Make Money by Writing Short Articles and Web Content As a teenager

There are actually countless ways for teens to make money online I will discuss specific ways on how to make money by writing online as a teen.

These methods appear to be too simple but several individuals are still without a clue as to how they are actually done.

Some may even pay for products and services just to learn a thing or two which can actually be considered basic for anyone new in the world of earning money over the web. With that, let me offer a free overview of these four ways you can get paid online just by writing.


There is no doubt that the blog is ways for teens to make money online to use their writing skills for online collecting. You can create your own blog on websites that support blogs.

Some include Blogger or Blogspot, WordPress, and Tumblr. Most of these sites offer ads for insertion into your page. You’ll receive a payment based on the ad’s display or clicks. Some advertising platforms include Google AdSense, Chitika, Infolinks, and Nuffnang (for the Asia-Pacific region).

You can also pay by simply writing about a company’s products or services using a method called affiliate marketing.


Your unambiguous identification will be included in the publication and you will receive compensation for any reference you register or purchase products through its link.


get paid to write for other websites, articles, press releases, reviews, and other types of content for websites, blogs, and online sites using your own identity or as a ghostwriter to write someone else. There are several markets where freelance writers can find potential customers.

Some of them are oDesk, Freelancer, Elance, Fiverr and many others. You can also write eBooks and publish or sell them through channels like Amazon. Fiction and other literary works such as poetry, stories, and novels can also be published online.


Some companies will pay to you for writing comments or suggestions about your product or service. Overflowing words are not even necessary for this type of writing.

Just bring your honesty and skills with you when you leave notes. You may be asked to search for related or relevant websites or blogs where you can post your comments.

It contains a link that points to the website or company being promoted in your comment. The comment is one of the methods used in search engine optimization.

SEO helps build a site ranking to get a higher score on search engine results (like Google) for a particular keyword.

Most authors are used to thinking about the content they produce as the product they sell. There are ways to make money by writing online by selling your content to a publisher. With the incredible amount of content being created online every day, there are many ways to sell your copy.

A place where you can sell your content is in the paid online article directories. You do not pay much for an article, but it’s also a great way to promote your work. If you have a website for your writing business, you can publish it in the article resource field.

Another place to sell your content is through independent websites. A number of websites link freelancers with different skills to people who pay for their services and are prepared to pay for them. People who need to hire a job to publish their projects on the can teens make money

Freelancers have the opportunity to submit an offer to the project by sending an offer. Sometimes this will give you well-paid writing jobs. One of the challenges he faces is strong competition from authors who charge less than $ 5 per item.

You can also post your content to sites that you are paid for, based on the number of clicks generated by ads around your article. You can even earn income by clicking on the ads on your own website if you already get a lot of traffic.

How to Make Money by Writing Online – The Easiest Way

Most website owners are always interested in new and fresh material for their pages.

The short version is also widely used in marketing and exhibition, both online and offline. Many authors can write this type of material but have no idea how to load it.

Finding buyers can take a long time (away from your writing) and can also be complicated and risky (for example, if you get a bad customer who takes your gear off and does not pay you later).

Working with brokers can be a simple solution. Basically, they work in two ways; or buy items directly from authors, or send authors and buyers, and take a percentage of the sales made this to make money fast as a teen

Most have some kind of payment confirmation or deposit with customers, so the author has guaranteed the payment.

Although I want to make a warning here; There are many different sites ranging from excellent to terrible, as well as others that are just scams.

Some are kindly referred to as Content Mills rather than Writing Sweat Shops (AMS / London Brokers and Demand Studios are two of the most controversial types of this type of business).

Good writers are artisans and must receive a living wage based on their skills and the commitment they put into their work.

how to make money for teens

I’ve worked with many of these sites and have had good and bad experiences. I have recently discovered the constant content and it quickly becomes my favorite of all.

It’s a legitimate business that allows authors to sell their work for decent money, not the few dollars that others offer on the market.

Unlike some organizations that are least well paid, Constant Content does not buy any author articles. Instead, they act as an initiating/supporting service between writers and customers.

The standards are quite high and all articles are edited to ensure that they meet the guidelines and quality criteria of consistent content.

Writers can sell objects in two ways; Either by writing an article on a topic of your choice and offering it for sale or by responding to a customer’s request for a specific topic.

Authors can offer to sell three different types of rights at a price that they determine. A PayPal account is required for payment.

Personally, I really like this place, although, in my opinion, high commissions are required. They have a broad and diversified clientele that makes it easier to sell items as long as they are at a high level.

The rigorous processing that takes place can be a blessing or a curse, depending on how you look at it.

It’s much harder to get an accepted article than in less well-paid websites (or free article sites like and, where standards are much lower and acceptance is almost automatic.

However, the editing process and the comments you receive will make you a better author, and it’s a good place to improve your skills. If you can write and sell content that customers like, it’s possible to earn decent money by writing for consistent content.

how can teens make money

There is no registration fee and I would recommend anyone who wants to improve their skills, gain experience and earn money by writing articles to open an account and send items.

Authors can generate content on any topic they are interested in or relevant to their field of expertise
The prices are determined by the author
Authors can determine what rights they want to sell

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