50 Money-Saving Tips That Actually Work

Saving money becomes easier when you do it happily. You should know that the average per capita income is 5.7% of income when you do it without pressure and deprivation. One of the financial behavior experts, Jacob Timmons, says that we prefer to think of ourselves in a logical and causal way when it comes to money. The article contains a set of mental ideas that help to save money easier with a feeling of happiness and contentment.

Steps to save you money.

1.Focus on “why” you want money and not “how” you get money:

If you want to get more money, all you think about is how smart you must go to get the necessary money. But there is a published study that says who focuses on “the cause” of collecting money or the goal of saving it, such as buying a new home, for example, or a new car, or making a trip can save money more easily than those who focus on the method of obtaining money only.

Studies have proven that focusing on the way all money is made can cause confusion and the inability to make the right decisions in order to implement your plan for saving money. Plans and decisions are always correct when their author has an open mind who knows exactly the goals he wants to reach and this is not achieved when focusing on the medium.

2.Harness your energy:

According to research at Stanford University, the more powerful you feel when making financial decisions, the greater your ability to save money. Before you sit with a financial advisor and before you go shopping before you buy this shirt, meal or this electronic device, try to think carefully about the reasons that will make you do this and what is most important to you and will you really benefit from it? Is it not so special to pay this amount?

3. Write down your goals for which you are saving money:

One of the simplest ways that will make a difference with you. Instead of just thinking about your goals for which you are saving money, research has found that people who write their goals can achieve success more and 61% faster.

Writing will help you track your progress and know your progress in a practical way, which makes you feel the achievement that you may need at some times to encourage you to continue. It will also give your mind a strong signal that what you do is paying off in the real world.

4. Make saving money happier for you:

Deprivation, spending less, economy or austerity never seem words with happy fall to ear. But do you think that feeling bad about saving money might make you collect it faster ??

We assure you that the more you feel bad about saving. So try to experience the opposite feeling. Try to enjoy saving as much money as you can and you will see that it makes making your money easier and faster. This begins by setting a day of each month or every week so that you calculate the amount of money you saved and the percentage of increasing it, which gives you some sense of reassurance that you are on the right path and will reach your goal soon and this is enough to make you feel happy

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5. Make an appointment to collect the money:

It is hard to make up your mind to stop saving this percentage of the money if you decide on this yourself. Then you should ask a friend to help you stay on target. It is useful to show your goals to your friends that you are saving money for in order to tell you what to do, for example, after the first 20 days of entry and so on with the rest of the goals so that not just raising money is the main goal for you

3.Narrow your focus area:

How to save money every month?

It is important to focus on achieving each goal separately. Focusing on the implementation of one plan is always better and faster in implementation. The implementation of more than one goal at a time enters your mind in an endless stage of thinking that may lead you to misery or failure. So just think according to your ability

1- Stop buying your daily coffee, buy a Thermo mug and make your coffee at home every day before going to work.

2- Prepare breakfast or food at home and take it with you instead of buying food from outside. This will save a lot of cash and will keep you healthy as well.

3- Without what you want to buy on paper even if you go shopping, you are specific in your choices and do not leave yourself to random purchase decisions.

4- Clean your car yourself, and just clean it in the supply stations once a month.

5- Always ask about fashion stores and supermarket offers to buy your needs according to them.

6- In order to save gasoline, take advantage of your friend to get to work if you live in one place and follow the same path.

7- If possible, use public transportation or the metro on some days instead of driving the car every day.

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8- Invest your money in equipment that will save you a lot of cash in the future such as steam iron, a coffee machine, and a gift.

9 – Always try to control the internet and monthly phone packages by making them prepaid, instead of invoicing.

10- Avoid carrying a prepaid credit card with you all the time. Leave it at home and use it only in times of necessity.

11- Participate in the points accumulation cards that are provided by most shops, especially from the areas that you buy a lot from. You can then use these points to buy your needs.

12- On birthdays, you can resort to symbolic or moral gifts or prepare them yourself at home instead of buying expensive items.

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13- Decrease your average frequency for restaurants and cinemas per month, and arrange for exits that do not require a lot of extra cash.

14- Think about gathering with your friends at home to spend a different evening.

15- Drink lots of water! Water is an essential ingredient to give you a lasting sense of fullness, so you avoid spending your money on soft drinks, soda, energy drinks, etc. It will also avoid many diseases in the future.

16- Stop smoking!

17- Avoid going shopping in times of stress or sadness! In other words, try to avoid emotional buying.

18- Avoid going too far from the mall

19- Always set a special budget for shopping, another for exits, and another for transportation, and so on, and try to stick to it and not skip it every month. Reward yourself if you succeed in this challenge by buying a gift for you. READ ALSO ways to save money on food

20- Instead of always buying your clothes from some of the most famous clothing brands, search for high-quality local alternatives and invest your money in them.

21- This advice for girls in particular: Learn online how to put on makeup and new ideas for hairstyles and prepare yourself for your makeup and hair on your various occasions instead of going to beauty salons.

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22- Learn how to make natural masks at home and make them yourself instead of paying money on cleansed masks.

23- Instead of buying expensive skincare products, resort to natural alternatives such as oils and natural substances.

24- Prepare homemade fast food to take along with you on your travels.

25- Participate in trade unions or public bodies linked to your professional specialization to benefit from the services they provide, such as health insurance.

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26 – Avoid the gym’s annual subscription, as long as you are not sure of continuing to go to it.

27- In the case of traveling abroad, be sure to book your ticket one or two months before the date of travel, as tickets are usually cheaper compared to their prices if they are booked one or two days before the date.

28- Use free communication tools instead of international calls whenever you have the opportunity.

29- Participate in cooperative societies in which a group of people participates in order to save their money, in which each person receives the total number of individual contributions in turn. This trick will force you to save money every month without hesitation.

30- Find an honest person and save your money with him.

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  1. Love the tip 30. Haha… Well, I do like reading and following saving tips. Actually, I’ve had a habit of having breakfast at home for more than 3 years as well as bringing water when going jogging, and these do help me control the expense, in general. Thanks for the ideas.

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