How To Market Real Estate On Social Media?

The real estate sector has witnessed a remarkable shift since the emergence of the Internet, as research in Google has become the first step that many people make when they want to buy a home.

People nowadays roam the relevant real estate sites and forums in addition to the sites for your competitors in order to search before they decide to consult a real estate agent. So getting people’s attention and getting their attention requires more focus and creativity than before.

One of the things that might be the reason why real estate is so special is the idea: “You are your brand.”

Although this term is important in other areas, it is becoming increasingly important in real estate because it relates to your local community. The competition will be the dominant feature of your business and your goal will be to show your face in front of your city.

Is there a better way to search for customers than on the same platforms where they are? Social media is no longer optional for business owners and institutions as before, but rather has become a basis for providing an introduction to:

  • Rapid reaction.
  • Publish the content.
  • Advertising.
  • Brand promotion.
  • Social messaging.
  • Customer Relationship Management.

Now, let us go ahead and mention the importance of setting goals. A well-defined goal is that which is precisely defined and measurable. Setting a general goal is a great step, but your ultimate goal will often happen as a result of a series of conversations with clients. If your strategy in social media for real estate marketing is effective, it will inevitably lead to the growth of your business through a series of steps such as bringing new visitors and caring for people expected to convert into clients and follow-up of former clients.

You care about an entire platform of people at different stages of the sales process path, or what is known as a sales funnel, so it is important to be aware of your audience’s divisions.

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Step up to your real estate marketing competitors by making your own an effective social networking strategy. Your control on social media will have a long-term impact on your net income for your business, so you gain an edge in the market by using profitable tactics that we will discuss later.

how to market your real estate business on social media

Which platforms should I use?
All platforms? Probably.

In fact, it depends on the type of property you are managing. For example, Snapchat and Instagram platforms fulfill the desires of younger generations more than Facebook and LinkedIn. But Facebook and Instagram are considered platforms that make it easy to convert visitors into customers.

Of course, there will always be possibilities so you have to try everything until you find what works for you. But Facebook and Instagram will be your starting point for your real estate social media strategy. LinkedIn LinkedIn is also a very useful platform, especially if you work in commercial real estate, ie B2B.

Regardless of which platform you use, remember these notes:

  • Add your address, working hours and service location in the BIOS to all of your accounts.
  • Add a lot of contact options like call now, book an appointment, website link.
  • You are trying to convert regular visits into conversations.
  • Keep professional. You represent yourself with a professional account, not a personal account, so be aware of your customers ’experience when you post or publish a post.

Focus on quality content.

Black hat tactics and other methods used to circumvent will not help you in creating a successful e-marketing strategy, especially in platforms that have specific criteria such as social networking sites because people search for quality as well as most algorithms search engines for social networking sites.

The high quality and useful content will always rise to the top, the content is the property because it brings clarity with it and promotes your brand and causes people to limit it.

market real estate on social media

Traditional marketing focuses on attracting attention while contemporary electronic marketing focuses on adding the highest possible value in a competitive market.

As a real estate agent, you provide a service to your community and grow into the primary source for people in your city. Building yourself and appearing as someone who has invested in his community and has been involved in many activities will be very beneficial to you on public platforms like social media.

Because you are considered an expert in a field that many people will need to go through during some period of their lives, so the knowledge you publish will benefit many people.

Here are some content creation ideas that might help you to promote yourself:

  • Property tour videos
  • Client testimonials
  • Real estate tips and tricks
  • Valuable news article
  • New property listings
  • Helpful tools/service recommendations
  • Real estate fun facts
  • Relatable memes
  • Latest local market updates
  • What’s New? What’s Trending?
  • DIY ideas and tips
  • Useful checklists
  • Your explainer videos
  • Your website content (blogs, resources, guides)
  • Problems: To which our audience can relate to
  • Motivational quotes
  • Answers to buyer FAQs
  • Answers to seller FAQs
  • Home staging ideas and tips
  • Open house promotion
  • Best property investment options in your area
  • Home buying and selling advice
  • Pictures of homes you sold
  • Local events around the area
  • Seasonal content like National Day, Christmas etc
  • Pictures of housewarming party of clients
  • Home buying process
  • Home selling process
  • Home moving tips
  • Real estate events around the area
  • Home inspection checklist
  • Different mortgage options

