this concert is easy to create and easy to do. In recent years, credibility has been a big topic for online businesses to look for ways to improve their profile without spending too much money. Therefore, many strangers choose a short testimonial to promote their product/service so they can use it on social networks and on their website.
  • In terms of time, it’s incredibly easy as most of them give a transcript; from there you just have to learn the short speech and convincingly execute it in front of the camera.
  • Since it needs very little initial investment and can do more jobs in one day, it will be a popular option for next year, so we need to use our previous tips to stay ahead of the crowd.
  • Voiceover artist
  • Similarly, you could lend your voice to certain services. Sometimes people create videos, ads, and even audiobooks on YouTube, but they need someone to record the audio for, and that’s where they come into play. You will receive a script again and will be played in a microphone.
  • You could say it’s easier because you do not have to be filmed and you can read the script.
  • If you choose this option, you must add the desired character to the voice instead of just reading it on the page. If the text requires an optimistic voice for an advertisement, you should try to sound excited.
  • If it’s a serious documentary, you need to create a mood and make an impression with your voice.
  • Do not worry, the buyer will usually tell you what style he needs when ordering. In addition, a high-quality microphone is needed, but these are relatively affordable nowadays.
  • Social media promoter
  • For small businesses, marketing can be a costly process, so many have recently chosen to outsource that part of a business to a more cost-effective alternative.
  • For example, some companies will look for people who do not just present their business to a wider audience but are also interested in their own platforms. By using many techniques, you can try to build up the reputation and social profile of a business for a fee.
  • proofreading
  • For people who make a living, they may need a second pair of eyes to read about their work, just to look for grammatical mistakes. Finally, you might end up looking at blog posts, fiction stories, ebooks, and more.
  • Usually, this includes the Track Changes feature in your chosen word processor so that the original author can see what you have edited. Although each request takes a little longer than the previous suggestions, people searching for this service typically have large files that need to be reviewed, increasing their revenue potential.
  • animation board
  • After investing in a program that you can do this with, you can make a lot of money, as many companies around the world are looking for this kind of animation.
  • Once you have created your characters and scenarios, these animations can be executed quickly and efficiently, which means they can quickly recover the cost of the program.
  • Logo creation
  • After all, we have the example that we used to the end. If you are creative you can offer your services for logos, brands and other services needed. In addition to logos, you may be asked to create illustrations, computer graphics, and more.
Register now and earn your first $ 5

Register now and earn your first $ 5

Good Luck


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