How do I promote my self-published book? Tips for Marketing Your Book

What is the best way to market a self published book?

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By Make Money Is Art Team

The advice I see in blogs that tell you how to publish your book yourself in five guaranteed steps, for example, does not serve as a general rule that any writer in any field adheres to in order to ensure the success of his book marketing and high sales.

Do you know that you may actually succeed in marketing your book by following some of the methods they mention, and you may also succeed in violating others? You have to realize that the word “subjective” means that you are responsible for publishing your book yourself.

The good news here is that if you arrived with me here (and I hope you did), then I want you to know that you are the best marketer for your book, for you are the ones who know its entry and output, and you are the one who knows your story and your audience.

Marketing Tips For Selling Your First Book.

A list of the most important commercial, financial and economic personalities and famous businessmen should be prepared and send free copies of the book to them. A list of public libraries, universities and schools libraries, reading clubs, book clubs and other similar places must be prepared, and work to send a number of free copies to them
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Tips for Marketing Your Book

You should consider radio broadcasts and programs that might be interested in talking about such a book (of course in exchange for free copies and gifts for listeners and other incentives …)
Follow pages that publish books on social networks
Soup of all kinds such as: chicken and meat soup, vegetable soup to be pureed.
Animal and vegetable dairy products, low-fat or full-fat, preferably full-fat products
Drinks such as: tea, coffee, lemon juice, cocoa.
Desserts such as: chocolate pudding, jelly, ice cream, custard.
Herbs, spices and salt.
Honey products.

A list Of The Most Important Global Book Marketing Sites

This company uses very advanced algorithms to know how popular your book is, because they do the following:
They offer your book free of charge to their readers through their own application on (Google Play) and another on (Apple).
If your book succeeds in passing these standards, they will contact you to contract to publish and market your books.

Features of this site:
Their mailing list has more than 200,000 subscribers
The Facebook page has more than 257 thousand fans
More than 10,000 followers on Twitter
About 225,000 people visit their website monthly

Features of this site:
Their Facebook page has over 3 million fans.
Huge mailing list (there are numbers but we have not been able to verify them)
Their Twitter account has more than 217,000 followers
And their website is visited by more than 6 million visitors every month

Also one of the most powerful sites in the field of book marketing, and the marketing price for them is almost constant, which – at the time of writing this article – (only $ 25) and this site is characterized by the following:
A mailing list with more than 150 thousand subscribers
A Facebook page with more than 51,000 fans
18 thousand followers on Twitter
And a website visited by thousands every month

Their marketing service is $ 60, and this site is one of the largest sites in the field of book marketing and has achieved a good reputation among writers in the West, and it has a mailing list with more than 120 thousand subscribers and accounts on Facebook and Twitter, and their website visits more than 79 thousand visitors per month.

Marketing Book.Techniques that control the marketing system, in particular, lose their effectiveness quickly, and it is too late to use them when they are in your hands to read them. And make sure that marketing your book is an arduous process as hard as writing the book itself, and there is no guarantee that your marketing will succeed, but on the other hand, if you do not exert your effort in marketing it, only your friends and family will read it.

I tried book marketing as a test, and I was trying ways to test its usefulness, so if I do it, then if it is the other, then I don’t look at it again. I used to distribute gifts, run competitions and launch my new books on every platform that hosted me, and I tried things other than these to get dizzy.


The first steps I advise you to market your book are: to show you your work to the largest publisher in your country; if publishing your work for free – or even at a low price – this is a good thing but if you do not succeed in this step, please do not venture to deal with beginners or others without reputation Vocational.

Dealing with such a role will lead – in most cases – to the failure of your book marketing and thus this result may cause you a bit of frustration, and in the worst case you may have to stop writing and forget your dream in writing and writing.

There are many companies specialized in book marketing, we will suffice here to mention the sites and companies that have achieved success for many writers and authors and have high ratings in the field of book marketing.


