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Description: You write content for other website owners. YOU also write content for other online objects, such as FaceBook publications or another person’s e-mail responder series.
This is the fastest way to make money online.

You join the article writing websites, and if you’re eligible, you pay to write articles for people.

Here are some links to article writing services

Everyone will not be able to participate, but unless you have studied all the options, you will not know which is the best option for you.

You can promote your copywriting services on classifieds websites, but very often you have to pay for these ads.

A good option is to write groups of items (10 or 20) at the same time and sell them in packages.

You can also run these articles and add the spun versions to the buyer as part of a larger package.

You write 20 articles about smelly feet (first you search for the keywords) Then you turn these articles personally with the best markers.
I use these people http://robertbrucaderson.com/spinrewriter

Now, if you rotate an object correctly, you can create 50 to 100 objects from each original element and then add it to the buyer’s package.

In this way, they receive 2,000 usable items.

Publish the original 1920s for cash, then continue to add all other online sites as bloggers and publish up to 20 of these spun versions each. They need to mix and vary their publication, but that’s not their problem, they just buy their content.

You can charge up to 300 € for a package like this.

You can create a website and rank it in the search engines and ask many questions about the articles, but having a website in that niche is more of a luxury than a necessity.

If you really want to be professional when writing your article, you definitely need a website and examples worthy of your work. (With such a business model, you could earn $ 6,000 a month).

Then you can search for customers, do something not difficult (if you buy your hosting through me or create a website through me) I will give you a step by step plan how to get these clients, remember I put it in here have said this report)

This type of service type example is similar to Examples 10 and 11 below.

These would be other services like translation, transcription and other types of virtual assistants that work online.
There is a great need for these online services, and if you need money fast, this could be the way to go.

My opinion – hard work! I tried and the research for the article is good, typed article by article that came to me. I felt fast. However, there are people who like to write and judge when it comes to the millions of secretaries who work for a boss. Many people are capable of doing so. I only suggest this kind of business as a springboard for your own products or written courses. IE cash flow.

But after complaining that the writing is boring, I spent many hours writing this report for you, and there are more than 60 pages, and I enjoyed every minute.

Do you need a website?

No, really. However, it would be an advantage to show a “base of operations”, examples, special offers, lead generation, a more professional look, etc.

or do you need skills?

Yes, you must be able to write in the language you choose, with English being by far the most popular. The better you write and spell in English, the more you will win

Do you need complicated skills?

No, see above, unless you are big in this area and you have writers who work for you and outsource you. Even at this level, you do not need exceptional management skills.

Do you have to spend money?

No. Not even for a website. Even if you’ve reached a certain level of demand for your services, you can even use the free websites (but I absolutely do not recommend it).
You can spend money to get high-quality advertising online in classifieds or in Google, but it usually requires very little capital. No need for money can be a big advantage
Need detailed knowledge on this topic?

Your queries cover a variety of topics, and most of the time, you’ll only get a list of keywords.

Then he will examine and write the articles. Speed is crucial here

What is the sales potential of this niche/method?

Remember that you are trapped by the number of hours in your day. This will reduce the amount you charge for your items and how effective you are during your search time and ultimately your typing speed.

Someone who works all day and charges a little for his stuff will only make $ 1,500 a month.

The best guys get $ 6,000 a month

Even if you do your research quickly, write like a demon, you always have an upper limit on your potential profits. It can become popular and demand higher prices, but it will still be limited.

He can get authors to work with you and grow in this way.

How fast can I make money?

If you try, you could start earning money in a few days from the start.

Unfortunately, you will initially receive small sums while you earn a little reputation.

The lowest salary would be $ 1.50 apiece and if you write fast, you can do about 4 per hour.

The average salary is $ 5 to $ 7 apiece and most people only have three per hour. Many work less than 6 hours a day. Then his average potential is $ 15 to $ 20 an hour.
However, the best article authors can easily get $ 50 to $ 500; it’s about building a reputation.

In fact, I work in half of these numbers as a reality, with search time and FaceBook, etc.

Remember to examine these numbers yourself without blind belief.

Do you need one or more websites?

None (maybe one)

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