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Make Money Online Writing BooksWriting books / electronic books Fiction and non-fiction

Description – Write e-books and fiction and non-fiction books that are marketed online by other sites, such as Amazon.

This group or section overlaps with the courses and products described in Section 6.

This may be the best option for making money online or offline today.

Write a decent book or five: post it on Amazon in e-book and hardcover and softcover formats and market it properly and you could literally retire in a year.

This is not a lie

Although Amazon has added thousands of eBooks every day and many of them are not fully functioning, there are some easy-to-follow basic things you can do to be one of the winners and not a loser in the genre.

Fiction and non-fiction authors do a great job all the time, simply writing books and adding them to the right places online.

It would be better to start with five books and 20 would be even better, but the potential here is so great that I can not even explain it properly in this brief description.
If you think you can write, it’s the best time to start.

Do you need a website?

Not really, but having one would help your marketing. Free and self-hosted websites work

Do you need skills?

Moron! Some writing skills would help. But there are many bad writers who are not deterred from not having these abilities (see 50 Shades of Gray).
Do you need complicated skills?

It would not hurt to know how to develop characters and things like that.

If you are unsure, make the first books early, then all you need to do is have decent content.

Do you have to spend money?

Not really, you can escape without spending a dime easily. But even if you promote some money, it would hurt

Need detailed knowledge on this topic?

You need to know what steps to take and what sequence was tested by previous authors who wrote reports, and so on. so that you can continue

Accessing the list of best-selling books is not just a godsend and you need to promote your book in a specific step-by-step plan to get the first attention that will give you sales that you get on the best-selling lists. 

What is the sales potential of this niche/method?

Unlimited income

You could write and publish 5 books and never earn a penny, or you could publish a book and retire forever. In the niche you want to write in, there is a clear need to do your research properly, but it may be safer (depending on the risk) to follow a set scenario/plan.

I’ve heard of schoolchildren earning $ 2,500 a month from three books.

How fast can I make money?

Expect to work hard and write long hours, but you will not see the real money until about 60 days after the first release.

Not only that, sometimes your book will not “attract attention” until you’ve posted 10 or 15, but then it’s probably 100% good (full-time income) if you did it right.

I’ve dreamed of writing eBooks for Kindle Publishing for years, and as I write reports, I’d like to have time to sit down and write 20 storybooks.

It’s definitely planned in my own near future.

Do you need one or more websites?

None or at most one

Having a personal website, if you’re an established author, is important, and if you do not start from the beginning, a fool will buy your domain name and then you’ll have to pay a lot of money to get it back.

Do yourself a favor and at least buy your domain name. You can still install the actual site after it’s released.

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