27 Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

27 Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms. If you want work from home ideas, you’ve come to the right place. We have lots of great work from Home ideas Money-Making Ideas For Stay-At-Home Moms.!

The work from home ideas you’ll find here will help you work from home right away.
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Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

How do stay at home moms make money at home?

A stay at home mom can find a job just as well as any unemployed person, they just have to keep the schedule of their children in mind when looking for one.

Adult daycare. Daycare for the elderly is in high demand. Offer refreshments (careful of dietary concerns), games, crafts, and activities.

Special day charts. With your computer and a little Internet research, you can create wonderful charts telling what happened during certain years in the past. They would make great birthday, anniversary or new baby gifts. which tells you what song was number one on a specific date. For everything you ever wanted to know about the day you were born, the best site I’ve found by far is Marie. It’ll be a great help to you.

Sell your crafts. This may sound simple enough, but so many women think that the crafts they make are not good enough to sell. Yes, they are! I have seen the simplest items that anyone could make sell like hotcakes at craft fairs. Go to craft shows and get selling!

Start a consignment store. These stores are great. If you like, create a specialty consignment store that sells only children’s clothes and toys or one that specializes in used furniture or office equipment. (If you resell children’s items, allow moms to trade in merchandise for store credit to build your inventory.)

Clean homes. This seems to be a booming business in most of the country right now. The start-up costs are low and if you really go the extra mile for your clients, you can bet you’ll stay busier than you can imagine.

Make and sell homemade items. Learn to make homemade bath salts, linen water, etc, and market them at craft fairs or on the Internet. www.recipegoldmine.com has TONS of making it yourself recipes!

Make and sell gift baskets. Come up with some clever gift basket ideas and you’ve got a great seller. I recently saw one prepared for a movie night complete with DVD, popcorn, soda pop, candy, etc Great for special occasion gifts.

Personal shopper. If you have the time to grocery shop, you may have a business! Lots of women are too busy to shop for their families and would happily pay someone to do it for them. Charge by the hour or by the trip.
Be sure to factor in the rising price of gas when deciding on your fees.

Webmaster. If you have the skill to build a Website, advertise your skill to local businesses or make money using affiliate ads. Visit How To Make a Web Page for a list of super-easy web page builders that are either FREE or very low cost.

Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Matchmaker. If your friends are always looking to you to fix them up, maybe you have a moneymaking skill. Create questionnaires for potential clients and hook up those that you think would make a good match.

Cab rides for teens. Mom and Dad could pay you a fixed monthly fee so that their teenagers would have a safe ride home in the event they were to find themselves needing someone to pick them up to avoid riding with someone that had been drinking or if they had been drinking themselves. You could offer a “contact” for parents and teens to sign stating if the teens used your service to avoid a bad situation, they would not get in trouble when they got home.

What are the best jobs for stay at home moms?

Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Part-time childcare. Parents looking for daycare for Friday night or Saturday morning are hard-pressed to find such a place. Get in there and fill that need! If Mom and Dad want a little date time on the weekend, they can call you. If Mom wants to buy groceries on Saturday morning without little hands helping her, you will the one she brings her little angels to. This field is wide open in most parts of the country, so give this some serious thought. Give it a fun name like Kids Night Out! If you prefer to only work on the weekends, or you want extra cash before you quit your regular job, this is a great idea. Be sure to call your local city offices to find out what you need to do to become registered or licensed.

Money Making Ideas For Stay At Home Moms

Got junk? If you have a knack for cleaning up and organizing, this is perfect. Get yourself an old truck and start cleaning out and organizing garages. Most folks hate to do it and would gladly pay you well so that they don’t have to.

Special event planner. Plan one event a month for women only.
Have a crafter teach how to do something, or motivational speakers come and speak. Serve wonderful snacks and offer a great time for women in your community.

Birthday parties. Working moms today don’t always have the time or energy to host birthday parties for the kids. Jump in there and plan it from start to finish, including everything from doing invitations to hiring entertainment to clean up. Make each one memorable and you’ll get lots of business from all the other moms whose children attend.

Give lessons. Teach others to do what you are good at baking, crocheting, knitting, anything you do that people are always saying, “Wow! How did you do that?” would be a great way to earn extra money.

Create kits. If you’re crafty, come up with easy to understand kits and directions and sell them. Be sure to include great photos that help to explain the process. It’s always easier to do something if you can see it as you do it.

Companion. Often the elderly would love to get out more, but don’t want to go alone. Or, most of their friends have passed away and they have no one to chat with. Offer a service to family members of the elderly to be their companion. Take them to the doctor, shopping, or just play checkers with them at their home. Simply spend time making them happy!

Personal chef. If you are a wonderful cook and enjoy being in the kitchen, become a personal chef. Go into your clients’ home and prepare meals from start to finish and do the cleanup. Leave the meals with detailed instructions for reheating. Include a wonderful dessert service as well.

Garage sales. If you are like me, you love garage sales. I love going to them and I love having them myself. When I have one, I am very organized and very detailed. Why not offer your services to those that might like to have a garage sale, but don’t have the time or skill to do it themselves? Charge a percentage of the sales total.

Scavenger hunt planner. If you’ve ever been to a scavenger hunt, you know what fun they can be. Check out some books from the library and plan scavenger hunts for groups of people. They are a great way to celebrate a birthday or anniversary. If you aren’t sure how to plan a scavenger hunt, or you need a little help getting started, have a look at Scavenger Hunt: The Host’s Guide to The Ultimate Adventure. This 52 page eBook is packed with info you’ll need to get started and is only $7.99… a great deal.

Petsitter. Check on pets, feed, water, and walk and give meds to pets while the owners are away. Petsit.com offers tons of very good information about this career.

Clean carpets. I hate this job and would gladly pay someone else to do it. Check into the best prices for buying the necessary equipment.

Lawn care. Mowing yards is not just for kids anymore. Give yourself a professional name and you’re in business.

Landscaper. If your own yard is beautiful and you receive lots of compliments, why not do the same for other people? Plan a flower garden for them and care for it each week. For some great free information and tips, visit My Garden Guide, the world’s largest online gardening library.

Pet bows. Lots of folks love their pets and love to dress them up. Learn to make snazzy pet hair bows and you’ve got a great business idea!

Gourmet pet treats. Find great recipes for pet treats on the Internet and buy some neat cookie cutters to make them into different shapes. Use only the best ingredients.

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