The Best 60 Successful Entrepreneur Small Business Ideas

When people are asked about successful entrepreneur small business ideas, many immediately answer: “I was hoping to be my own master for my work.” When they read an article or a topic about successful entrepreneur small business ideas to be the master of their business, they feel nostalgic for their dream, and feel an overwhelming desire to achieve it now!

You may work in a field of work and feel that you have chosen the wrong profession, or have a dream of enjoying financial independence to achieve your goals, in which case I am pleased to tell you that this article is exclusively for you!

You’ll get 60 ideas for a business that is very popular today (and comes back to you):

In order to provide you with a purposeful and smooth reading, we have prepared for you this index of business and entrepreneurial ideas, sorted by the field of work you belong to

successful entrepreneur small business ideas

Food Business Ideas

A restaurant or cafeteria specializing in a particular field
If you are considering opening a restaurant in a particular area or targeting a particular segment, there are thousands of choices in front of you in the market.

That is why many people turn to the idea of opening a restaurant, so much so that you are afraid of doing the same thing, and you end up abandoning the idea and thinking about another idea!

But there is no need to lose enthusiasm because you still have a secondary or sub-market space for excellence in it, here’s an extensive list:

1) a vegetarian restaurant that does not serve meat meals;

2) a fast food restaurant or specializes in specific and local meals based on raw materials and light.

3) A restaurant that offers a meal based on the quantities chosen by the customer: You offer him 10 basic quantities, for example, a day, and he chooses what he wants.What is The Best Business For A Woman To Start?

4) popular falafel restaurant can serve meals or sandwiches.

5) A restaurant that offers meals that do not depend on dairy products or meat. This type of restaurant is intended for people who want to eat.

6) restaurant for juices and ice cream based on natural and domestic materials.

7) A restaurant serving seafood: It can specialize in certain types of meals or prepare a specific menu based on thoughtful nutritional values;

8) a restaurant serving traditional sushi.

9) The restaurant specializes in meat meals and can specialize in the meat of a particular animal.

10) A restaurant that offers simple and nutritious Asian meals.

11) a restaurant serving only pasta, pasta with various sauces, for example.

12) cafeteria offers a variety of bread and light pastries based on flour and whole wheat.

13) A cafeteria that offers everything you think about but with chocolate, you can develop special types for diabetics.

successful entrepreneur small business ideas

What is the benefit of this diversity and market differentiation?

When you think of something special, even if it is simple at times, is more successful than expected, and less competition is available to you, so you have to think about the competitive situation of any idea you think!


Sell frozen foods

Is a good idea to be added to the list of business ideas, you can sell frozen foods, especially healthy dishes food.

We know that there are great fear and concern about the quality of the food we consume, but at the same time, people want practical and quick options to eat their food, especially those who do not have time, such as students.

For this reason, the sale of frozen foods is a great successful entrepreneur small business ideas, provided that the quality of the storage is taken into account. If you have a cooking skill you can expand your restaurant menu, cook, and freeze your home meals, and your customers will become more popular.

3. Foods for children

In our world, children’s food is a smart business idea because it is a modern and important field that draws the attention of many people, especially parents.

In an article published in 2017, Imperial College London and the World Health Organization confirmed that about 130 million children and adolescents between the ages of 5 and 19 suffer from obesity problems and that most of this figure exists in East Asia, The Middle East, and North Africa, as well as some high-income English-speaking countries.

That is why we are seeing increasing numbers of parents looking for healthy ways to feed their children.

You can prepare healthy foods with nutritious ingredients that appeal to the young: such as salads that contain comics, ice cream made from natural fruits and foods placed in attractive and colorful boxes

4 – Decorated Cakes

Especially those that contain designs on specific motif (candy molds that include celebrities from films, television series, designs, bands, and celebrities).Read Also Business Idea For Woman 12 Business That Makes Money Fast

If you work in the field of dessert dishes, you can take advantage of birthdays, weddings, graduation ceremonies and mother and teacher holidays, for example.

You can set special prices that suit this art, you can provide healthy dishes (such as gluten-free sweets … etc), thus gaining more customers.

5 -Cooking Classes

If you are a food specialist or know someone else, you can take advantage of another idea of successful business ventures and give cooking lessons and courses.

You can teach delicious home recipes or create your own recipes and teach them to those who are interested, either in your home or in any particular place you see fit.

