If you’re looking for the best websites to sell your textbooks, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve filled out a list of websites where you can compare book prices so you can find the best websites where you can sell your used textbooks. With so many websites buying, selling, and renting textbooks, choosing one is becoming increasingly difficult, and every time new websites compare textbook prices, students have to decide which ones to use. With over two hundred websites dealing with buying used textbooks, using a textbook search engine to compare the prices of those websites saves students significant time.

How To Sell College Books? Tips

  1. Before you start selling your books, it is recommended that you review your entire collection and select the books you want to throw away. If you want to reduce the number of books in your collection, you need to consider which books to keep and which to Sell. It is better to keep the books that you really appreciate and that you want to reread, the books that have sentimental value to you, and those that contain special information that is nowhere to be found, not even online.
  • 2. Sell old books in good condition. You should not sell books that are very old, extremely marked, and have broken, stained, and missing pages. Make sure you sell books that have a clean appearance, no missing or damaged pages, few or no markings and covers in good condition. However, there will always be exceptions – the books produced are collector’s editions, rare or first editions.
  • 3. After organizing your used books for sale, write down their ISBNs, which can be seen on the back or in the book (on the first page). It is best to create a text document with all the ISBNs of your books so that you can more easily check prices on different book-buying websites.
  • 4. Once you have a record of your books for sale, it is time to log in and select the website where you can sell your old books. You have two options: go to websites where you can sell directly to a buyer, simply list your book, wait for someone to buy it, and then give it to the buyer. Another option is to sell a large number of books to a single buyer. Although the price of each book on these websites is slightly lower, a package can be purchased. Therefore you do not have to go to the post office several times.
the best places to sell textbooks online

It’s easy to find the best places to sell your old used books, as there are very few places on the Internet where a large number of people who can spend money are really looking for a purchase.

Here are some of the best websites where you can earn extra money by selling used books:

where to sell college books?

Amazon Marketplace

Easily the biggest traffic from buyers of consumer books. Simple listing Free ads, pay only when your item is sold. They are paid every two weeks. Your tools are pretty limited unless you pay $ 39.99 a month for a Pro Merchant subscription that gives you a wide range of additional tools to sell your items. However, you have to sell £ 40 a month for it to be worth it. So you need to start and update with the free put option if you have enough inventory for the Pro Merchant to work for you.

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Ebay.com –

The best place to sell rare books and collector’s books for the average consumer, and also a great way to sell a “batch” of books, that is a group of books. You can’t do that on the Amazon Marketplace. Since shipping 5 to 6 pounds is quite economical, it can give the buyer a high perceived value and move groups of books quickly. One trick that seems to work well is to turn one of the books into a high-quality book and surround it with books of lesser value. Of course, all books must relate to a type or topic that someone is looking for. For example a group of carpenter books or a group of dog training books or a group of exercise books.


On-site sales should be easy. For me, it is not. I think because each of the city’s book sales lists is free, people are willing to ask for crazy prices, and the public is even jumping on the lookout for books. I noticed that some university textbooks are listed and are likely to sell well at certain times of the year. With no registration fees, end value or shipping costs, this is a cheap option. Unlike the international audience of the previous four websites, however, it is only offered to locals.

How to find out how much your book is worth quickly?

You cannot judge a book by its cover. Right But with a few clicks of the mouse and a fast internet connection you can judge whether it is worth taking the time to buy and resell a used book online.

Here are two websites for online sellers of used books that provide a simplified way to examine nonfiction, university textbooks, and collector’s titles.

  • BookScouter – BookScouter tries to help you sell your books at the highest price by comparing prices on more than 40 book purchase pages. They claim that you can quickly find the right website to pay more for your books on your w
  • booksprice – Booksprice also compares the prices of online books to find the best price for new and used loan books as well as university textbooks in large online shops. They point out that their free “book price comparison” is objective and easy to use.
best Websites To Sell Your College Textbooks To

Five sites  that compare textbook prices:

– Big Words
– Cheap-Textbooks
– Book Scouter
– Direct Textbook
– Book Finder

A few weeks ago I compared the “Best Websites to Sell Used Textbooks” and did all the work myself by visiting each page individually to compare prices for textbooks.

Of course, my classmates pointed out to me that they would use a textbook search engine to compare prices, and I should have used that as well. The first page I suggested was Book Scouter. I decided to use the same book I had previously used, Robbins Basic Pathology, as a control in this experiment and will call it to control or manual article.

Scouter exam books:

Book Scouter says, “It helps you to sell your books at the best price, compare prices from more than 40 book-buying websites, so you can quickly find the website that pays the most for your books.” When comparing textbook prices, we get results for 21 websites, the first five were:

1. Textbooksrus.com $ 43.25
2. Bookstores $ 43.25
3. Amazon.com buys $ 43.00 * back up credit
4. FirstClassBooks.com $ 41.69
5. We buy textbooks $ 38.70

Our first five results a few weeks ago looked like this:

1. Book Rental on Campus: $ 41.69
2. Manuals R Us: $ 40.00
3. Tenant of a University Book: $ 39.00
4. Book groups: $ 38.70
5. Phat Campus: $ 37.00

Although the price of the book has gone up by a few dollars, Book Scouter seems to have ruled out three of our top five results when we used the search engine to compare prices for textbooks. Book Scouter has ruled out our first choice to sell our manual to Campus Book Rentals.

