How Can I Grow My Money With Decadent Cupcakes?

Have you been told your decadent cupcakes are the best and you should market them? The first step towards your dream is to come up with a creative and catchy name for your cupcake business. Once you have the name, follow these steps and soon you will be on your way to starting your own cupcake business.

Business Name 

Register your business name with your state to legally sell your cupcakes. They will issue you a sales tax license. You will also want to trademark your business name to legally protect it in case down the road you expand your cupcake business or go national with your product.


With loans being scarce, you can build your business on a little money and a lot of creativity. If you get a large cupcake order, ask for a deposit.

where to invest money

This will help buy the items needed to fulfill the order. Put all the money made from your cupcake sales back into the business to help build it. Building your business this way takes a little more time, but it will help you keep debt free because you won’t have loans to repay.


A creative, attractive label is very important. You can have one designed professionally, but the best idea would be to design the labels yourself. There are inexpensive label programs that offer step by step instructions that are easy to follow. This step will save you a lot of money.

Cupcake Flavors 

Offer only a few of your most popular flavored cupcakes when starting your company. Offering too many cupcake flavors can overwhelm a small business starting out.

Add more cupcake flavors as your business grows. You can also take orders for specialty cupcakes. Once you figure out your staple flavors, make a brochure with your information and cupcakes offered to hand out to potential clients.

Cupcake Prices 

Competitively price your cupcakes so that you make a profit. If you price the cupcakes too high, you risk hurting the success of your business before it begins.

where to invest money now

Research what other bakeries are selling their cupcakes for in your area. If possible, try to offer your cupcakes for a little less.

Making the Cupcakes 

Inquire about bakery licensing laws in your state. Many states offer a homestead license which is issued after they inspect your kitchen. You could also look into renting a commercial kitchen at your local church or VFW.


A great place to start selling your cupcakes is at a farmer’s market or craft show. Go to your local markets and restaurants with cupcake samples for them to try.

If they love your cupcakes, they will often place large orders that can help to fund your business.

Use these steps as guidance, and soon you will be creating a flourishing cupcake business that will successfully grow each year.

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