How To Make Money By Shortening Links : Best URL Shortener Websites

Making money with URL Shortener is easy and even without a website of your choice possible. But how does it really work?

Did you know that 90% of new bloggers create blogs to make money from blogging, but at least 6 months to continue their blog career? After a few occasions, most new bloggers have given up their blog career.

Today, we share another method of making money by breaking bonds. Here’s a list of the best URL shortening site that lets you make money in just a few steps.

A URL link is a simple service that helps you reduce long URLs. After shortening a long website address (URL), you will receive a short link, also called “Short URL” or “URL Alias”.

In addition to ad-free services (LIKE BITLY is the best-known example), there are also URL truncation services that pay for commercial advertising.

The principle is simple: the shortened URL is not directly linked to the actual destination but initially displays all types of advertising.

The forms of advertising differ from provider to provider. The most common forms are interstitials (= web pages that appear before the expected content page) and framed frames (= banner ads in an additional box). Here are two examples to illustrate:

Example 1 (banner in the advertising frame): The long URL

Example 2 (Interstitial): With the URL Shortener we shortened the length

URL links are useful for webmasters who use many (external) links on their website or blog. But even people who do not have their own website can earn money with shortened URLs, for example, via Facebook, Twitter or posts in forums or guest books. We’ve added the best URL shortener to make money. For most of them, you will also find a proof of pay

What is URL Cut?

The URL link is a process for changing the URL of the destination link and for visitors to the other link where visitors see the ad page and click on it and you make the money. There are three steps to making money.

1s step
The visitor redirects to the advertising page before opening the page the visitor is looking for.

For example Visitors click on page “B”, but before opening page “B” the visitor is redirected to another page and after a few seconds, the visitor is automatically redirected to page “B”.

2nd step
In the second step, the visitor sees the ads and clicks on them, makes money for you and helps you to increase the income of your blog by 100%.

3rd step
Now the visitor is redirected to the page he wants to visit before clicking on the ad page

Earn money by shortening links
Earning money from the URL shortener is only possible if you find the best website to shorten the URL to monetize your blog. This list contains 5 sites with the best URL links that you can use to make a lot of money.

Bitly is at the top of the URL reduction game. This is one of the most used options, and you will often find it integrated with many other services as well as third-party applications like TweetDeck and TwitterFeed. With Bitly, you can track the number of clicks received from your shortened links and mark and organize your links in your own custom Bitly section

Publishers or blog owners can earn a lot through their high CPM ads. will pay you between $ 5 and $ 12 for 1000 visits to promote your Shorten link. The number of your winnings (payment) will automatically be sent on the 10th of each month.
TinyURL was one of the best shortening options in the past, and people still use it today, but it has a few more characters compared to others like and With TinyURL, you can customize the optional final letters and numbers. For example, an abbreviated link may be It’s a nice feature if the brand is important to you or if you want your link to be easier to remember. takes an interesting approach to shortening links by giving its users the opportunity to earn money by using their service. The more clicks you have on your links, the more money you make. Although the benefits are small, they can accumulate if they trigger many clicks. You’ll also get detailed statistics for each link when you sign up for an account, and you’ll receive payments via PayPal for payments starting at $

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