How To Create A Marketing Strategy For A Small Business

Publishing useful articles related to home buying, real estate, and personal finance
Publishing opinion articles on LinkedIn in LinkedIn
Post photos and videos to promote your community’s events
Create Live (Live) Videos to give people an inside look of business
Interactive content and questionnaires.


You can also use social media to display your real estate available in high-resolution images. Facebook supports the panoramic and 3D vision that benefit businesses and especially the real estate field.

Displaying photos of your old real estate is a great idea to show off your business skills. Although this may not usually help sales directly, it might do so if you find the right audience, in the worst case you will have provided your account with high-quality content.

Proving your value to your customers and competitors through blogging will make you an intellectual leader in your business. Continuous blogging will do wonders for the social media strategy of your real estate because it will help you attract more visitors, not only this, but regular blogging in a number of diverse topics will create a channel that attracts people in various stages of sales funnel starting from the stage of awareness then awareness and then to The permanent client stage.

How to market real estate on social media

Is there a better place than social media to promote your valuable articles?

You can put posts related to them or include a number of links to them in your accounts, in any case, they will work the CTA or the so-called “call to action” which will direct people to your website.

You can also use networking sites to find topics to write about, whether through interacting with people or through social listening tools.

Another way to add sources to your post content is to publish user-created content for your services. This method is used in many industries to attract customers, increase interaction with them, and get loyal followers. How do you do that? Most of the time people post pictures or write flyers after they sell or buy them for a specific home, all you have to do is republish what they wrote or put in photos and videos (after getting their approval of course). Doing so motivates others to imitate them and shows that you are not just a salesman.

On the other hand, you can publish recommendations specific to your old customers, it is best to make this action a routine that you will continue to do on your web page. But just as with user-generated content, you should encourage your customers to interact with you. I don’t think it will be a difficult order after the customer bought you a house that he is happy with! You will find that this greatly enhances your credibility.

The Facebook and Instagram algorithms do not simply provide you with content made by the people you follow, but the content must gain attention and get a quick interaction to be evaluated as valuable content and then raised to the top. It is a positive assessment circuit that you can use to your advantage to enhance the social media strategy of your real estate.

Be committed.

Commitment is an important key to posting content on social media because of the lack of continuity or the long period of time between each post leads to a decrease in the number of followers. You want to keep your target audience in mind if they have already been involved in the home buying process.

Consider creating a continuous blueprint that tests which days and times when people are more likely to interact and interact on social media after you have mastered this step you can move on to transform this process into an automated process in which you add content and posts in a planned and organized way.

How to market real estate on social media

If you think that your lack of commitment to good content may negatively affect the social media strategy for your real estate, you may need to recruit specialists in this field.


Although advertising will not bring you the same revenue that high-quality content marketing brings to you, it can also serve as additional support for an effective social media strategy.

Advertising is a short and cost-effective way of attracting customers. All platforms work in similar ways under a number of basics.

Both Facebook and Instagram use the CPM method, i.e. CPM, in addition to the CPC method, i.e. pay-per-click. In both models, you can define basic rules for your target audience such as age, geography, etc.

Viral Marketing How to use viral marketing?

CPM – You pay for every 1000 people who see your posts in the Facebook or Instagram advertising section.

CPC – This method is more cost-effective because you only pay when someone clicks your ad, and it is a good way to make your budget flexible while you get a satisfactory result.

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It is worth noting that after 2018 when several major companies, including Facebook, were reviewed for privacy concerns. Some changes have been made to its advertising system.

