Viral Marketing How to use viral marketing?

Viral marketing is a marketing strategy that motivates your customers to spread your advertising message and provide their friends with information about your products through the Internet, where your customers marketing your products instead of you.

Viral marketing is done by sharing pictures, videos, text messages or links to websites or software applications or marketing presentations Or even books using social media or by e-mail or even through a website by including the owner of the website of the video or the image of the company on its website.

Viral marketing has been called this name for its rapid spread among Internet users. It is like a virus that gets infected quickly among people without the ability to be controlled by people and where many people are vulnerable to infection with this virus of video, image, article or link which can move quickly From person to person through social networks.

viral marketing examples.

Viral Marketing Using Email:

If you send a message to your customer’s e-mail and your customer sends it to 10 friends and friends and sends it to ten of his friends and so forth the message will spread very quickly and reach a large number of people.

viral marketing examples.

Viral Marketing Using Facebook: 
When a company inserts a post on the company’s Facebook page, the page’s fans see the post, whether it’s a video, a picture, a link to a website, or even a blogger.

If 100 fans of the page share the company’s brochure on their personal pages and everyone has 100 friends will see the post 100 new people through this person who shared the post maybe some people from the friends of this person to share this post and so on where the post reaches a very large number of people very quickly The following figure illustrates the cycle of viral marketing using Facebook.

Here we note the importance of naming this type of marketing by viral marketing because the Subscriber will see the publications of his friends who share it on his page and is forced to watch them as the virus completely moves to you without control.

Facebook provides page owners with the viral marketing viral rate and is meant to be the number of people who have seen the post through their friends as a result of their friends ‘ post.

As an example, there is an event that occupies the public opinion on Facebook or in fact viral marketing depends on that issue and exploitation to promote the product or service it offers.

As an example of the recent announcement of Huawei and one of its phones, one of the models in the advertisement published images through the account on Instagram shows that the images shown in the advertisement was taken with a professional camera and not from the camera phone,

Therefore, other companies competing in the field of smartphones have adopted the viral marketing of this scandal and exploited it to their advantage.

Viral marketing using YouTube:

YouTube is a perfect application for viral marketing If you upload a video on YouTube and this video is funny it will be widely shared on the social network or included on other websites Most companies upload video ads on the site YouTube companies may Make a marketing show or a prize-winning competition featuring a video on YouTube that motivates viewers to watch and share your video. There are many examples of videos on YouTube that have been watched millions of times.

An example of this video is the Old Spice brand, which is a model in viral marketing, which was viewed 43,271,237 times

Viral Marketing for Websites:

Most web sites motivate visitors to share their articles or share their products on their websites, where most social networking sites provide social networking buttons that enable you to share the company’s website content easily on social networks and the most popular social networks used in viral marketing. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Reddit, StumbleUpon, Digg, Delicious, Folkd. There are many services that provide your site with social sharing buttons such as the famous add-on service.

Benefits of viral marketing:

One of the most important benefits is that it is completely free. This method will not cost you any money, although you may need some suspenders for the first time to quickly spread and get quick results for this method and then let it work on its own.

Viral marketing does not need follow-up is the same spread, you can imagine that one of these videos are shared through social networking sites in the hundreds or thousands, how can we follow the campaign.

Viral marketing continues for as long as you can imagine, unlike other marketing methods that are associated with a specific time or season.

1. Creating brand awareness among a large number of consumers

2- Increase visitors to the company’s website

3. High ranking of the website in the search engines

4. Get more customers

5. Increase the sales of the company

How to use viral marketing successfully:

The most important element in viral marketing is the advertising message that the company wants to deliver to the recipients. The design of the advertising message creatively and professionally makes others share it. Here are some tips for successful viral marketing:

1- The simplicity of the advertising message

2. The message should be creative

3 – create an incentive for the public to do viral marketing

4- To create value for the customer whether physical value such as attractive price offer or moral value such as a wonderful picture or fun video gives the customer pleasure when sharing

5 – ease of dissemination by publishing the message on social media, especially the publication of the video on YouTube

6 – easy to use viral marketing to customers through the provision of social networking buttons on the website

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