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How do I promote my self-published book? Tips for Marketing Your Book

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“Not all marketing people are writers, but all writers must learn to be marketers. – Joanne Kraft”

Build your marketing plan based on your intentions

The way you market your book should be based on two main pillars, which are your values ​​and your intentions for that book. If you see that something seems to be less than the required quality, do not do it. Do not leave the discord of media appearing to compromise your principles and values. The short-term benefits that are based on corrupt values ​​rarely accrue to you the growth of your profits and long-term reputation as a writer. Rather, they may reduce your capital.

Your intentions for your book may be anything, from improving your position in your field to increasing your chances of being invited to speak at conferences and meetings, asking for your advice or contracting with you for projects, or building your brand, to presenting a new perspective on something your audience cares about.

Marketing Book.

In general, your book is your intentions, and books are still a powerful means of indicating that you are an expert in your field, no matter how strange the books are these days, as I know that writing and publishing books is not difficult for many people.

But if your intentions are to sell a million copies, for example, or put your book on the shelves of the best sales, then know that this is the result of implementing a few things properly, and you will likely be disappointed because of a goal like this, as few books achieve sales exceeding a million copies, or they are placed on lists Best sales, and believe me, you don’t need any of that to make money or build credibility for a particular segment.

That being said, my book sold only a few of my best sales, as a result of my experience in many ways that slowly pushed sales forward. It is a war of attrition over tests, failures, learning and appearing in the media.

However, your intentions must be identical to the content and message of your book. If you write about the American condor, for example, it cannot be your intention to have an opportunity to speak in web design circles, for example. If your book is on a very specific topic related to a narrow segment of people, it will not achieve many sales, but it will inevitably shine in the midst of that group.

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It is about the audience.

Once you get proper attention, go to your audience to find out who they are, what they care about, and what source they get information from. If you do not know your audience, answer the following questions:

Why did you write the book?

What do you want people to get out of it?

Why should people get information from your book?

Then, think about the incentives shared by your audience, who will see that what you write is worth reading.

And be confident that the “all people” audience is too big to absorb or communicate with, so where does “all people” get their information? You can not answer! What motivates “all people” to learn something? There is no catalyst like this, what does “all people” care about? There is no specific topic.

unique and effective low cost book marketing ideas

Thus, perhaps the rookie has arrived, as all people are not the audience that you should target, but your audience is that group of people who have specific motivations and values, and it is easy to communicate with them and contact them, unlike “all people.”

Your audience needs to know what they will get from your book, what is unique about it and nothing else, and how they will benefit from that knowledge to improve their professional and material lives. They invest their money and their ages in your book, and even if your book is free, it is a huge investment of time that must be counted.

Find and contact your audience.

Now you know who your audience is, and what motivates them, you now have to go to it, and know where people get their information, that is, the blogs, posts, and radio they follow. Then put a list of contacts from each of these sources, and each contact has a name, post and social accounts, and start following them, communicate with them, and help them if they need help or ask them. Take note of those interactions.

If the blogs they follow accept the guest articles, write them, and if they are radio, ask them to be a guest, and if they are blogs that hold meetings and interviews, they will meet you. And tell them about the benefit that they and their followers will get from meeting you. Also, record all of your notes, especially your notes on those you have written, so that you do not write them again in error.

low-cost book marketing ideas.

People and your book will not promote the kindness of their hearts unless you build a good relationship with them first. It is best to promote your book and yourself based on the value that you add to them and their listeners, just like discovering your audience’s motivators in order to sell your book, you must discover the sources of your audience’s followers to show them the advantages of accepting an offer

Marketing tools.

I have indicated at the beginning that there is no single way that is guaranteed to market your book, and is suitable for your personality, and gives you impressive results at the same time, and what you can do is to reconcile your intentions and your book, and move constantly in this direction.

Know that selling your book and selling its content are two sides of the same coin. I wrote your book to persuade people of an idea, and marketing your book is only to convince people that this idea is worth paying money and spending time in order to see it.

