Sell Textbooks On Amazon The Guide for making money On Your Old Books If you want to earn money with your old books, then you should sell them in your textbook. While it’s convenient at the end of the semester to go to the yard to download your textbooks, spend a little more effort and follow some tips for selling textbooks. That will give you much more money than your school will give you. ,

Sell your books online

Unless you already know someone who is looking for the books you want to sell, looking for students and arranging a mutually beneficial business. If you want to maximize your profits and convenience, consider buying books online.

Barely five years ago, buying and selling textbooks online was a complicated business. Amazon and eBay were not so well positioned for people who wanted to sell books, and the largest book buying and leasing sites did not exist or were not yet popular. All of these issues have changed and selling books online is incredibly easy and easy.

Sold via Amazon and eBay

The good thing about selling to Amazon is the fact that you only have to set the price at which you want to sell your book, and then send the text when it’s sold. Your ad will be published with official and new copies of the book you sell, and you will not have to worry about account management or advertising.

eBay has the potential to offer you more money by selling your books than Amazon through its automated bidding system, but do not expect a crazy bidding war to break out for one of the books you sell. At the end of the day, eBay’s auction system is likely to sell its books faster than the Amazon program, but at a lower price.

Sell to booksellers online or to book tenants

Over the last few years, a fairly large industry of websites has emerged that specialize in the purchase and sale of student books and now offer a truly workable way to quickly and easily clean your bookshelf and make a big change in the process.

You will get a better price if you sell your books on one of these sites than if you sell them at your school, but you will make the most money by selling your books to textbook rental services such as or

Chegg and other similar sites rent books to students at a reasonable price for a semester. By repeatedly renting a book in a book, websites like Chegg earn more money than a retailer in a single book, so they can afford to buy their used books at a higher price than their competitors.

If you keep an eye on these great sites, at the end of the semester you will not be able to take on the little money that your school will offer.

Tips for Selling Textbooks

Here’s a quick overview of things to keep in mind:

1.Price. Although it’s obvious before you sell your textbooks, you’ll find out how much books are worth. Visit Amazon and enter the title of the book. Once the results are displayed, make sure the correct edition and title are displayed.

Also, note the condition of your books. You will find that prices vary according to the conditions of the book. The key is to get an idea of what the book is worth and which dealer pays more money.

2. Time If you do not need money urgently, never sell your textbooks at the end of the semester. Because? The demand is very low and you do not get the maximum value of the book. In fact, if the book is not required for summer courses, the values of “redemption” are lowest.

The best you can do is try to support until the beginning of a new semester. As the new semester approaches, students are looking for books and, of course, demand is rising. As demand increases so do the price.

3. Location You also need to decide whether to resell your books at Campus Bookstore, other friends, or online. Most people agree that campus bookstores offer the lowest cost of redemption. So, your best bet is to sell online.

The question then is which pages you should use. Dozens and dozens of websites offer to buy their used books. The key is to focus on the site’s reputation, shipping, and payment policies. Choose a website that pays you to toast and offers free shipping.

Of course, you can also sell your books on Craigslist, Amazon or eBay. This option has its advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that you pay the shipping costs on eBay and Amazon.

When preparing your textbooks, consider these important tips:

Online research book prices.
Compare prices at the best prices.
Look for free shipping and fast payment when you sell online
Sale at the right time
Finally, if you find that your books cannot be sold in cash, ask the dealer or the bookstore if they allow you to exchange. You may be able to change the books used by other books, or maybe a credit balance.

Remember that you are in the driver’s seat when selling textbooks.

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