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Making money with art has always been a difficult and difficult job. Terms like “the hungry artist” are exactly what the industry expects. With the incredible power of the internet, is it possible to gain from your artwork?

In a word, it is possible. But you have to think a little differently in order to find the most profitable methods. Well, if you’re the kind of artist who does not move with time, well, that’s fine. But the method I’m going to write about is one that exploits your work and may change some of your perceptions. Maybe some of her artistic practices are threatened.

MakeĀ $ 300 to $ 500 From Your Art

Depending on the type of illustration you want to make, you can easily upload your work to a database, and each time someone downloads your file, you receive a certain amount.

There are several privileged markets that like it. Another way is to fill customer orders directly. These can be banners, logos or complete designs for your website.

They’ll tell you about your budget (from $ 50 to $ 100 for a banner, $ 100 to $ 300 for a logo, and $ 300 to $ 500 for a website) and details of the graph you want. As soon as he sends his work to the customer, he loses the copyright of the graphics and can not sell them again. It is an opportunity to earn money once.

On the other hand, sending your work to a database will generate residual income. You will be paid for every download and can sell your unlimited work.

It can happen that a single graph yields $ 1000 for a year. It’s the exception, it’s usually a few hundred dollars for a card. The more art you send, the more you earn.

Not only can you sell graphics created with a graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, you can also take photos or draw sketches on paper, scan them, and upload them to the database. And best of all, no-one will ask you if you have some kind of certificate or title, which is not mandatory in this industry. Whenever the buyer likes his job, he earns money as an artist.

While it is most common for an artist to find a way to impede money, his uncompromising position is often not to sell and keep his business clean, which often keeps the artist very poor until I die

The Kluge will go to the market and try to sell his art to the largest number. Many musicians work as cover bands or make school weddings and promotions to earn money and sell their writers who write things of little interest to gain prominence and bring along money. This is often the price an artist has to pay before being established in his place.

If you are someone who has talent, you can look for ways to make money with this talent. Even though it’s a concert weekend where kids’ birthday parties take place like a cowboy juggling or singing with a Beatles cover band, you do with what money you’re good at and potentially open doors for you to grow. from this talent

Artistic skills can find ways to make money

No matter what you want to do with your life, your artistic skills can find ways to make money for you. You never know how far your talent can go these days, like large-scale or more extensive exposure routes than in the past. From YouTube to American Idol, there are currently many ways to succeed.

The best you can do is test your hand on as many routes as possible and see where it goes. Even if it does not work for you, you can return to your boring job for nine to five days and sing on the weekends.

Yes, if you do not move with the times and use the internet to sell some of your unique pictures, then do not read on.

I do not talk about eBay: effective, but slow. Even the packaging and shipping part takes you all the pleasure. I do not think I would do it with 6 numbers … Well, I probably would for 6 numbers.

I also do not speak about owning and managing your own website. Yes, it is also a good method. It may be like having your own online art gallery, but then you spend half of your time marketing your website so people and buyers can actually find and buy it.

Now it is a juicy snack. That’s what some artists just do not understand, they understand that it can change their lives, but it’s almost as if they really did not want to make money with their passion, who knows. If it is you, do not read.

I’ll divide that into steps so it’s very easy to understand and visualize.

Success steps

1. Create a work of art, a sketch, a painting, everything, even a photo.
2. Find an “art agent” page.
3. Register on the website.
4. Scan and upload your artwork.
5. Let her market her work and find buyers.
6. Allow a buyer to upload your artwork for $ 1, for example.
7. Share the benefit of the agent’s website. 50 cents apiece.
8. Save your copyright, keep the image, save it in one place and download it again and again.
9. Create more illustrations.
10. Download and repeat the process.

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