Since then, most targeted advertising behaviors such as “may move”, “homeowners”, and “tenants” have been deleted. These changes have strongly affected the real estate industry, but this does not mean that they are no longer likely to happen.

Reinforcement and interaction.

Social media is a sophisticated customer relationship management platform. A good social media account does not only put posts, but comment on others’ posts, add likes and publish high-quality content, as well as respond to incoming comments, and most of all, it is done quickly and continuously.

Buying homes or other real estate is considered a big deal for the average person, in addition to that, the person is forced to interact directly with the product that raises his interest about 7 times or more before he decides to become a customer. Social media provides an excellent platform for ongoing visibility and interaction.

Remember, always, that one of the most important uses of social media lies in the process of sending messages. People were not ready to talk about their opinions and share them with others as they are now, so if you have a good number of followers then consider posting questions or interactive questionnaires or you can make the conversation continue in one of your published articles.

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Because communication has become more available on social media, you should expect a lot of communication there and do not be afraid to follow your customer with a number of messages. If he has an account on social media, it is lighter than regular email.

Measure the arrival rate of your posts for your reach visitors
A good goal is one that can be determined precisely and measurable? It is difficult to determine if your post is performing the desired purpose if you do not have certain criteria to walk on.

Fortunately, Facebook provides a post-analysis feature, so you can know whether or not you’re reaching customers.

You can analyze:

  • Impressions Impressions.
  • Click through rates.
  • Engagement interaction.
  • Demographics.
  • Location.
  • Reach.
  • Relevance.

With a little good research, you can look at your content and see which one matches any type of person. You can specify whether visitors reach you for normal search, paid search, or due to popular content.

After you have this information, it will be difficult not to benefit from improving your posts and moving forward.

What is real estate marketing?

Real estate marketing in its comprehensive concept is three phases or pivotal and fundamental steps or steps; the first step is the process of finding a real estate opportunity that is meant to own the property that will work on marketing and promote it for profit by selling it, and this is done either by buying the property Or building and establishing it from the beginning.

The second step, which is the pivotal step in real estate marketing, is the negligence of real estate promotion, which is meant to promote the property and its characteristics and features that make it desirable to buy from everyone until the real estate marketer gets the required profit; while the third step is in the process of completing the deal, that is, the completion of the sale provided that all The funniest process winners until this real estate marketing process are judged successful and effective

How To Market Real Estate On Social Media?

1- “Domain” on the Internet

Buying or owning your own domain name on the Internet comes as an initial and necessary step to start an electronic real estate marketing activity, which is also known as the “Domain” of your website. In this regard, we must point out that it is necessary for the domain name of your real estate marketing activity to have the same name as your real company, as this gives you good marketing advantages for your activity and your company at the same time.

2- Create a website on the Internet.

After purchasing a domain name for the marketer or real estate agent, he must, as a next and second step, launch or create the website of his real estate company on the Internet, so that it becomes the place where all clients, whether current or potential, are reluctant to buy or sell any property, regardless of the type of this. The property. The web site of real estate marketing companies is also used in content marketing by sharing information not only information about the real estate promoted, but it may include information in general related to the field.

One of the most important conditions for success in e-real estate marketing is the development of a professional and attractive website for marketing through all properties just like the products marketed through e-stores.

3- Consolidating and exploiting all means of electronic marketing

It is necessary for the pedestrian and before starting the e-marketing service to push and improve real estate marketing for your company; it is to determine your position and your location specifically in the environment of fierce competition between real estate marketing agents and companies on the Internet networks, and then work hard to improve and advance this site and that status by dedicating All possible ways and means of e-marketing to achieve the desired marketing goals and described in advance in your site’s marketing plan.

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E-marketing includes content marketing and video marketing as well as e-mail marketing and through ads of various social media platforms (Facebook – Snapchat – Instagram – Messenger – YouTube – Twitter – and others).

4- Integration between electronic and traditional marketing methods.

