Modern Examples Of Self-Reliance

Modern Examples Of Self-Reliance is not only the belief that you can handle things and achieve success, but it’s also more than this. It’s the courage to listen to your inner impulses in order to get a hint about the kind of success you really desire. Does it mean getting indoctrinated by yourself? And not listening to something or someone outside of yourself to get an idea of what you should be, do, or possess. And when we begin to learn to read and understand these internal “signals correctly and follow our intuition, we can begin to trust ourselves and not to follow the drums of someone else.”

Psychologist Dr. Thomas Sazz wrote, “Since the price of freedom awakens, the price of independence is self-determination, the price of dignity is self-affirmation, and the price of respect is self-esteem.”

Self-determination and self-esteem are the essential keys to most unprepared persons who need to understand the concept of taking full responsibility for and controlling their lives. Until they find this key, unhappy people dream that someone else can make it better, they can take care of it completely, and they can be responsible for it more effectively than they can. This condemns them to search for the person. Who can protect and care for them?

Modern Examples Of Self-Reliance

Although living independently contributes to building self-confidence and achieving inner peace in general, you should not hesitate to ask for help. Sometimes you may need to ask for help or consult a specialist if you are not qualified enough, especially in an emergency.

The burial bird built a nest for itself in the green cornfield and began feeding its young ones from the buds of the new field until the custom appeared in the neck and its feathers sprouted in the wings completely ?

Modern Examples Of Self-Reliance.

Live out of coverage.

If you really want to confirm your independence, try living in your bubble in a place outside of coverage. Save a lot of money spent on energy by living out of sight and proving that you can live without help.

Consider growing your whole food. Learn about the different types of food that you can eat and grow in the wild. Be very careful not to eat anything that grows in the wild, as some plants can be poisonous. You can also catch the meat you eat yourself, but be sure to follow the hunting rules in your country.

Explore alternative energy sources. Join environmental initiatives and find the various alternative energy sources currently available. You will save money and work to reduce your carbon emissions by taking a few simple steps. Just be sure not to fall into more debt or get involved in agreeing to a lease that affects your financial return.

Modern Examples Of Self-Reliance

Experience before buying. If you are not sure that you can live outside the coverage area, consider renting a house located outside the coverage area for a short vacation (in a remote area such as an island or isolated forest) then make the following vacation a search trip for the actual implementation of the idea.

Learn something new every day. Whether it’s learning how to make baskets, giving an injection to your dog, or gaining a whole new skill, in any case, it will add to you.

Meet new people from different settings and reference. You can learn a lot and lots of others, so make sure to get to know good and real people from different settings who have a good set of skills.

Try to keep emergency equipment indoors with enough water bottles for the whole family for two or three days, and from unspoiled food, light bulbs, a radio, and a first aid kit.

Be real with yourself. Don’t try to change your entrenched personality to keep up with the way other people behave. Adhere to your goals and principles to maintain your independence.

Learn to deal with your feelings and emotions on your own.

Emotional independence means being able to handle your emotions without the need for support and endorsement by others of your experiences and feelings. Dealing with your own feelings means being in-depth when looking at them and looking for hidden reasons behind these feelings without taking explicit reasons.

Such interaction with yourself can lead you to understand the roots of your feelings and lead you to find ways to avoid negative emotions.

You can learn to think and look in greater depth through specialized psychotherapy and by using self-help books and some religious practices and teachings (such as Buddha?s teachings about identity and the ways in which you can contribute to suffering).

Take charge of your life.

Part of self-reliance is assuming responsibilities that enable people to experience independence. Doing simple things like paying your bills on time, cleaning your place if you mess up your place, or going to work or school on time can increase your sense of responsibility and self-reliance.

If you do not have a job, you have the responsibility to search for a job, seek some of the skills that will get you to a job, or start a special project.

Health emergencies.

Knowing what to do in health emergencies can help you save a person’s life, and give you confidence as a result of your feeling of independence even in the face of emergency situations.

Learn how artificial respiration works. There are NGOs and hospitals that offer first aid educational courses and artificial respiration work, which can help you know how to behave in emergencies that include suffocation or loss of consciousness.

Modern Examples Of Self-Reliance

Learn what to do during an emergency. Will you know what to do if a snake bites one of your friends while camping in the wild? Knowing what is being done during these “what-if” scenarios will help you become the person that people turn to during emergencies. The Red Crescent has an electronic application for mobile devices that provides instructions on what to do during a wide range of situations and situations that can occur.

Practice using medical equipment. If you or your partner need to go for permanent medical treatment, relying on a medical expert to give an injection or permanently suspend solutions is not an appropriate solution. Ask your teaching nurse to use some tools for home use so that there is control over the situation, and to provide you and your loved one with more independence.

Learn the basics of car maintenance.

Don’t be like a roadside lady in trouble when the tire explodes. Waiting for help from a mechanic or anyone else can put you in danger. To learn the following basic fixes, YouTube is a good source to watch how these fixes are made. You may find a specific video about your car’s make and model that shows how basic repairs are made, which may be useful if your car needs a special repair method.

How Can Setting Goals Help Me Become Self-Reliant?

Learn how to change the tire. Anyone can change the car tire as long as they have the knowledge and skill. The main method is by unscrewing the bolts and then lifting the car using the crane and removing the nuts, then removing the frame and placing the spare tire, then replacing the nuts, and then lowering the car and then confirming the nuts. You can refer to your car manual or resort to a professional for clarification.

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Find out how the engine and belt drive work. You can save yourself both time and money if you have the ability to check and know when the vehicle is about to be removed or if the engine is malfunctioning. In addition, changing engine belts is a simple process, but its cost, if undertaken by a mechanic, can exceed the price of the belt itself much. Doing the operation yourself will save you a lot of money.