Direct revision of the manual:

Direct Textbook says it searches “more than 200 cheap online bookstores to save you time and money, and we also help you get more for your used books with our book repurchase pricing research.” We received quotes from 18 stores, of which the first five looked like this:

1. TextbooksRus $ 43.25
2. Bookstores $ 43.25
3. Amazon Trade-In $ 43.00 * Loading Credit
4. WeBuyTextbooks $ 38.70
5. Chegg $ 28.71

When we used Direct Textbook to compare prices, there were the same first three results as Book Scouter, but there were no top-rated books in the search results that were ready to buy our control book for $ 41, $ 69. Direct Textbook also did not compare textbook prices for Book Rental on Campus ($ 41.69), College Book Rental ($ 39.00), and Bundle Books ($ 38.70)). You were on our top 5 best websites last week to sell used textbooks.

Checking the book search engine:

Book Finder does not indicate how many websites are used to compare textbook prices, but it indicates that shipping costs are included. The results of your book buyback search engine look like this:

1. TextbooksRus $ 43.25
2. AbeBooks $ 43.25
3. Amazon $ 43.00 * Loading Credit
4. Books Price $ 23.62
5. eCampus $ 18.00

Book Finder breaks the trend a bit by introducing the books that put the Top Textus dog in the first place. Once again, he included the rental of campus books ($ 41.69), the rental of college books ($ 39.00), and the books ($ 38.70) we offer to students from competitive prices a few weeks. Although Book Finder presents AbeBooks, it only seems to compare the book prices for seven manual sites, which excludes many sites that could offer you more money for your textbook.

Checking big words:
The big words promise great results with the statement that “BIGWORDS compares the best textbooks at the same time and finds the softest and cheapest books on the planet.” We use your search engine to compare prices and we have received these results:

1. TextbooksRus $ 43.25
2. Amazon $ 43.00 * Loading Credit
3. FirstClassBooks $ 41.69
4. Sell BackYourBook $ 24.59
5. eCampus $ 20.00 * with a voucher

Although they promised great results when we used them to compare prices for textbooks, on average they came out with their lists. Books, bookstores, campus book rental, academic books, and many books. Some of the stores they excluded had prices that matched the best search engine offer.

The big words have offered some interesting alternatives in which the book could be included in auction sites that sold the checkbook for more than just the book take back pages offered.

Overview of the economics textbooks:

Cheap Textbook is a basic website that simply says “The Textbook Buyout Price Search Engine quickly reveals the best place to sell textbooks online. The secret to selling textbooks at the highest price is to compare and use updated information. “We fully agree with you; That’s why we compare him with his colleagues:

1. TextbooksRus $ 43.25
2. Amazon $ 43.00 * Loading Credit
3. FirstClassBooks $ 41.69
4. Sell BackYourBook $ 24.59
5. BlueRocketBooks $ 24.10

Cheap-Textbooks stays in line with its peers and positions TextooksRus as the number one business to sell our control manual. However, it does not compare schoolbook prices with e-books, bookstores, campus book rentals, academic books, and books.

The best website for comparing schoolbook prices:

Choosing the best page to compare prices for textbooks is a difficult decision since the five search engines I used all had the same page as the first, but in the end, I should go with Book Scouter.

Book Scouter found four websites that bought our manual for over forty dollars, none of the other sites gave results that could match. My biggest disappointment would be that with all the sites being reviewed since none of them had the top five sites for selling our manual, it would have been nice to find a site that would give us those results:

1. TextbooksRus.com $ 43.25
2. AbeBooks $ 43.25
3. Bookstores $ 43.25
4. Amazon.com buys $ 43.00 * charge credit
5. Book Rental on Campus $ 41.69
6. FirstClassBooks.com $ 41.69
7. CollegeBookRenter $ 39.00
8. We buy textbooks $ 38.70
9. BunchesOfBooks $ 38.70

These websites from previous textbook buyers show a true representation of where it would be most profitable to sell our manual. When it comes to comparing prices for textbooks, of course, your results may depend on what you sell and what time of the year, as you can see a few weeks ago.

TextbookRush was my second best bid and now it is tied to number one.

When you sell your textbooks, there will be many variables that you need to deal with, such as credit balances, cash, coupons, free shipping, and more.

I suggest using a combination of these search engine sites to compare textbook prices, but at the same time doing your own research, as these sites do not list all the manual sites that are willing to buy your books. Using a textbook search engine to compare prices is a great time saver in reselling your textbooks, but do not trust the results of a single website, using a combination of all available resources.

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