Make Money Online from Your Facebook Page If you have a large Facebook page or are planning to do so in a specialty and earn only comments and feedback from this activity we would like to inform you that there are competing pages for you to earn good profits from behind these pages.

Make Money Online from Your Facebook Page

I have always seen and followed the information pages that are published usually in the form of pictures and of course I saw the great interaction with them and the pages of ridicule and laughter political and social of all kinds, but do not know where to earn money?

The time has come for us to learn some of the best known and new ways to profit from the pages of the Blue Giant

Promote other followers pages

Many Facebook page owners are on mini-site sites such as Five sets and Viver where they offer other page promotion services to increase their pay-per-view.

You can offer this service and earn from it, but on one condition so as not to bother the followers and is to avoid the proliferation of the dissemination of this type of publications and some of the annoying that will make them cancel your follow-up.

Promoting the products of companies and institutions working in the field of the page

When your page becomes very popular and offers content that is heavily shared, it is obvious that you will receive some product and service and offers on your page.

These offers include a Coffer mode for the page that includes your brand name or publication of product promotion publications directly or indirectly.

In addition, there are great success stories with their products or statistics about the company’s popularity if it is a general information page.

Promotion of a particular commercial campaign

This method is smart and new depends on the indirect promotion of a specific commercial campaign, for example, we saw the end of last year and in parallel with the campaign of the user-driven “kings” in the region, many of the pages of Egyptian ridicule published publications bearing this Hashtag.

Whether it is a comic image or a small video of an advertisement related to the disposal of old things and selling them on dubizzle.

Make a website and bring the Traffic to it

When your page becomes popular and is specialized, for example, in ridicule of community issues and events, you can later create a blog and post them to ensure more visits and views on Google and Facebook.

Putting Google ads or other company ads into the blog and getting traffic from your Facebook page means financial profits.

Sell your products and services

Do you have a business in your life or even a business in the virtual world? Facebook is one of the ways to increase the sales of your services and products.

Even mothers who make traditional women’s products can make a Facebook page and sell it, it’s a free and inexpensive way.

Sell pages after magnification

There are currently specialized platforms to sell and buy Facebook pages, you can work a page and spend a few dollars on it and raise the interaction was sold to those who want to use for the purpose you created for it and not to change its name and subject and hit the confidence built by before. Scratch For Money.

Trade ethics tried to sell the page according to the conditions and advice to the buyer to continue to succeed and benefit from using the previous methods.

End of article:

Before you reach the profitability of your pages, I do great to develop and publish important and new content.

Try to take care of what is common now and talked about the area of the page and be a constant race to the important information and creative content, then talked about the desire to make money from them.


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