Practice changing car fluids and oils. It is necessary that the car’s oils and fluid fluids be changed periodically. Car oil can be changed from home simply if there is sufficient material and information. Each type of vehicle has its own different recommendations, and your vehicle manual can explain to you the distances after which it is required to perform certain maintenance work on the vehicle.

Take care of your health.

Declare your independence from doctors ?drugs and the need to see a doctor with every feeling of pain in your body, by staying as healthy as you can.

Exercise regularly. The American Heart Association recommends exercising 3 to 4 times a week to reduce cholesterol and blood pressure. [Maintain blood flow and tissue integrity within your body by adhering to some cardio (cardio) and aerobic exercises regularly.

Eat clean and healthy food. Your respect for your body means providing it with healthy food that is extracted from the ground in its original condition. You must get rid of processed foods, high-fat foods, canned chips, and sugars in order to get nourishment and preserve your body.

Make your own decisions.

Allowing others to make decisions for you is to give up your independence and self-reliance. Emphasize your independence and make decisions based on your goals and dreams. While it is important to consider other people’s desires, you do not have to give up making your own decisions.

For example: If you are looking for a place to live with a friend, make sure you make the decision based on what works best for you. If you prefer to rent a house than an apartment in a building for some independence, stick to your choice and do not allow the housing colleague to tell you something you do not want to do.

It can also be common for some people to allow their spouses or others of importance to make all decisions in their relationships, from the restaurant they eat to where they live, and the type of car they buy. Changing the dynamism of this relationship may strain its stability, but participation in decision-making on a daily and long-term level gives you more control over your life.

Learn to manage money.

Allowing someone else to manage your money can lead to unwanted debts, restrict the freedom to use money as you see fit, or lose economic intelligence while taking over financial matters.
This increases your dependence on the person who manages your money, and this not only makes it more difficult to abandon the bad relationship, but also makes the possibility of the situation getting more difficult if that person becomes unable to deal with financial affairs (for example: due to illness Severe or death).

Debt relief.

Experts stress that it is important that the sum of what you pay for long-term debt does not exceed 36% of your total monthly income (confused before taxes, health insurance premiums, etc.) [6] Long-term debt includes mortgage, car, children’s school, and premiums Credit cards..etc.

If you are over 36% of your total monthly income, make a plan for how you will pay off the debts, starting with paying off the loans with the highest interest rates.

Possible possibilities include moving balances to a lower interest rate credit line, redesigning your monthly budget to allocate more money to pay off the debt, or consolidating debt into one payment with a lower interest rate. For example: If you own a house that can be refinanced, your home equity can be used to pay off the debt without having to open another line of credit.

Cook your own food.

Allowing others to cook the food you eat or buy ready-made meals leads to your dependence on others, which in turn reduces your dependence on yourself. Cooking your own food saves you money, provides you with healthy food and a good sense of accomplishment.

Take cooking lessons or learn to cook online or on TV shows. If you have a great difficulty in the kitchen, consider taking tutorials for beginners or try to follow any chef you find on TV cooking stations, as many famous chefs offer offers that contain easy recipes that anyone can implement, however novice.

Have a relative teach you to cook, as this is a great way to learn the basics. In addition, because this can work to strengthen your bond with your neighbor or even contribute to your learning to cook special family recipes that are passed on to generations over time.

One day, the owner of the field visited his land and found that the corn had ripened, and it was time to collect it. The father replied: There is no reason for us to leave now.

When the owners of the field returned again and saw the pinnacles dried up on their back and began to fall due to the sun’s rays, he said to himself: I must rent the harvest collectors and transport vehicles tomorrow .. Then the Qanbar told his youngsters: Now is the time for our departure to another place, as the man began to depend on himself not On his friends ..

(Not serious about the burden on others)

Ways To Boost Self-Reliance and Self-Confidence

1 – Set your goal first then start the path and you must trust and believe that you will reach your goal and on your way you must get rid of your fears and never give in to any obstacles that you may face, just face it decisively and firmly and you will overcome it.

2 – You must believe in yourself and your abilities and be bold and calculate the dangers of life well and a secret in the way of your goal and do not deviate from it and do not regret anything that has passed and do not regret it, but learn from it well you will never know the thrill of winning unless you face difficulties and overcome them.

3 – Never look behind you, you will not be able to change the past, but only learn from it.

4 – Enjoy your life completely, work hard and take advantage of all opportunities and do not waste time, and let your outlook on life always be positive, no matter what happens from the failures.

5 – Be highly ambitious and always try new and limit your capabilities and yourself, so the challenge is the beating heart of all human actions, so that it changes, grows, continues, and will reach the highest levels.

6 – Live your life completely and love it. Every second has its value. It is your entire life. Your life is measured in seconds. Also, your deeds and accomplishments in your life are measured in seconds. Life has taught me to live the moment in which I am as if it was my last moment in life.

7 – Depend on yourself, your self, your abilities, seek and trust in God, and do not trust, for livelihood will only come to you through seeking.

8 – Man, by his social nature, cannot live alone, therefore you have to appreciate your family, friends and neighbors, the right to appreciation and respect and help them, although I learned to rely on myself and my abilities, but I cannot live without family and friends.

9 – Let your goal be victory, but do not fool anyone and always do good and help others and change yourself and those around you by always doing good and with the kind word and the honest smile.

10 – Respect yourself until others respect you, and be polite in your speech fair in your dealings and do nothing to regret it, reprimand your conscience, and disturb your night and sleep.

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