One of the most important ingredients and strategies for success in e-real estate marketing via the Internet is the merging and integration between e-marketing strategies and methods and the traditional marketing strategies and methods that we mentioned in the previous paragraphs. Achieving integration and merging between the two patterns in marketing would increase the rate of access to your real estate services and reach your brand by the public.

5- Providing attractive and useful presentations.

One of the important ingredients that many real estate marketing website owners overlook, and which contribute effectively to achieving the desired success in electronic real estate marketing; is to provide professional, attractive, and useful presentations for users and visitors to the website; which revolves around how to benefit from the site, whether in selling their real estate or Marketing to her, as well as in case of wanting to buy and get the right property. The presentation of the website must contain all the ways to benefit from the website and the advantages it provides in an attractive and easy way.

6- Providing clients with real estate information through blogs.

One of the factors and ingredients that have proven strongly in its effectiveness and its tremendous ability to succeed in e-real estate marketing in recent times, is to provide customers, whether current or potential, with ideas and information related to your activity by creating and owning a special blog on the real estate company’s website. Through this blog, articles can be submitted periodically that provides valuable real estate information to all those interested in the activity, as well as articles that contain all the common questions that can come to mind customers about your activity and services.

7. Use Pay-per-click ads .

Pay-per-click ads are an excellent strategy for real estate brokers looking to attract new leads.

Pay-per-click advertisements are a good option for real estate marketing, and this type of advertisement helps real estate experts who search for potential customers who have a real interest in the offers offered because they are only paid when someone clicks on the ad.

idea, plan, action

Pay-per-click ads are usually intended for individuals who have searched for related keywords, in Google, or any other search engine.

8. Offer virtual tours with Virtual Tours video.

Virtual Home Tours provide great content in any successful e-marketing strategy. These rides not only provide video content – which generates 49% faster income for marketers than those who do not use the video – but also allow the potential customer to get a clear idea of ​​the offered home.

Buying homes can be difficult, and as a real estate expert, your task is to make the process as easy for your clients as possible. Here are some features that should be included for the virtual tour to be successful:

Use real photos of the house
Ensure that the video is interactive, responsive to all displays (mobile devices and desktop computers)
Use the 3D view feature.

Excellent tips for real estate marketing on social media to thrive in your business.

1. Promote the area, not just the house or property

Most real estate agents only promote the formal aspects of homes and do not focus on attracting visitors to the same area and talking about the neighborhood, so take advantage of this point and promote the area in which the house is located.

coming soon, launching, launch

2. Educate buyers

Real estate is an important experience for which you gain a lot of knowledge, so do not hold back on your followers with this knowledge, so in the future, you may be able to employ one of them. Writing some useful articles or important tweets is one of the best ways to market real estate online.

3. Chat with your followers

Homebuyers are texting looking for answers to their questions, and the time for direct phone calls has passed. So make sure to answer them and their questions quickly.

4. Respond to good and bad comments

It is important to respond to good comments and thank the owners and prepare them that you are always in their service. It is also good to respond to negative comments about the failure of the service, for example, but do not engage in a fight with anyone and do not respond to harmful comments.

5. Avoid trying to get attention just to show your real estate exhibits

It is OK to market your properties but does not make this the basis of every conversation with visitors. Try to add some useful articles to them with good content.

6. Use the correct hashtag (tag) to improve your content

You rarely find someone who gives attention to hashtags as a real influencer in attracting visitors. It is true that he has known his job of bringing more likes to social media posts, but in fact, it brings more interaction to the content you offer and facilitates the process of finding you by others.

7. Add quotes for real estate agents in your content industry strategy

If you work in the real estate field, you definitely know how difficult it is to create simple, high-value content for your target audience that is suitable for online real estate marketing, so your use of ready quotes and recommendations is a great way to improve your strategy and build confidence with your audience. You can use funny quotes, inspirational quotes, or those mentioned by most famous real estate agents or businessmen in the real estate field. As for the recommendations, you can contact your former clients and ask them about their opinion of your services.

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