Make Money Online Without Investment

Make money online without investment  No one neglects to think about his future, especially when it comes to money, salary, apartment and social life. These sentiments have long beset man according to the circumstances of his life, both personally and collectively. It is certainly different from one person to another.

Some begin from an advanced stage of thinking about their future, whether it is only related to them, their family at the time, or the family and the life they hope for themselves in the future. And others do not think about this only when the age and sees a particular crossroads that sets foot on future challenges at all levels.

In addition to the sense of savings that most people actually experience, there is another feeling of wanting to increase money and invest it.

But this sense, unlike the sense of savings, is associated with a certain group of people who have certain psychological impressions and convictions and at times certain challenges as well.

In this article, we will try to put in your hands a brief picture of a world you may not have heard about or see in the future, and perhaps you have heard of it a little, and Rima will follow him or be an expert on him. But we try to change your image of investment and take your hand to the path that best suits you and your living conditions and your personality.

But before you start this article, and given the title of the article, you must be aware that this is a great opportunity to double your money.

Indeed, investors or those who urge people to invest are very interested in this psychology and the impact of the word “double the money” on public convictions.

Some do not even receive a profit of up to 90 percent or more with the same kind of hospitality or appetite for investment, where the “double” profit is received.

Therefore, you should be alert to this and the ease of words versus reality and deeds.

But before we go too far on this issue, let’s begin by showing some of the right and wrong ways that make it easier for you to invest with high profits and prevent you from falling into the wrong practices.

In the 1980s, advertisements appeared in Britain, which was told by a well-known British artist in an unmistakable tone to the listener or investor that investment in the old way was guaranteed profit. Indeed, the resonance of these declarations is increasing over time until people think that is the closest thing to reality.

Perhaps the most credible way to experiment with the success of doubling your money by investing, but in a certain amount of time, is to invest in non-conflicting securities, which may range from first class securities to outstanding bond rating. This method will not allow you to double the owner Within a year, but according to rule 72, doubling your owner will ultimately be guaranteed to you.

But what is rule 72?

Rule 72 is one of the most well-known rules, which are calculated to calculate how much time a landlord takes to multiply if the growth of money depends on the money itself. The way that this rule is based is to divide the expected annual romance by 72, and the resulting figure is roughly the number of years that a landlord will take to multiply.

Therefore, that rule and ensuring its application and the realistic results that supported that application have greatly facilitated investors’ conviction in the classical way and their ease of persuading others. But the point remains that it depends on the money you give, the time the investor will wait for to double his money or the convictions of the person to be persuaded.

2- The opposite investment
Let us start with the famous 18th-century British poet, Paul Rothschild, that “the best time to buy is when the streets are covered with blood.” You may be surprised by this saying, but what will make you more and more surprised is that Rothschild managed to get his fortune during the panic that followed Waterloo’s battle against Napoleon. But that was not the whole story. The full story was that “the best time to buy is when the streets sink in blood, even if that blood is your blood.”

But you may think as much as you think it is related to war or disaster, but it is not. This statement or this concept or philosophy and the investment approach in a more precise way represents a major way of investment, which is the opposite investment.

In short, stock that does not pay attention to the investment market and financial transactions, which many try to stop dealing with, have more opportunities for profit.

Another issue is that some securities or financial markets are suddenly experiencing a sharp and unexpected decline in financial transactions, and the opposite way of thinking is that the investor should be encouraged, entered or bought into that market. Of course, this method needs some courage, and it needs to believe in the way because the first failure in this way can prevent it from being used again for good.

 3. Safe investment
It’s like the freeway and the safest road, both of which connect to the same place but one is much faster than the other. Some people, especially those who have a certain degree of uncertainty about a certain investment method, like to choose the safest way, even if the profit and investment are delayed. Ensuring profit is first of its urgency and probability of loss, so be their motto they raise when they intend to enter into any investment.

There are many ways to make a safe investment but I will give you one of the most famous examples, especially with regard to the order to double the money.

For example, you can wait for discounts on some bonds or securities that guarantee you to double your balance with the expiry of the trading period. For example, you can buy a hundred percent discount time at the price of the 50th sheet and this ensures you double the investment when the paper expires.

Of course you can go deeper into such methods and constantly ask experts about new ways. Whatever your nature or your fears, the investment tries to find one way or another for you.

4- Speculation
On the other side of the road, who sleep when they take the safe road in the middle, who prefer speed to any other speed, some investors or people who are not considered as safe as speed, love to see their money double every moment, do not fear loss as much as they hate the road Slowly, they do not have their hands or their hands can keep up with their passion sometimes.

Mudaraba is a process of buying shares and holding them for a short period in order to profit from the spread of selling and buying prices in order to exploit equities with fluctuations in the price up and down.


5. The best way
The best way is to suit your ambitions, your convictions and your desires, the way that brings you reassurance or passion, as you like. Choose the right method for you. You can mix all roads the way you like.

The world is constantly changing, as is the business world, especially as investment increases and global and local financial crises increase, and many people have to find appropriate ways amidst this momentum of events.

But thanks to the evolution of information accident and ease of knowledge and communication, you can follow everything that is new in this world as well as consult with the largest experts in this area in order to choose the most appropriate way for you.

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