Selling Textbooks How College Students Can make money sell textbooks on Amazon One of the biggest drawbacks associated with college is the game, which includes textbooks. These are essential elements and an unscrupulous library. They will sell you a book for $ 250 and they will ask you to return it when it is ready and they will buy it again. You have to do it and get $ 35!

It is a money game in which businesses always win. Your book will likely go into the section with a price of $ 120. One way to make the most of your business is to sell your books online, where there are no restrictions and you should get better results. Set a minimum price so that when you sell, you get what you want.

The two main places to sell your book are eBay or Amazon. eBay calculates a small percentage to sell it, and this is calculated based on the applied price.


Amazon is a very respected site and has a good reputation. Many people do not know that they buy people who use the site and believe that they buy from Amazon. Another good thing is that they work without sales, so you only pay when your book is sold.

USE Public forums

Public forums are known as places where people try to sell things because they want to avoid tariffs, but there are two main disadvantages; The public is much smaller and there are so many scams that many people are reluctant to part with money if they do not return.

Since the auction sites have an evaluation system for their members, they are sure of their reputation. Some forums have similar systems, but they are rare.

Making money is very easy if you have PayPal. It’s very easy to set up and use, and it’s very safe too. A 3% fee is normal for the transaction, but it’s well worth it to make sure you have your money.

It’s just the way I personally like to learn. I’ll be glad to lose money in advance and write it for training if you teach me something, but it’s not necessary.

Save Money Sell Textbooks on Amazon

I will explain 5 basics that I finally saw after a few months of unrest, without knowing which direction to go when selling books on Amazon.

Learn what sells

Examine Amazon’s sales reach to see what’s popular.
Search Amazon Trend websites to see what the sales history of a book looks like.

Learn what NOT to sell

Find out what kind of books are involved.
Note that books that do not have a picture are usually not popular.
Watch the kind of books that have a very high sales margin (1,000,000+).
Competitive price

Pay attention to the prices of other sellers, indicate the price of your book in the same phase.

Look at the opinions of other sellers and consider how a customer perceives this in terms of price.

Determine a fair market price based on price, comments and conditions.

Describe your books well

It provides complete descriptions of every bug your book has.
Highlight the unique features of the book that a customer would like to see.

Do you offer other services such as same day shipping? Write this in your description. Emphasize everything you do about this book that your competition is not.

Send books safely

Provides great care when sending books.
Note that this book undergoes sorters and that it is thrown away.
Do not save on ads or boxes. The stiffness is good!
Send quickly

This is a very important prerequisite. Your customers will love getting a book earlier than expected.
Develop a calendar to select, pack and send your books.

Install USPS pickups at home so you do not have to queue at the post office.

If you send a dozen or more books, upgrade 1 package to Priority Mail so you can schedule a pickup at your home and surprise a customer. Try to choose books with higher prices.

This completes the basic principles of selling books in the Amazon market. There are literally hundreds of other tips and tricks to answer as a successful online bookseller who sells books on Amazon, but I hope these tips provide a foundation for future sales success.

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