1. Recycled Products.

The number of people who realize the importance of caring for the surrounding environment is increasing, so the number of people looking for options for substances that do not cause significant damage to the environment is increasing.

If you have manual skills, recycled products can be a great choice for you. Here are some examples that can be manufactured:

Candlesticks and vases made of used metal cans.

Notebooks made of recycled paper;

Vases made of glass bottles;

Shelves made of wooden boxes.

2. Custom gifts

Gifts are a wonderful idea of business ideas that are very common and do not lose their attractiveness. Personalized gifts are very attractive materials. If you have manual skills or creative ideas, this option is useful for you.

Some examples you can set up and sell as gifts:

Cups bearing the names of persons

Pads with printed pictures. The Best Small Business Ideas For Women To Start From Home

Sweaters or T-shirts with customized fees.

Calendar books and diaries with personalized designs.

Handmade bracelets are made of fine and environmentally friendly materials in beautiful colors.

Custom key walls.

Colorful boxes made of cardboard, which means keeping personal items in the bedrooms.

A picture frame made of dry wooden sticks and loaded with preservatives that are useful for carrying family photos.

Tablecloths or tableware carry custom graphics.

3. Bracelets and jewelry

Contracts and bracelets are elements that cannot be devoid of fashion, there are endless models of designs that can be traded.

The big benefit is that you do not need to make a large amount of money to get started, which is easy to sell (you can market it through the media, or through the places you visit and where your relatives and acquaintances can be sold at the beginning).

You can also set up a virtual store to promote it. There are many courses and guides that can help you with that.

4 – crochet and embroidery

Is another area still popular successful entrepreneur small business ideas in our world, which house you visit must contain models of this art!

Crochet is widely regarded as a wide door and can be an excellent project idea to work. Especially that you can implement it while you are at home. There is a possibility that the sold items will be sold to shops specializing in selling it.

5. Ceramics.

It may be an idea of good business ideas.

You can think of preparing home decorating plates or dishes or decorating hospitality cups, making trays made of mosaics, etc.

You can also set up natural paintings and scenes, prepare simple furniture from a bookcase and small tables, wood and ceramic mirrors, traditional clock models, etc.

Successful Entrepreneur Small Business Ideas In Fashion.

1. clothing for a specific category.

The field of fashion and fashion is a very wide area and varies greatly depending on the target segment. There are men and women and children. There are also fashion models that take care of pregnant women, the size of the puzzling as well as the section veiled door wide in every sense of the word.

Think about this, you can find a great idea to take advantage of in your business:

Some examples of clothes you can sell:

Clothes for pregnant women.
Clothing for teenagers.
Apparel & Fashion.
Clothes for sports and exercise.
wedding Clothes
Clothing for trips and walks.

2. Rental of party dresses

We decided to talk about this area individually because of its importance, as today we find many women and girls prefer to rent a dress worn on one occasion, instead of buying that dress. It is known that the prices of such dresses are high, and can not be worn much but only on occasion.

Think carefully about this business, study the audience around you, and if you find it interesting take advantage of the opportunity

Examples to help you feel motivated:

successful entrepreneur small business ideas

A girl has created a new idea in the field of renting dresses, buying from any lady dress does not want, and make adjustments and then rent it to other women at reasonable prices.

According to the new idea, if a lady wants one of the dresses she can buy it again after the employer makes minor adjustments to it.

Not only that, even if there is a lady who has a dress, she can hire it for her employer and get a commission for it! That is, her dress is rented and she earns money instead of leaving it in the closet!

3 – Guidance and consulting in the field of elegance

If everyone is interested in your ability to choose your clothes, accessories, and suitability, and you have a channel on YouTube through which to share tips with your audience, or via Instagram, you can act as a consultant for elegance or clothing purchases.

You can help people by valuing the clothes in their closet, offering tips on specific pieces that need to be bought and suggesting places to buy them … and other things that you, as a fashion consultant, can do!

You can write your tips in a blog, or set up an e-book and sell it via online platforms.

Successful Entrepreneur Small Business Ideas In Beauty Industry

1. Make-up at home

Do you have talent in make-up or make-up ideas? Have you followed an educational course in this field and got a good experience?

You can practice make-up in your home or by going to people’s homes.

All you need is a kind of experience in this area, and of course, provides good tools and materials for beauty (a wide variety and variety to suit all tastes).

