If you are 15, you may need more money to buy what you want. But how can you make money? Then you have to get a job, not just for the money, but also for the experience.

how to make money as a 15 year old

According to child labor, finding a job for children under the age of 16 is not so easy. How do I find jobs for 15-year-olds? If you wish, I’ll give you the jobs you can get and how you can make money. Take a look at the following 10 ways teenagers can make money.

How To Make Money As A 15-Year-Old?

Teen Writer
If you have a talent for writing, you could be a teenager writer. And you can receive payments from magazines or websites. If you can not write well, you can practice writing. Write down what you want to write, be it fiction for teenagers or anything else. It does not matter what you write as long as you write.

How do I start? You can try to write for your school paper (articles, opinions or news). You can also try to send out anthologies from local author clubs, and youth magazines often have a readers section for poetry, stories, etc. These will not be paid jobs, but they may notice you.

Plus, if you’re good at writing and basic design, you can get people to pay you to prepare their resume. You would be surprised how many people can not do it themselves.


Online Survey Jobs

Businesses are becoming smarter about understanding their consumers. Employment online surveys are part of this strategy, helping companies to get an idea of what consumers prefer, how they spend their money, what likes and dislikes they have and what views they have about society.

This information is critical to the organization’s ability to shape its future strategies. These companies take the help of consumers like you to collect these important answers.

You must have completed many surveys online, but you do not know. Online surveys do not promise you thousands of dollars every month, but you can easily earn a few hundred dollars by simply doing surveys.

Be a tutor

If you understand a topic well, you can find a job as a tutor. Try to go to your local youth center. Many youth centers pay teachers of mathematics, English, history, and science in their extracurricular programs.

If you wish, ask your school advisor if the tuition for extracurricular programs is paid at your school.

how to make money as a 15 year old

In addition, you can advertise yourself and once you follow, word-of-mouth recommendations will arrive quickly. You must advertise your offer in the places where the parents see the ad. Parents are your customers.

Data entry work
Data entry jobs are the simplest tasks that even a five-year-old can do with absolute accuracy. The task is to enter some kind of information into the computer.

You could enter information into a Word document, an Excel sheet or letters, official documents, and so on. For some data entry jobs, you must enter data in specialized software provided by the employer, while others may require the use of captcha codes. These jobs vary, but the rationale is the same for everyone.

Data entry is free and there is no need to pay in advance. So, if a website asks you to pay for data entry jobs, it’s definitely a scam.

Web Design

The number of websites and blogs on the Internet is growing exponentially, leading to a demand for web design jobs. While it’s easy to start a blog or website, website design is a technical skill that not everyone can. So, if you are trained in web design, there is a great way to make money AS A TEEN.

Bloggers and website owners are always looking for web designers to give their online offerings a distinctive look. Every blogger wants to stand out from other blogs so that you have a great career perspective as a web designer.

Freelance Writing

It is the most popular and lightest job that almost anyone can do. Writing is a skill many inherit while others learn in the future. In any case, you can write independently with ease.

The demand for online content has exploded due to the growing presence of websites that need a new content every day.

Although the rates may have dropped slightly, however, given the nature of the work, they can not be considered pathetic. You do not have to be in a physical place like the office to write alone.

In fact, you can work at home and at your own pace. A typical typing job can generate about $ 2 per 100 words, but it’s the minimum you can expect. Of course, the nature of the task determines the salary. If you gain experience, you can order higher rates.


Proofreading is a special task that requires you to check grammatical and structural errors in written content. Whenever the internet and websites are created, the demand for corrections becomes ever greater.

Since Google and other search engines constantly update their algorithms and prefer the original content without errors, the work of correction will certainly explode.

The proofreaders are better paid than even freelance writers. So, if you are excellent in grammar and have a great ability to write without a mistake, you can make a great income as a teen from home.


Teens can start an eBay business to get an income online. eBay is the largest online market in the world.

Teens can earn money on eBay using various methods. You can sell their own items, free things on eBay.

how to make money as a 15 year old

You can also open your own eBay shop. Drop shipping is another way to earn money on eBay. With direct delivery, you do not have to store goods in your house.

You can list the items and if someone buys them, buy the drop shipper item and then send it to the customer.

Clean houses.

Many people are anxious to keep their house clean. Traditional cleaning services can be expensive, so it is considered to hire young people to clean their homes at a reasonable cost.

If you like to clean and are well detailed, a cleaning company can be the one for you. To start your business, make a list of the types of cleaning that you will be doing.

Do you clean bathrooms and kitchens, for example? Do you want some powder? Empty? Do you want to clean the windows?

Make sure the jobs are jobs that you can do well and do not forget the security aspect. For example, you can remove the cleaning from outer windows that require scaling.

Washing cars.

Busy adults often do not have time to wash their car but can make money from it. You need equipment such as a bucket, soap, rags and towels to dry.

If you also clean the interior of cars, you will need a glass cleaner and paper towels.

Most customers allow you to use their tubes and water to wash the exterior of the car, and your vacuum cleaner to suck in, but be sure to check with them before taking the job.

It would be a good selling point if you come to your house instead of making an extra stop at a car wash service center.

Determine how long the cleaning will take and offer an attractive price that will always give you a good hourly wage.


Affiliate marketing is a great way for a teen to make money online.

It is an honest way to make a living. Many companies, both online and offline, earn their living this way.

Affiliate marketing recommends products to other people, usually through a website. If they buy through your link, you can get a percentage of the profits.

Tutoring If you are good at math or reading, you can help children in the neighborhood who are younger than you. Organize and search for resources to help them learn. Do not just show them the answer. Once you do that, parents will start recommending other parents

The basic explanation of affiliate marketing is that it sends customers to a commercial website or product. When the customer buys a product, you receive a commission. You do not have to be in contact with customers.

There is a teenager who has made more money in 3 months than most of us in a few years! No doubt their results are not typical.

But your results show that you can make money when you’re ready to work hard and think about it.

There are many ways to earn money for teens on the Internet. Affiliate marketing is a good long-term strategy for teens to spend part of their working time. It will pay now and in the future.

10ways teenagers can make money.

Childcare. Perhaps one of the most common money-making methods for teenagers is babysitting. Prices vary by region but can be very lucrative once the reputation is established. Try increasing your business by offering a discount if a family forwards you to a friend.

A recipe in March. An elderly, disabled, or just busy person can appreciate having someone to buy for them. These range from food to light meals to small work in the house.

Detail Another classic way for teenagers to earn money is to work in retail. Many stores will hire young people to work as cashiers or storage shelves. Based on their experience with teenagers, they know how to organize the timetable so they can work at school.

How To Make Money As A Teen Blogging?

Blogging If you have a special interest and like to write, you can make money with blogs. Try to continue with a topic and add AdSense ads to your website. The best part is that you can use a free website like Blogger.

Lifeguard If you enjoy being outside, protecting your life can be a good job for you. Although it requires special training and is usually only during the summer, it can be a great way to increase your college savings during the summer.

Teenagers can make money online and there are legitimate opportunities for teens to earn money online. If they can start an online business, they can cover their daily expenses.

Like adults, teenagers or children can earn money with online jobs. With good work capacity and good efforts, you can succeed.

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