Simple Ways to Make Money With Dogs

How to make money from other people’s dogs?Simple Tips

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By Make Money Is Art Team

Dogs are one of the most animals that can be trained and tamed, whether for breeding, guarding, or otherwise. If you have experience training dogs, then why not establish a dog training academy project? We will provide you with all the elements of the success of this academy and the various details you will need.

There are a lot of people wanting to buy pets, especially young people. Most young people today have pets, especially dogs or cats, but dogs are high in what is known as loyalty of dogs, and of course, when you do a dog training academy it will be a profitable idea, as The idea of ​​the project depends on training different types of dogs a lot of different skills, there are those who want to get a dog to guard, and there are those who want to get a dog to play with him and enjoy, so whatever your desire when you keep dogs, you should have an idea of ​​the exercises that you will teach to dogs.

The idea of ​​establishing a dog training academy depends on training dogs on many different behaviors and skills. It is worth noting that dog training takes place many years ago. Since its inception, a person has become dependent on dogs for many purposes. Through the academy the dog can learn the skill of walking in the street with its owner In addition to teaching him the position of sleep, and also teaching him how to respond to the call of his owner on him, and how to go to his owner, all these skills dogs should train them from a young age, and until you start creating a dog training academy project you must provide all the following requirements why:

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Dog Training Academy project place.

You should rent one of the open spaces in one of the high-end neighborhoods in the area where you will create the academy, and you can get a closed place, but we prefer the place to be open, this increases the vitality of dogs, and the speed of training them on many different skills, in addition to that the reason for obtaining the place in one of the high places is that it is because these places have a large percentage of people who buy dogs, whether for guarding or just playing with them.

1- A large area as mentioned, not less than 100 meters, garage, shop, garden, apartment.

2- For breeding dogs, if we start with a small capital, then a pair of Germans and a pair of Root and prices are sufficient, as we mentioned, and if we start with expensive dogs, then the rest of the types that we mentioned.

3- Boxes for each dog.

The meaning of the bucks or box is the eye, nest, or house of each dog with bricks 1.5 * 1.5 and it has an iron door that is tightly closed because it can cause a screw between dogs that lead them to injury and sometimes to death, God forbid and has a wooden-made roof

4- Food for dogs, and it can be dry food, and this is very expensive, and you can prepare regular food for dogs by dealing with chicken or meat slaughterhouses or with a dog food supplier who is abundant.

5- Veterinary follow-up, even if every six months at most, and possibly a shorter period

6- A room to put pregnant females during the harsh winter and rain, in order to protect them and protect the puppy

Manpower required for a dog training project

You should provide workers with full experience in dealing with dogs, then you should initially have trainers with experience in dog training, as these trainers will be the primary factor in the success of the dog training academy, as their experience and skills in dog training will help the idea succeed, Dogs already know a wide range of skills, and you can help them with training work. If you have experienced, and if you do not have enough experience, you can hire trainers or attend training sessions in specialized places.

Marketing the dog training academy

And when you choose one of the vital places to be the headquarters of the Dog Training Academy, this will be the beginning of the marketing and advertising process for the project. Steps that can be followed until you make publicity and marketing of the project, you can see it through the following steps:

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 You can create a page on Facebook social media, in the name of your dog training academy, and make paid ads through the same site.

 You can create a YouTube channel and display a set of dog training tips, thus spreading the name of the academy.

You can print a set of small papers, write the name of the project, its address and phone number, and distribute it in the area where the academy is and the surrounding areas.

You can make offers in newspapers and newspapers to train dogs through the academy, or train dogs and sell them at high prices.

Create and distribute advertisements in the area surrounding your project.

– Use Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube as a marketing tool.

Advertising advertisements in youth and women’s newspapers and magazines.

– Training your dogs and offering them for sale, and of course, the price will be much higher than the price of the untrained.

Dog training rates.

When you open the Dog Training Academy, you will definitely get a set of different tasks, and thus the price is determined according to each task that is attributed to you, like training dogs to eat only, sleep only, or respond to the call only, differs from training in all of these skills, or Combining only two skills, and thus you will determine the price based on the service that you will provide to your customer in the dog training academy, and that the prices will be determined based on the region in which you will undertake the project, as the prices differ from region to region, but you will follow the market prices available around you, even Do not raise prices and pay This would be a negative factor that does not make you attract many clients, especially at the beginning of the opening of the academy, for which you will need to attract clients.

How Much Does It Cost to Train A Dog?

$ 30 – $ 80 Per Class

private training ranges from $ 45 to $ 120 per hour session.

Thus, we have provided you with all the requirements of the Dog Training Academy project, whether in terms of the workforce required for the project or the project site, as well as the skills that will be relied upon and taught to dogs and by this you are now eligible to open this project and benefit from the profits that you will obtain through it as soon as you start to work with it but be sure to provide everything necessary for dog training and distinguish it from other academies



Simple Ways to Make Money With Dogs

March 12, 2020
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