How to Make Money on Facebook By the end of 2017 I had failed websites and needed a longer break, the whole day started to come to me. I took a few weeks off and went fishing with a friend.

My friend had a good deal of money and always talked about all the things he buys.

The problem was that I never thought of my audience, I was working with small niche sites passive income, the affiliates grew, who had super low payments … I have money, but not enough. I also tried to learn with my niches how to make money on Facebook, but my orientation was far.

After watching my friend, he went on a luxury vacation that he had just returned. I thought he sold them to the wrong people. He spent $ 2,000 on a luxury vacation and wanted a share in the action.

I ran 12 websites selling products for five and ten cents when people like him spend $ 2,000 on weekends. When I returned home in the new year I returned to my operations all closed, my 12 locations, however, of which 10 failed, so I started from scratch. It was easier to find a niche market for two locations than to do for many.

  • What I will cover
  • Which niche benefits him most?
  • How I used Facebook to make money
  • Examples of my Facebook orientation
  • What I sell in my niche
  • How did I get the traffic?
  • How did I do more than 500k in 24 months?

The process
I had a plan in my mind and I sat for days brainstorming, that’s what I ended up with. I first thought about the niches I wanted to use and left with fitness and luxury.

The next step was to find affiliates who for fitness, I decided to sell high-end treadmill Amazon and luxury, I found a site that sells packages with 4 commission -6%.

Then I did some keyword research, but only a small list per site. I did a more thorough investigation as the sites grew.

I wanted to build the luxury website first, I was not 100% sure on the treadmill yet. When I needed to build a luxury site, I learned the basics of creating a blog.

I have commented on vacation, resort and luxury packages. I sent a hotel package to my author and then wrote about it, adding my affiliate links and posting them on the website. I added high-end products like $ 500 hotels per night with extras like golf packages and beauty spas.

At this point, I had a good blog with 20 articles, but no traffic. I started with the SEO page and some manual backlinks for my relatively long simple keywords. I let it sit for a moment, let the link juice do its job.

My next project was the site of the treadmill, I made a critical blog about it as the other side, but I gave it more than a store where people could directly buy the product from the side. I focused on treadmills over $ 1000.

I have often searched for the cheapest deals to give buyers the feeling of a good deal.

Since the website is full of articles of more than $ 1,000, if anyone sees a comment on a $ 300 treadmill, they naturally think it’s a good deal.

The band’s website was the same process, put in a few articles and then work on some basic SEO.

Now that all this was out of sight, I was able to work on more articles. I’ve contracted for the fact that I needed pro site 1 to 2 days, I was busy planning other things, so it was the best option for me. I had to make many changes to the items to make them more natural.

From February to April I worked on articles and backlinks, in my rankings I saw good improvements, but there were still no sales. When I arrived in May, I wanted to try something new, I did not want SEO for the traffic.

Use Facebook for a specific segmentation
I’ve started placing ads on Facebook, you can really reduce that audience. Here’s a general idea of how you would do it.

Location: Colorado
Age: 32-50
Interest: Travel
Relationship status: Married
Income: 150k-250k
Home: Owner
Final discussion: 5-7K

Title: “Need a weekend in beautiful Orchard Lake? Save 40% on this beautiful resort.”

Note that this is just one example, 7k will reach that speed when you make a scale change, so you’ll need to change things like relationship status, age, and income to create an extension. Usually, I work with a smaller audience when I start. He kept the CPC and the obligation to publish at a good pace during the test.

Later, I would change it as soon as I knew I had a profit announcement. I also had a lot of success with many little listeners. Many tests come into play.

Let’s crack some numbers. Let’s say we have a large audience and 30 of them buy 2 nights over the weekend for $ 517 a night.

  • $ 22,020.00
  • Commission of 6%
  • Total commission: $ 1551.19
  • Total ad spend $ 350
  • Total $ 1,211.19

At $ 250 for Facebook ads, it quickly reaches the entire audience when it’s small. You can change it for a larger audience when you perform an extension.

This is just an example, imagine that if you have 5 successful ads at the same time … .. $$$$$ … not to mention the clicks on the site, this generates a lot of traffic on the blog.

Which ads you keep and which ones you delete
When I start placing my ads, I do 5 at a time, 1 for each place I choose. I put her at $ 3 a day and let her run for four days. If I do not get buyers, I’ll change places or get rid of them and start over.

Most of the time you have 1 or 2 sales on the 4th day. I raise them to $ 30 – $ 100 a day until the sale starts to decline and then starts over. The amount you spend per day also depends on the overall audience.

fitness niche
Returning to the treadmills, I approached this page slightly differently and the sales were slow at first. I almost gave up on this idea, but I started posting on the forums and sending e-mails to the gyms.

He published in the forums and created a reputation that began to generate sales. The sales of the forums were minimal, so I worked on a little more SEO and started getting more rankings to generate more sales.

I was not happy with the sales of this site, so I tried something new. I started emailing gyms and companies that bought commercially available treadmills, the sale started to come. I would send 35-50 emails a week and get 3 or 4 medium to large sales.

Here are some statistics, you can see how much you have earned on the band compared to luxury items.

All that’s above the orange is the treadmill sales and remember that it was for 2013/14 2014 because my financial year ended in March 2014.

As you can see, I sold more treadmills in February, most of them from large companies that were taken care of after the break-up of the new years. I also made a lot more luxury because my website was mentioned on a great travel website.

Luxury items are always my dominant sellers, people feel good. For the rest of 2014, I spent less time on the treadmill terrain, it takes too long to run, but I still do a bit.

Now I have launched a third website that revolves around the same tactics as before about luxury items. I will make more money with Facebook over time.

I’m at a point where I do not have to do much advertising on Facebook, I’ve created large ad pages, and I regularly get organic traffic. My income is not just luxury resorts. I promote many luxury items, resorts are just one of them.

I believe in free information, I think if you want to share your success stories, share them for free or save them for you.

It’s my main income and I want to help others with their online travel. In 1995, only 1% of the world population was online, now in 2014, there are 40% … a lot of money to win.

I have just described two simple ways to make money. Create a website about luxury resorts, write good articles that attract people to buy. You can even create a simple landing page and target people for bulk orders by writing product reviews.

I’m happy to answer any questions you have.

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