Initially, you can do your own home business, and once you get a good return from your business you can open your own beauty salon!

2. Manicure and Pedicure

If you are skilled in nail care, you can work in manicure and pedicure. You must follow an educational course and have some practical experience before you deal with customers!

To start with this business you should buy all the simple materials needed for work, including cotton, nail polish, nail polish remover, nail cooler, manicure pliers, etc.

One of the advantages of this work is its continuity. Women and girls periodically resort to nail care services, especially in the seasons of festivals, festivals, parties, and special events. After you win the customers you will have a permanent job!

3. Hair and beauty salon

Hairstyling and shaving are an idea of popular business ideas and have received great success. To get started you have to take a training course where you learn basic hairdressing techniques, then you can count on creativity to create other styles.

The advantage of this work is that you can allocate space from your home to work if you do not have the money to open a shop. Another positive aspect is the abundance of references and resources you can learn from and follow the latest fashion in this area.

Follow all the pages on Instagram which talk about this area, continue what the experts publish on their YouTube channels, and as time goes by you will increase your experience and reach the creativity of your models and layoffs.

4. Skin treatment

If you have the knowledge, you can have your own office or your own laboratory. Another possibility is to hire specialists if you do not have experience.

The skin treatment area is diverse: treating acne, treating pimples, removing spots from the skin, treating pores, peeling skin, skin cleansing sessions, skin massage sessions, steam therapy … etc

Requires some physical investment, you need to buy the necessary machinery and contract with the specialists in the field but do not despair search well, you can find academies or laboratories that sell you in installments such machines!

5 – Massages

Massage is another very popular service that attracts people of all ages and different countries.

If you want to take advantage of this idea, you should be specialized in physical therapy, or follow a customized course before you begin. The advantage of this business is that it does not require a lot of money to start it.

Add to that that you can work from anywhere (even your home or the homes of others), you will not need much equipment.

All you need is a massage table and some creams and towels to start and make money

Successful Entrepreneur Small Business Ideas In the field of education

1. Language school/driving cars

Is an idea of very lucrative business ideas in our time today, and is becoming increasingly important.

This means that there is a lot of competition for you if you think about working in this area. But keep in mind that there is always a side to excellence in a saturated area filled with competition in the market, rely on your creativity, and thought in sub-areas and secondary to learn in your school!

You can create a different learning method, target a different audience (children, for example), create a different and distinctive learning scheme, customized lessons that take into consideration different needs … etc

But if you get the idea and you do not have enough money to open your school, you can start by giving private lessons, for example, and with time your school will open.

Want an example of excellence in opening schools?
Opening a driving school, but guess who? For people with special needs! Look at this excellence and uniqueness!

We can give you another example of excellence:

The idea of opening schools to learn other skills involved in the field of education. What do you think of the opening of a school or educational courses to teach children the origins of etiquette ?!

This idea exists, but we rarely see courses of this kind targeting children? The implementation of this idea in the promotion of ethics and methods of communication in children and prepare them at an early age to be active members of society and rise to higher positions.

2. Tutoring for kids

Teaching children is an excellent business idea if you have a broad knowledge of mathematics, science, history, geography, music or any other subject.

In addition to academic knowledge, you must have the talent of education and love children and adolescents.

If you want to try work, start with the people you know (brothers, brothers’ children, cousins, sons of friends, etc.)

3- kindergarten for children

If you love children and you have the time and money to invest and look for a profitable project, the idea of opening a kindergarten is one of the most popular business ideas in all Arab countries.

We all know that with the complexity of living conditions, both parents resort to work outside the home to secure more income for their children. Many families need places: homes or kindergartens where they leave their children while they return home while ensuring that their children have primary education, Principles of communication, pronunciation and reading, principles of calculation … etc

If you are enthusiastic about this project, start now, ask about the requirements and approvals in your country to implement the project and start using the time. In some cases, you can allocate space from your home so if you consider the conditions

Sports Business ideas 

If you love sports and want to work in commerce, you can reconcile the two things together. Products and equipment can be offered to meet all kinds of sports such as tennis, wrestling, yoga, bike riding, water sports … etc

Having a business in the sports field is a very profitable idea, but do not forget that you need some money to invest. We will talk about the following ideas

1. Work as a personal trainer

This option is good for people who have academic competence in physical exercise because it is a profitable business and does not require much material investment.

You can work as a personal trainer to go to the homes of others, or set up an online course where you learn useful things and you can prepare tests for students.

