A Survival Guide for Life: How to Achieve Your Goals?

Have you ever had the following thoughts run through your mind?

– I don’t know what I want to do with my life.
– I don’t know how to do better at school.
– I don’t know how to find the time to do what I want.
– I don’t know how to get my parents to see my side of the story.
– I don’t know if college is the right fit for me.
– I don’t know how to handle stressful times as best as I could.

A Survival Guide for Life

If you’ve ever felt like this then this survival guide is for you! As an Underdog Empowerment Coach, I have helped students, athletes, and prospects work through these concerns thousands of times over. Some people simply have it together, they love school and everything is going well, and others hate it. But what is common to every person out there is that they all want to be happy, have fun and enjoy a successful life. Yet, this is also a period of life when so much is happening – There are new relationships, challenges, questions, and increasing responsibilities. Basically, life for so many young people becomes an insanely massive juggling act.


Believe it or not, I know how you feel when it seems everything is just about hopeless. There have been many times in my life when I experienced similar feelings. The fact there, there are few people who haven’t gone through such confusing times in life and want to get a grip on how to survive the years to come. Remember this, no situation is hopeless and the key is to be equipped and empowered with workable strategies with an action plan to get ahead. This is where this guide comes in, it will present you with a practical way of looking at all of the important areas that affect your ability to excel in the noisy world that is. This guide is the beginning of looking at broader issues, like how to deal with setbacks, how to accept yourself, and to be happy with different areas of your life.

A Survival Guide for Life

I’ve chosen to focus on particular topics and questions that countless students and friends have come to me over and over again. In the end, it’s all about how to capitalize on your potential and chances of making your dreams come true. I don’t promise quick fixes, I’m not making predictions that you’ll instantly solve all your issues but if you stick with me I will promise that with motivation, time, patience, and determination you will find the answers within yourself.

Think of this guide as a road map that will direct you on the right path and empower you with useful information along the way. This is your journey and you will have to travel down the road yourself, this is a right of passage we all must endure in life. You have choices, decisions, and options to consider for the road ahead and you can always get back on top, and stay on top. The possibilities are endless.

Life is a Balancing Act

Whether it’s work, school, or life in general, the very first thing we must all do is to create a solid foundation for our life. Just like the foundations of a house have to be reinforced so that the house doesn’t fall down, the foundation you need to set is how to balance your life.

To maximize your joy of life both in and out of your endeavors, it’s important to create a balanced approach to your life. This will generally help you improve your results across the board, handle stress better and enjoy life overall. You’ve no doubt listened to countless stories of how hard it is for the common adult to balance their career, interest, and family life. But often people overlook just how crucial it is for the younger generations of people to harness a balanced approach to life too!

We all deserve to make time for our own individual passions and to hang out with our friends that bring a smile to our faces. If you’re one of the lucky ones, your family will understand that sometimes you need a break away from all the hustle you put on in life. In fact, you are likely to do a lot better in school, work and hobbies if you have a balanced life!

Having overall interests can integrate into your ability to develop in character and enable you to gain valuable skills that will apply everywhere you go, whether it’s tertiary school or starting your own business. I’ve seen way too many would-be entrepreneurs, academics, and go-getters become unnecessarily stressed because they sacrifice their social life and interests just to ‘hustle and grind’. These people run the risk of completely burning out and often don’t do as well as they might have if they’d embraced a more balanced approach to their life. ‘All work and no play isn’t the way to go, trust me. The people that survive and excel are the ones who don’t overdo everything. They have an outlet. This outlet might be music, sport, reading or simply going out with friends to watch a UFC fight. The key takeaway of the balanced approach is to switch off occasionally in order to recharge your batteries and lift up your energy to sustain your grind. In fact, I highly recommend a regular switch-off activity that you look forward to at least every 2-3 weeks, and not just a once in a blue moon thing.

Keep your interests and you’ll maintain your energy levels high enough to do well in your fitness goals, education, and career prospects which will allow you to keep your sanity! Don’t go overboard though, switch-off activities don’t imply that you become the complete opposite of the grind. You will have to put in the hard work to get great results in life. It’s not a good idea to have too many switch-off activities as it can lead to procrastination and justified distraction to avoid hard work. This can cause extra stress having too many extra activities to juggle with so I recommend limiting it to the one or two activities that truly enrich your life. Ultimately you will figure out what works individually best for you and will continue to develop it into your own balanced art form.

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In addition to switch-off activities, it may just be that you need a time out which is a total complete break away from studies, work, and grind. A short break of just a few days can truly help you rest up, recharge, and regain your energy. This practical strategy of having a switch-off activity and time out applies to all stages and aspects of life because we’re human and the balancing act is the key to sustaining success. Now, if you have trouble convincing your family or guardians that it’s important to maintain a balanced approach in life, it may be a surprise that in the modern workforce and universities that higher personal qualities are looked at more than just your grades. In interviews, applications it is very common for the people in charge to be curious about ‘you’ outside of your academics and qualifications. Because in the end, we are all people, we are interested to know who the character in front of us is and people with a balanced approach to life will have an advantage over those who are too bogged down in their little bubble to enjoy life.

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So be sure you pursue more than just your books, if you’re interested in sports and other fun things, do it! If you enjoy computer programming, enroll in a short course and gain a competitive advantage for yourself and have fun while you are doing it. This is what will set you apart from the crowd and not only will you survive and beyond, but you will excel as well! It is about finding that something that sets you apart from the crowd as a unique individual and makes you you!

Stay tuned for part 2! A Survival Guide for Life: How to Achieve Your Goals?The Circle of Happiness

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