And choosing your tools to help you in marketing your book is not just a creative or design decision, but rather a marketing decision that needs to match with you and your intentions, and with your audience as well. Here are the tools you will need to start your marketing campaign.

The title of the book
Is the title of your book easy to remember? Is it clear and attractive? If you need to explain the title of the book, make it into a secondary title that adds a little more information to the cover, and use that to identify your audience so the reader will know if the book is right for them or not.

The story of the book

You must be able to write a summary of your book in a sentence or two, in order to use it for your media presentations, for your mailing lists, or to prompt the user to take an action on your site (Call To Action). Write this summary from the perspective of someone who wants to know why he might be interested in the story of that book.

Book Marketing

Test a story to write from one sentence on social networks, or on your mailing list using A / B tests, and calculate the number of interactions in each case, and accordingly adjust your story according to what proves successful.

In short: Your story is how you describe your book in written handouts or interviews

Author translation.

Here you need one phrase that you provide in social networks, a paragraph for the secondary title on the cover of the book or guest articles, and one page for all your details, in which you put your accomplishments, testimonials, previous books and any mention of you in the press, and anything interesting or interesting to your readers.

If you find it difficult to formulate a balance between what is really required as data about you and arrogance and pride in your accomplishments, ask a friend, reader, or editor to help you write it, sometimes it is easy for someone to talk about you instead of talking about yourself.

Author image.

You should look like an expert who knows what to write, especially since you publish your book yourself and lack the credibility of the publishing house that other writers enjoy, so hire a professional photographer or use a professional camera to get a better picture of the book in your field if not better.

Also, your image should be in line with your writing style, so if the content of your book is official, wear a formal dress with dark colors in your photo, or if the content is informal, then it is okay to wear comfortable, less formal clothes.

And make sure that your face is the largest part of the image and in the heart where the reader is located.

Description of the book.

Here you will also need three elements, as in your translation or CV: sentence, paragraph and page. This is a sales offer that tells the reason why someone is reading the book more than a summary of its content. That offer should contain the stimulus that is worth taking a note or worth mentioning about the book, the most important thing that the reader will learn, why someone might care that you originally wrote, and what is the benefit of reading it.

Waking up.

This reporting proves that someone more famous than you liked your book to the point of advising people, and you have three main types of reporting: journalistic mention from well-known media sources (places where your audience gets their knowledge), influencers in your field, and clients who will benefit from reading the book.

Landing page.

This is the sales page for your book on your personal site. Put all of the above with links to buy the book from the stores you contract with.

Mailing List.

This is the best way to go undisputed. I advise you to collect mail addresses before your book is ready through a landing page telling them that the book will be released soon, and use it as an advertising list when preparing your book, and to communicate with your audience constantly. I do not see a better way for an author to reach out to his fans and sell his books, such as a mailing list


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  • These tools are opportunities to sell your book through a marketing medium that you and your audience alike feel comfortable with, and you should make all of your options very professionally, from cover to title to autobiography. Be aware that the key to marketing your book is to compose great content that people want to read and talk about, and then it is a matter of discovering what matches your intentions to market the book.

    And do not write for yourself, but for the benefit of your audience (even if it is personal notes), and if your content is not good then a marketing force cannot succeed in promoting it in the long run.

    Also, know that books are sold through recommendation and endorsement, and people talk about them, the press may help you, and the media may assist you, but the best marketing for it comes to you from ordinary people who tell others that your book is worth reading, write something worth reading, it is difficult and requires a lot of work and review Editing and testing, but not impossible. If people easily absorb what you want and want to know what you have to say, you will not need much persuasion to sell your book, so be clear and unique in your presentation.

    Collect all this you have before launching your book, and carefully plan how you will market it with the tools we mentioned above, in order to distinguish your book from the competition that you will meet from other writers who publish their books themselves.

“Book marketing is like opening doors for your readers to find you, not a stick you hit them with.”

– Heather Hart

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