The advantage of preparing courses or courses online is that they do not need much money and you can sell your course through an educational platform and bring your lessons to students all over the world.

2. Opening a sports club or fitness center

Another idea in the sports field is to create a fitness club that offers various programs and exercises for different age groups and for both men and women!

Due to the many benefits and benefits of physical exercise everywhere, we see a growing demand for sports clubs in the Arab world.

This business idea requires a sum of money to buy equipment and training machines, hiring a professional and academic team, renting a place or buying your own shop … and so on.

Online business is the best choice for those who aspire to be master of their business. Here are the reasons:

You can work from the place you want and do not need a specific place to do your business.

You can work at the time you see fit and there is no specific time to work.

You can get customers from anywhere in the world and not just in the area where you live.

You can benefit from commission marketing programs to market your products and achieve sales.

1. Ebook

digital books is an excellent small business idea for people who want to prepare a profitable digital business quickly and easily.

If you have knowledge in one of the fields or even know the technical origins of a career and want to make money from them, you can take advantage of the opportunity and prepare a digital book and sell it online!

Do you like preparing healthy meals? What do you think of the preparation of an e-book containing the best and finest recipes?

Do you speak English or German very well? What do you think of preparing an e-book that includes a dictionary for beginners who want to learn one of these languages? Or an explanation of the most basic rules to master the art of conversation at work or otherwise? Too many fields.

If your content is ready, but you do not have a lot of design skills, you can set up your digital book on the PowerPoint program.

2.  online courses

Demand for educational courses is increasingly increasing worldwide. The reason for this is the advantages it offers to students and teachers.

Some of the benefits you offer students:

No need to get out of the house and face congestion;

The student can watch the lessons in the time he wants, even during the dawn hours;

He has the independence to follow the course as he sees fit and has a special education in line with his needs.

Some of the advantages that a teacher gains:

It can record courses only once and sell them to thousands of students;

Selling the course to the entire world, not just to the area where the teacher lives;

The teacher can choose the times when he or she will work;

He can work from anywhere, even if he is traveling.

The material revenues from e-learning are very large and are constantly increasing as a result of the technological development in the world, so preparing online courses is better than any other business ideas!

Anyone of us can transform his knowledge or talents into an online course. Sure you have a side characterized by others and famous for it, you can help so many people!

3. Prepare webinars or web discussions

The Webinar is another kind of digital product popular among people!

There are also spatial conferences in different sciences (health, education, engineering, architecture, biology, technology and much more …) We also find courses in the virtual world or the Internet.

The benefits of online seminars are the possibility of many people sharing them. After the completion, whoever buys the content can see it later and whenever it pleases!

4- a commission marketer

Being a commission marketer is one of the well-established business ideas on the online business list. The reason is that this business allows you to market and promote others’ products without having your own products.

In order to meet this promotion and when sales occur, you will receive a commission determined by the owner of the product.

Here we point out the usefulness of promoting educational courses and digital books online, because usually such courses and digital materials offer a relatively high commission commissioner, sometimes up to 80% on some platforms.

Successful Entrepreneur Small Business Ideas online in the field of consulting

In our world and with the lack of time, there is a growing need for support from specialists on many of our professional and personal matters you can work from home and make money online.

Working as a consultant requires a deep and deep experience in a particular field, and being a reference person to people around him is when they are concerned!

1. Consultation in the field of personal development

Is a great area for many ideas and activities that aim to provide all that is useful for the development and development of a personal aspect, or to help the individual to develop some of his talents to benefit them in the best way, both in his work or his life!

If you have extensive knowledge or experience in one of the following areas, you can think of working as a consultant:

Time Management.

Ability to focus.


The ability to make decisions.

Learn the marketing methods of self-personal marketing.

Take responsibility.

Developing listening skills.

Increase productivity.

Techniques of persuasion.

Speak to an audience.

The origins of commercial negotiation.

Overcome depression.

Self-motivation and many more

2. Business consulting

We also mentioned that counseling is useful and desirable even on the business side. There are many entrepreneurs who seek consulting services to develop their business!

Areas where you can work as a professional consultant:

Adviser on the feasibility of economic projects;

Planning Consultant.

Consultant in project implementation.

Consultant in Accounting.

Marketing Consultant.

Consultant in Business Relations.

Consultant in Human Resource Development.

Consultant in Data Science.

