33 Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Are you looking for online jobs and ideas to work for mothers? In this article, we offer you great ideas for making money online for All mothers, but some may not get a big paycheck for everything you do. Raising children is one of the most challenging and rewarding jobs.

But if there are bills or expenses, or if the mother wants to stay on track with her own professional skills while staying with her children at home, the work from home can be her best choice.

View these 11 flexible jobs for mothers that they can do while they are at home. Let’s know which one you like the most!

33 Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Do online surveys. This never earned me more than a few $25 gift cards, but sites like MyPoints give you points for clicking through or watching videos, and then you trade the points for gift cards. Definitely, don’t do anything you have to pay to join!

Find a seasonal hobby; I did this after most of my children were grown, but I could have done it when they were younger. I work as a Christmas caroler with a local singing group.

Baby certificates. Create special certificates for new babies using the information you get from the family about grandparents, aunts, and uncles, etc. Create a questionnaire about the family and incorporate that information with “the day you were born” information.

Wooden announcements. If you are good with woodworking and painting, create lawn signs announcing the birth of a new baby. Either rent them out to new parents or sell them.

Telegrams. Why not create a singing telegram service or cookie grams, or balloon grams or funny telegrams? If you don’t have the talent to sing or dance, hire someone. There are lots of possibilities.

Become a clown. That’s right! Put on silly makeup and wear big shoes and crazy clothes and rent yourself out for parties. There is actually an online clown community that is packed with valuable information! Isn’t that great? This may be one of the most fun career moves you’ve ever made, so head on over to dufferz.com and find out more.

Letter writer. Create special letters from Santa, tooth fairy or Easter bunny and sell them in classified ads and lots of other ways. It’s fun!

Housesitter. When someone is gone for vacation, the best deterrent to thieves is to think someone is still at home. Make sure you get insured to protect everyone!

Herb gardener. Plant and sell garden-fresh herbs. I’d love to have a place where I could buy wonderful, fresh herbs that were grown without pesticides.

Plant maintenance. Someone outside the business usually cares for those plants in restaurants and businesses. Visit PlantMakers to start your own plant rental and maintenance business right away.

Sketch artist. If you can draw, hire yourself out for parties to do sketches or to parents to sketch the children.

Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Dorm maid. No one on earth is as messy as a college kid. Offer a weekly maid service at an affordable price. Sell add ons with your service as well like, a weekly batch of cookies, laundry washing service, etc

Dorm packer. Speaking of college kids how about packing up that dorm room at the end of the semester for them? They are busy with finals and would gladly get Mom and Dad to write a check to someone to take that pressure away.

Notary. Become a notary public and advertise your service. Read, “How to Become a Notary Signing Agent” for a LOT of help to get started.

Gourmet jams and jellies. If you are a person that cans, sell your wares at craft shows or create your own craft show!

Workplace delivery service. Deliver lunch, breakfast, etc. to businesses. Either cook your own food or offer a service that picks up meals at restaurants that don’t deliver.

Translator. If you are bilingual, there are lots of agencies that could use your help. Try local law enforcement or schools.

Tutor. If you have knowledge that someone else could use, tutor. Whether it’s for children who need help with reading and math or adults who want to learn to speak French!

Private investigator. Contact your state attorney general’s office to determine what you need to do to get your license.

Dog walker. People that love their dogs don’t always have the time to walk them. Advertise in vet’s offices or your local paper.

Litter box cleaner. It’s a dirty job, but someone has to do it! Offer to come in five times a week to clean the litter box thoroughly.

DJ service. How about a mobile karaoke or DJ service for parties and weddings?

Get engaged. Come up with the most unique ways to pop the big question and offer your service to men. Orchestrate the entire event or simply write a booklet with your ideas and sell that.

Bed and breakfast. If you live in a wonderful home with lots of tourists around, this could be perfect for you. Provide little extras not found in big hotels, like personal tours.

Fitness trainer. If you are fit and have knowledge of this kind of thing, people will eat it up! Hold classes at a community room or hotel meeting room or be mobile and visit your client’s home or office.

Yoga instructor. This goes along with #50. Yoga is hot and has been for quite some time. If you understand Yoga and are good at it, you have a business.

Fundraiser. If you are the first one people call when they need help raising money because you always have the best and most unique ideas, consider marketing that skill. Make your service available to charities, hospitals, schools, etc. anywhere raising money is always an issue.

Professional organizer. My office is a mess! Is yours? If you are amazingly organized and have unique and inexpensive ideas about organizing your home, you can bet someone is willing to pay you to help them.

Homeowner referral service. Seek out the best plumbers, electricians, landscapers, and carpenters and create a referral service for homeowners. Make sure you get references and keep them on file. It would be great to have a number to call that would give you a list of the best of these types of professions so that you never have to chance to get someone less than reputable.

Restaurant fax. Visit local restaurants and get a weekly list of menu specials especially lunch menus. (Only if they agree to what you’re doing!) For a weekly fee, fax these menus to other local non-restaurant businesses who want to receive the service. It’s great direct advertising for restaurants and great for those trying to decide each day where to go to lunch. Be sure to have more than one restaurant on your list!

Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Menus. I would love to have one big menu of all my local restaurants and their numbers and a brief overview of their menus. Something laminated would be even better…maybe even magnetized so I could keep it on the fridge! Why not create one and sell advertising space? Give them away free to restaurant patrons.

Pet trainer. If you have a way of making Fido do tricks and stop going potty on the fern in the living room, you have a business!

Insurance documentation. Document client’s belongings with a digital camera and put them on two disks. One for the safe deposit box and one you can keep on file or provide the insurance agency.

Traveling kid care. I love this idea!!! Find local hair salons, spas, tanning salons, etc., and offer to set up drop-in childcare in their business. How great would it be to know you could go tan or get your nails done and your child would get to spend 20 minutes or an hour playing under adult supervision? Create a traveling box of goodies to entertain little ones that you take with you. Also, you might consider hiring qualified teens or other moms so that you can blanket your area with this kind of childcare. Businesses that used your service would probably see a big increase in their business and repeat business and you could charge by the day or hour directly to the company.
Fun Attic offers lots and lots of game ideas to help get you started.

Service aquariums. This is yet another yucky pet job that people put off and would gladly pay someone to do if there were someone to pay. Visit Aqualink.com for more information than you could ever imagine about this business!

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