Counselor at conferences and exhibitions.

Consultant in regional expansion of companies.

Talent Advisor.

Adviser on Sustainable Development.

Consultant in the field of environment.

And other important areas where you can work as a consultant and make money!

3- Work in the field of Life Coach Life coach

Is an area whose principle is close to the principle of consultation and is based on guidance and direction in any subject of my life.

Is an area of interest especially in financially well-off countries that are able to pay for a consultation to improve their performance and develop their capabilities at work or in social life.

This kind of guidance helps people to make the most of all the personal energies they have, which have not yet been discovered! Develop a person’s ability to earn friends, for example, in a partner, improve social performance, break the barriers of fear of the unknown and give the courage to the person and teach him how to plan and move towards achieving

Successful Entrepreneur Small Business Ideas online in the field of concerts and festivals

Work in this area is glorious and useful, as it is not without any month of celebrations, concerts, meetings, and in all countries of the world!

We will talk about two ideas of business ideas that can be worked on and related to events.

1. Work in organizing weddings or wedding planner

A modern idea, present and everyone knows it, so we suggested in our subject a career or a project of organizing weddings or wedding planner.

Organizing wedding bouquets – one of the ideas of business ventures

If you have an interest or a fancy in a party world, you love the noisy atmosphere, you have a fine taste, and it applies to a lot of people, this profession is for you!

In order to work in this area, you need some experience or training courses that will give you some experience. It is necessary to enjoy the speed of social intelligence and social taste. These qualities help you to behave in some difficult or unexpected situations.

Also, you must have extensive networking relationships with owners of flower decoration shops, restaurants offering food and beverage, furniture shops, gift giving .. and others who complement your business and need their services.

Also, you must be patient and have empathy!

2. Organization of birthday parties and social events

Organizing weddings are not the only way to organize parties, but there are many other events that can be organized for them!

Do not forget that you can define a specific line and work exclusively, such as organizing birthday parties only, sponsoring business conferences and providing everything the conference needs to succeed!

If you are a beginner in the field it is useful to start on a small scale as you say, then expand your business and areas of activity based on the development and prosperity of your business.

Among the concerts you can organize:

Children’s birthday parties.

Wedding anniversary parties: Golden Jubilee, Silver and Bronze.

Graduation ceremonies and the celebration of preparatory and secondary education certificates.

Religious festivals.

Parties and social events such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Teacher’s Day, etc.

New birth ceremonies.

And other occasions that create jobs and each of them can turn into business alone!

3. To organize local excursions for the local

If you have enough time on weekends, for example, and you are familiar with the most famous and natural attractions in your city, you can take advantage of your knowledge, set up trips for your neighbors, acquaintances, or open an office offering these services.

If you do not want to work alone, you can partner with one of your friends to implement this profitable project.

All you have to do is arrange your flight requirements:

Plan a trip that includes visits to your trip.

Pre-booking in places that require it: sleeping places (if needed) and places to eat.

Insurance means of transport, tourist bus, and others.

Secure entertainment to enjoy.

Present a gift or souvenir of the journey.

Set pricing for the tourism program and set a good profit margin to achieve a good return for you.

4. Receiving tourists.

or those who have no money to invest in opening a tourist office, and has a place in his home for it!

If you have a room or part of your house that you do not use, you can make improvements to it, paint it and provide it with comfort and entertainment: new curtains, a TV screen, a good bed, some furniture from a table and chairs, a sofa, Preferably a very small refrigerator type refrigerator and make the place ready to receive your guests tourists!

Advertise your willingness to receive tourists, either with the help of offices operating in the region’s tourism industry, official travel agencies in your area or your neighborhood, or even through international web sites such as Airbnb

Take advantage of social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook to promote your space, take beautiful photos of the place and spread them through media, and also take advantage of the ads funded to reach customers and a larger audience.

5 – tourist trips for foreigners and work as a guide

Is another possible idea to work on organizing excursions, but this time for foreign tourists coming to your country!

You can work with someone working in the field or a college graduate in tourism and hotels, open an office that attracts foreign tourists, and attend tourist programs so they can get to know the country they’re visiting.

In addition to the above, you must have public relations with providers of accommodation, food, entertainment, and knowledge of tourist attractions. You should speak a foreign language, preferably English and other languages such as French or Spanish.

You can be a tour guide or hire tour guides and qualified to work with you!

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